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The Tribe and its lackeys -- May 3, 2013 edition

Sources at Israeli Embassy in Washington say negative representation of Jewish state on television series like 'Veep,' 'House of Cards' justifies 'conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish control of American politics'

Why do Zionists get away with labeling social and political opposition to their power as "conspiracy theory"? 
Is the study, documentation and opposition to Communism a "conspiracy theory"? Is the study, documentation and opposition to Imperialism a "conspiracy theory"?  
No, and neither is the study, documentation and opposition to Zionism.
The greatest fuel for Jewish "conspiracy theories" is the political behavior, warlike agenda and self-serving racism of Zionist Jewry itself (which includes the Diaspora Zionists).
And Diaspora Zionist Jewry may not "control" American politics but it certainly dominates the Democratic Party and the neocon right.
When organized Jewry gets serious about breaking with its racist Zionist wing (which dominates its identity) then this political opposition may someday subside.
Until then, Jewry can expect what its Zionists label "anti-Semitism" to go on forever because political opposition to an ideology of organized racism, hate and political and economic racketeering and usury operating under the guise of an immutable "religious identity" or "ethnicity" will never cease.
In other words, Jewry, change your political ways, or expect more of the same...forever.
 [Netanyahu stressed] that the core of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians was not territory, but rather a Palestinian unwillingness to recognize Israel’s legitimacy within any boundaries.
The core of Israel's conflict with the Palestinians is racist Zionist Jewry's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for decades on end.
Don't let the racist Zionists get away with red herrings that declare otherwise.
The conflict, he said, is over Israel’s very existence. In proof, he pointed to the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, which included the forced removal of thousands of Jewish residents of the area. Israel got rocket attacks in exchange, he said.

Did Israel withdraw from Gaza AND stop its ethnic cleansing of the rest of Palestine?
No, it simply withdrew from Gaza (which was already overwhelmingly Palestinian) turned Gaza into an open air concentration camp by surrounding it with a "security zone" and leaving it at the mercy of racist Israeli government offensives (like the Operation Cast Lead massacre).
It also continued its relentless ethnic cleansing of the West Bank.
Of course the Palestinians shot back a few bottle rockets at the racist Zionists in return. What were they supposed to do, cut their own throats?
Here's the real story of life in Gaza under Zionist Jew control.
‘Strategic Partner Act of 2013′ would give US seal of approval to Israeli discrimination against Arab-Americans
This sweeping legislation with the Orwellian title "The U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013", otherwise known as the Boxer/Aipac bill or the United States-Israel Strategic Subservience Act of 2013, includes a visa waiver agreement with Israel that no other country in the world has. S.B. 462  threatens to "codify Israel's discrimination against Palestinian-, Muslim-, and Arab-Americans into US law," by giving Israelis the right to enter the US without a visa,while preserving Israel's "right" to deny entry to anyone.

This is what happens when a country allows Zionist Jews and their lackeys to take over key institutions of government and opinion making from left to right...Israel's enemies become enemies of the state; those of the same ethnicity as Israel's enemies become enemies of the state; those of the same race as Israel's enemies become enemies of the state...
On and on and on it goes into a state of perpetual war, because Israel and Zionist Jews never lack for enemies due to their cultural "values" of racist tribalism, polarization, and "Chosen race" delusions of grandeur.
And those Zionist "values" apply to the pseudo-"progressive" open immigration policies pursued by the Diaspora Zionists, which are really all about driving down the price of labor in the U.S. and exploiting other minorities to solidify racist Zionist power in the Democratic Party.
Americans are slowly learning what a huge mistake their corrupt Beltway "leaders" made when they got into bed with Zionism.
There's a happy medium between being "intolerant" and being a doormat for conniving tribal fascists like Zionist Jewry and its ilk.
Had the Democratic Party been a little less greedy, a little more patriotic, and a little more "xenophobic," it wouldn't have been taken over and dominated by Zionist Jews. Same goes for the neocon right.
There's a time and place for "tolerance," and there's a time a place for "intolerance"...especially when a treasonous, subversive, hostile elite is taking over your institutions.
Speaking of left-liberalism's favorite code words:

Oh, I get it. "Tolerance" only applies to Jews and those minorities willing to politically align with Zionism and be its accomplices in racial demagoguery and mass murder, or its doormats.
Take a look at the photo attached to the following piece. What a perfect metaphor for the crony cesspool of fear and loathing that the world quickly becomes under perpetual war-pimping Zionist, Imperialist, Marxist and Islamic gangster "leadership":
The latest crony Arab sell-out of the Palestinians to Zionist interests: the “Land Swaps for Israeli-Palestinian Peace” scam
How is it that tribal fascist Zionist Jewry brings war, tragedy and political extremism upon itself and in its wake wherever it goes? How is it that their system inevitably conjures the very oppositional forces that eventually slap them into hell?
Greece’s "neo-Nazi" Golden Dawn party has condemned the upcoming visit to Washington of Greek Prime Minister Samaras, who will be addressing the American Jewish Committee, charging that Zionists control Greek and US policy.
Golden Dawn is simply playing by racist Zionist rules, same as the Nazis were simply playing by the rules established by the murderous early Soviet Zionist-Marxist partnership which in WWII became the Zionist--Imperialist-Marxist partnership.
There will never be any peace ANYWHERE until the Zionist-Imperialist-Marxist partnership is subordinated to the values of Western Civilization.
All the ZIM's do is go around the world starting wars and creating enemies in order to plunder both the foreigners as well as the domestic populations that get stuck with the bills and the blowback (like the Boston terror) all of which only enriches a tiny minority of ZIM (aka neolib-neocon) elites.
The ZIM alliance has now created so many enemies (in Europe, the Middle East, in America) that they're fighting on all fronts, and turning ever more violent against democracy with ever more wars and "homeland security" thugs and authoritarianism.
They're turning the world into a hell-hole.
These people create so many enemies and always have because they're so pathologically greedy, obnoxious, shyster-like, warlike and authoritarian.
What this ZIM alliance amounts to is  "crony socialism"...including Jewish national socialism, the crony socialism (pimped by international bankers) that's bringing down Greece and Italy and piling up debt in the U.S. right along the military socialism that's bankrupting American taxpayers...
All have their roots in the Marxist and Imperialist brands of socialism practiced by the victors of WWII, which isn't democratic at all, but rather state-engineered cronyism that has slowly been plundering the People at the behest of the state-connected gangsters.
Just as the Soviet Union and Chinese Communism didn't serve the people (whom they murdered in mass) but rather the Party, and state Imperialism only served a connected elite, so too does crony "socialism" ultimately merely serve a narrow percentage, and rob and plunder the masses to do so, which is simply fascism by another name.
This is all the dirty, not-so-little secret of the Marxist left and left-liberalism...that they're in bed with the very racist forces they professes to oppose, that the Democratic Party and left-liberalism are dominated by Zionist Jews, that the Zionist Jews, neolibs and neocons came up through Trotskyism/Bolshevism, and that because crony socialism is part and parcel of the Zionist racket and engineered and pimped by conniving Jews who are working with Imperialists to enslave average Americans and Westerners in debt, centralized crony socialism is the major component of the problem of endless war, racism and crypto-fascism.
So Golden Dawn is more honest about its fascist intentions than the Zionists and Imperialists. Good for them. At least they're not wolves in sheep's clothing, like the conniving, nation-wrecking Zionist Jews and their left-right, crony-international-socialist partners in crime.
I really wish these two would move to Israel and pick up arms themselves, since they're such staunch supporters of Israel, wars for Israel, and Zionism.
But they won't, because they're cowards who would rather stay in the plush, insular confines of the Beltway, count their Zionist filthy lucre, and send off American boys and girls to die for their Zionist "principles."
In a more serious and patriotic era, these two would be on trial for Israel-first treason.
Are these two warmongering freaks even Christians, as they claim to be?
Frankly, I don't think McCain and Graham are Christians per se, but rather Judeo-Christian Zionists...far closer to racist Zionist Jews in their world view than to traditional Christians, who always had little tolerance for racist Jewry and its murderous, conniving ways.
One suspects the messiah McCain and Graham or waiting on is not Jesus, but rather the same one  that their little butt-buddy Joe Lieberman prays to... Mashiach: The Jewish Messiah

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