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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- May 9, 2013 edition

[Compilation and comments (in bold) by Chris Moore] --

Jewish racial mythology that underpins Zionism is rapidly crumbling:

Forward: 'Jews a Race' Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert; Israeli Scientist Challenges Hypothesis of Middle East Origins

Scientists usually don’t call each other “liars” and “frauds.”

But that’s how Johns Hopkins University post-doctoral researcher Eran Elhaik describes a group of widely respected geneticists, including Harry Ostrer, professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and author of the 2012 book “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People.”

For years now, the findings of Ostrer and several other scientists have stood virtually unchallenged on the genetics of Jews and the story they tell of the common Middle East origins shared by many Jewish populations worldwide. Jews — and Ashkenazim in particular — are indeed one people, Ostrer’s research finds.

It’s a theory that more or less affirms the understanding that many Jews themselves hold of who they are in the world: a people who, though scattered, share an ethnic-racial bond rooted in their common ancestral descent from the indigenous Jews of ancient Judea or Palestine, as the Romans called it after they conquered the Jewish homeland...

In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie in the Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East. They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ashkenazi genes, Elhaik added, are far more heterogeneous than Ostrer and other proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis believe. Elhaik did find a Middle Eastern genetic marker in DNA from Jews, but, he says, it could be from Iran, not ancient Judea...

The "Chosen Race" mythology, a major pretext for Zionist ideological aggression, predations and entitlement, is crumbling right before our very eyes.

Not only is Judaism not a race, but rather a racist ideology based on racial myth (similar to "Aryanism") but the idea that the Jews have been somehow persecuted hugely out of proportion to their own Zionist bad deeds and transgressions, and are some kind of sanctified victim race, is crumbling as well.

Judaism is an ideology that creates myths in order to perpetuate itself...racial myths, persecution myths, historical myths...and over the course of time, those myths become Jewish "history."

None of this is to say that there aren't grains of truth to received Jewish history, but the conventional wisdom of that history is a caricature of what truly took place, blown up and distorted by the Zionist racialists, economic opportunists and charlatans who comprise the elite Jewish "intellectual" and "leadership" class (formerly "priest class") into mythology...and all for self-serving and self-aggrandizing purposes.

And isn't it ironic how modern science and DNA testing has been able to catch so many pathological criminals and murderers who thought they had gotten away scot-free, or thought they were so smart that they had successfully hoodwinked the world to such an extent that they wouldn't be held accountable for their criminalism ever again?

That very DNA testing is today uncovering the lie-filled narrative of Jewish history, and the crimes of the Zionists who have profited from it.


Google Images: Pictorial: Life in Gaza at the mercy of Zionist Jewry

This series of pictures provides perspective on the "values" of Judaism...not "An eye for an eye," but rather "A thousand eyes for a few projectile stones and bottle rockets."

I suggest those who believe there to be some parity between the morality of Hamas and the morality of Zionist Jewry study these pictures closely.

How long should the Gazans have to put up with these regular Zionist blitzkreigs? How long should the West Bank Palestinians have to put up with decades of Zionist ethnic cleansing?

Only from the Judeo-supremacist perspective of "Jews are entitled to attack at will, but to retaliate is 'terror' and an affront to God and all decency" does any of this make any sense.

Spawned in this "Chosen Race" culture, and suffering from delusions of "priest class" godliness and entitlement, the racist Zionist brain is so utterly self-absorbed and narcissistic, it can't comprehend that it is not entitled to take what it wants, when it wants, and to kill whom it wants, when it wants whenever they get in the way of its devious ambitions. And so it sees itself as unfairly "victimized" when someone slaps it back for its own loathsome behavior.

This arrogant culture of racism, myth of royal lineage, and certitude of "victim" entitlement, and the psychology of infantile arrested development these instill, and all of the consequential blowback these incite, is the real reason why there are so few adherents of Judaism in the world after two or three thousand years of existence...the dirty little secret of why Jewry is such a demographic runt.

Well, at least the Zionists can take solace in their mounds of shekels, which can buy them protection, luxuries and favor from corrupt goyim leaders, including wars for Israel.

But until Jewry changes its psychology, which is a function of its culture, it will always be in peril...and will deserve to be.


World Jewish Congress sees opportunity for a "Dreyfus Affair" moment in Hungary to stave off resistance to Zionism:

Spiegel: Growing Anti-Semitism: World Jewish Congress Takes on Hungary

While WJC assemblies take place mainly in Jerusalem, this time the world's most important representative body of international Jewish organizations and communities will hold its three-day meeting in Hungary to protest growing anti-Semitism in the country and show solidarity with the country's Jews...

Unofficially, this has displeased the government. The country is home to one of Europe's largest Jewish communities, and Orbán's conservative-nationalist coalition, which holds a two-thirds majority in parliament, would have gladly accepted the meeting if the WJC had cited Hungary's rich Jewish life as its reason.

Adding insult to injury, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder harshly criticized the Hungarian government in the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung in early April, writing that Orbán had "lost his political compass" and "often tells the right-wing fringes what they want to hear." Hungary, he said, is on a "dangerous wrong path."

Follow the link and...Ooooooh, look at that scary picture of the tattoo swastika on the big, bad, bald-headed Nazi!...Booga-booga!

The world is no longer falling for the Zionist propaganda that those opposed to its racket are all Nazis, so now Estee Lauder billionaire Ronald Lauder is pulling out all the stops to make a big stink about a few bikers in Hungary.

Hey, the world is getting wise to our Zionist predations, so let's create a cause celebre, like the Dreyfus Affair, to rally our brethren to the flag and buy some sympathy. After all, we've all got so much filthy lucre riding on maintaining the "anti-Semitism" and "Jewish victim" schtick status-quo; it's the linchpin not only of Israel, but of the Diaspora Zionist racket, as well...and it's starting to fail!

If it goes, what will we use to corrupt and buy off all those politicians in the nations? How will we justify our Israeli racism and ethnic cleansing? How will we funnel billions in taxpayer money from around the world to our racket?

Forward, comrades!...Our shekels are riding on it!

And what's the macro message these Zionists are trying to affirm, or rather, re-affirm? Oppose organized Jewry or Zionism in any way, shape or form...and you're a Nazi! Why, just look at the tattoos on these "anti-Zionist" Hungarian thugs who oppose us!

Isn't it interesting how the Zionists and their Marxist and Imperialist partners have successfully brainwashed so many in the West to automatically associate anti-Zionism with Nazism and fascism by relentlessly screaming Nazi! or Fascist! or Islamofascist! or White Supremacist! or Extremist! at opponents of Zionism?

Isn't it ironic that the Zionists are the closest thing the world has today to WWII era international fascism, yet have managed to project their own essence and motives onto their opposition?

As I've long said, all Nazism ever really amounted to was Zionism for "Aryans." That's what really bothered and scared the Marxist and Imperialist allies of Zionism in WWII, who knew how effective (if toxic) racialist organizing could be from their own racialism (in the case of the racist British Empire) and from the racialism of their Jewish Bolshevik and Zionist partners, who had already liquidated millions in the early Soviet based on the Orthodox Christian lack of sympathy for the mass-murderous, Marxist-Zionist devil and its "Chosen Race" string-pullers.


Jews ‘furious’ over Scottish church saying they have no claim to Holy Land

JTA — Scottish Jews said they were “outraged” by a recent Church of Scotland paper which denies Jews any special claim to the land of Israel.

The report entitled “The Inheritance of Abraham” rejects “claims that scripture offers any peoples a privileged claim for possession of a particular territory” and says that “reconciliation can only be possible if the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the blockade of Gaza are ended.”

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities said in a statement posted on its website Friday that the report published this week was “an outrage to everything that interfaith dialogue stands for” and “reads like an Inquisition-era polemic against Jews and Judaism.”

“The arrogance of telling the Jewish people how to interpret Jewish texts and Jewish theology is breathtaking,” the Jewish council said...

As noted above, the latest DNA studies show the vast majority of Jews have no bloodline ties whatsoever to the Levant, or even each other. It's all Zionist racialist myth, based on traditional Jewish bloodline myth portraying contemporary Jews as a nation or an extended family that originated in Israel.

Judaism is an ideology only, and whatever Levant Israelite bloodline/DNA remains is far more likely to be located in the Palestinian population than in the descendants of opportunistic converts to Judaism who have stolen their lands.

Zionist Jews and their accomplices and partisans are running an elaborate racket that extends into Diaspora Zionism. They're not just gaming the Palestinians; they're gaming the world.


Mondoweiss: ‘NPR’ suggests that opponent of Syrian intervention has dual loyalty

I find this fascinating. For if Landis's marriage is fair game-- and I think it is-- then so are the social and ideological adhesions of neoconservatives. Are they Zionists? Do they have family living in Israel? Why did neoconservatives Richard Perle and David Wurmser-- who is married to an Israeli-American-- write "A Clean Break" for Netanyahu in 1996, calling for regime change in Iraq? Given these connections to a rightwing foreign regime, should these men have served in George Bush's foreign-policy braintrust? Did not Elliott Abrams and Paul Wolfowitz, who also were part of that brain trust, have family living in Israel?

What about liberal Aaron David Miller, who tells us in his book that concern for Israel was part of his "ethnic DNA." Should he have been a peace processor? What about Chuck Schumer, who says his name means guardian in Hebrew and he is a guardian of Israel?

Do we ever hear mainstream media buttonholing these people about their connections to Israel or asking, sincerely, Can you help us understand Zionism in Jewish life? No...

This truly captures the racist, Judeo-supremacist double standards the Zionists and their left-right cronies and lackeys have imposed upon Americans and the American discourse, principally by way of buying and dominating U.S. mainstream media and infiltrating "public" institutions like NPR.

And this is no small affair. These Diaspora Zionists are utter subversives who are engineering the policy of sending off American men and women to fight wars for Zionism, and who are using their network to enrich themselves (Jews are now the wealthiest ethno-religious organization in the U.S.) and to plunder average Americans (wealth distribution is now more directed to the top tiers in America than at any point in U.S. history).

This is not a question of "tolerance" and "intolerance," this is a question of ethnic-fascism and racist racketeering by Zionist Jews and their bought off political stooges that is going to destroy this country in short order.

Oh, but the Zionist Jews will always have their precious Israel to run to when the U.S. goes down the tubes, right? No wonder they've been directing so much U.S. taxpayer money there for decades.

Yes, but Judaism and Zionism are two different ideologies, cry defenders of organized Jewry.

No, they're not. Judaism is part and parcel to Zionism; Zionism is part and parcel to Judaism.

Here's a passage from Judaism 101 demonstrating how Judaism and Zionism (which is technically the quest for sovereign Jewish control over Jerusalem (Zion) and the entire Eretz Israel "Promised Land," along with the entire Judeo-supremacist "Chosen People" doctrine that underpins this agenda) are completely intertwined:

Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach [Jewish messiah] is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. It is part of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith, the minimum requirements of Jewish belief. In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of the elements of the coming of the mashiach: ingathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of wickedness, sin and heresy; reward to the righteous; rebuilding of Jerusalem; restoration of the line of King David; and restoration of Temple service.

Similarly to Islamists, Jewry conflates religion and politics no end, and Judaism and Zionism no end.

This is why 80+% of even younger American Jews are Zionists, and probably well over 95% of world Jewry is Zionist, when one includes the Israeli Jews, who are the most hard-core Jewish/Zionists of them all.

Additionally, those who deny the innate, racialist "Chosen" bloodline doctrine inherent to Judaism and Zionism are denying its ethno-fascist character, which is a means to pooh-pooh or dismiss the level of threat it poses to non-Jews, and plays into the hands of the Zionists.

The early hard-core Zionists/Jews were "secular" racialist Zionists based on religious Jewish "Chosen People" bloodline and peoplehood myth, and the current hard-core Zionists have taken those racist precepts, and added more overtly religious ones, as well.


The true face and motives of the Obama administration are finally becoming undeniable with his two latest appointments of Zionists to high level cabinet posts:

Mondoweiss: Penny Pritzker’s support for Israel played crucial role in Obama’s rise

The press anticipates controversy over Obama's appointment of Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker to be Commerce Secretary-- because she tried to get around banking regulations, opposed unions and is a fatcat. But no one is talking about another potential source of controversy: Pritzker's support for Israel, which played a crucial role in Obama's rise...  

Meanwhile, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency speaks openly of the fact that the other Cabinet-level appointment Obama announced yesterday, Mike Froman as U.S. trade representative, also has "ties in the American Jewish community."...

Here's a list of high-level Jews in the Obama administration from Jewish Virtual Library...and every one of them a Zionist.

Apparently one of the few non-Zionists in the Obama administration is Chuck Hagel, the "anti-Semitic" exception and red herring (who has been dragged through the mud by the Zionists and their sock puppets, and is now obsequiously pandering to Israel) that proves the rule.

Obama is a puppet in the Jewish-dominated Democratic Party, and has been from day one.


The liberal Jewish-American senator who is rigging racist legislation that discriminates against her Arab-American constituents at the behest of a foreign power:

Los Angeles Times: Israel's free pass from Boxer

Why such blatant racial profiling of American citizens from a country our political leaders regularly call our best friend and ally? No Arab American has ever committed crimes in Israel to warrant harassment of us all — unless criticism of Israeli policies is such a crime...

It is inconceivable that Boxer, otherwise known for her staunch defense of civil liberties and equal rights, truly supports Israeli racial profiling. Thus, she and others executing AIPAC's legislative wish list (which also includes exemption of military aid to Israel from sequestration) should grow backbones, and refuse to trade the interests of their own constituents for those of a foreign nation...

Actually , it's not at all "inconceivable that Boxer, otherwise known for her staunch defense of civil liberties and equal rights, truly supports Israeli racial profiling," because she is an ideological Zionist (aka a Judeo-supermacist) and Judeo-supremacists have one standard when it comes to creating and imposing legislation concerning Zionist interests: What, on balance, best serves the interests of Zionism?

In a clash between American interests and Israeli, or the interests of the vast majority of the people and the interests of Zionist Jews, ideological Zionists will always side with the Zionist interest, no matter how blatantly racist it is, or how blatant the double-standards.  

Why don't you wag your finger at that, Babs?  

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