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Despite the left's desperate denials, the historical record reveals that Zionism and Judaism are part and parcel

(By Chris Moore) -- Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli who is now a leading critic of Zionism and Jewish identity, recently made an interesting discovery that goes to the question of the extent to which Zionism and Judaism are ideologically intertwined.

In  the article Take It From the Rabbi’s Mouth , Atzmon discusses a document he recently came across affirming that Zionism and Judaism have long been considered not only complimentary, but even a singular entity:
Every so often we come across a secular Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist’ who argues that Zionism is not Judaism and vice versa. Interestingly enough, I have just come across an invaluable text that illuminates this question from a rabbinical perspective. Apparently back in 1942, 757 American Rabbis added their names to a public pronouncement titled 'Zionism an Affirmation of Judaism’. This Rabbinical rally for Zionism was declared at the time “the largest public pronouncement in all Jewish history.”

Today, we tend to believe that world Jewry’s transition towards support for Israel followed the 1967 war though some might argue that already in 1948, American Jews manifested a growing support for Zionism. However, this rabbinical pronouncement proves that as early as 1942, the American Jewish religious establishment was already deeply Zionist. And if this is not enough, the rabbis also regarded Zionism as the ‘implementation’ of Judaism. Seemingly, already then, the peak of World War two, the overwhelming majority of American Rabbis regarded Zionism, not only as fully consistent with Judaism, but as a “logical expression and implementation of it.”

In spite of the fact that early Zionist leaders were largely secular and the East European Jewish settler waves were driven by Jewish socialist ideology, the rabbis contend that “Zionism is not a secularist movement. It has its origins and roots in the authoritative religious texts of Judaism."

Those rabbis were not a bunch of ignoramuses. They were patriotic and nationalistic and they grasped that “universalism is not a contradiction of nationalism.” The rabbis tried to differentiate between contemporaneous German Nationalism and other national movements and they definitely wanted to believe that Zionism was categorically different to Nazism. “Nationalism as such, whether it be English, French, American or Jewish, is not in itself evil. It is only militaristic and chauvinistic nationalism, that nationalism which shamelessly flouts all mandates of international morality, which is evil.” But as we know, just three years after the liberation of Auschwitz the new Jewish State launched a devastating racially driven ethnic-cleansing campaign. Zionism has proven to be militaristic and chauvinistic...
Thus, in 1942, in “the largest public pronouncement in all Jewish history,” an authoritative group of 757 American rabbis declared that 'Zionism is an Affirmation of Judaism,’ that it's a “logical expression and implementation" of Judaism, and that “Zionism is not a secularist movement. It has its origins and roots in the authoritative religious texts of Judaism."

So why do so many of those vested in leftism attempt to claim that Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism, despite the fact, for example, that polls show 80%+ of even American Jews are Zionists, as is virtually every Jewish member of the U.S. Congress?

They do this because they recognize, as the Atzmon article suggests, that Zionism and Judaism are a racialist-nationalist, quasi-fascist movement; they know Diaspora Zionist Jews are running the Marxist-Zionist synthesis liberal fascist racket, e.g. the Jewish-dominated Democratic Party and the neolib-neocon right; and they don't want the genuinely anti-authoritarian elements of the liberal base in particular to connect the dots between the left-liberal establishment and the ruthless Diaspora Zionists who are its leadership or priest class, and are part of the Jewish oligarchy that underwrites the establishment left.

And without question, these Diaspora Zionists are every bit as ruthless as their brethren in Israel, only they are better at camouflaging their self-serving tribal fascism with lofty rhetoric and empty, politically correct, liberal platitudes.

Of course, for backup, both are masters at shamelessly exploiting the ace-in-the-hole Holocaust card, which they regularly use as a rationale for Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing and warlike aggression.

Yet, as this article and the historical record also make clear, the racist Jewish nationalist/Zionist movement was in full swing well before the Holocaust among both the "secular" Marxist-socialist left-wing founders of Israel and the more religious Jewish-American establishment, who overwhelmingly and explicitly endorsed Jewish nationalism and Zionism as a “logical expression and implementation" of Judaism.

And the phenomenon of Jewish (pseudo) "anti-Zionists" that Atzmon refers to who today attempt to deny Zionism and Judaism are part and parcel? In a recent article for, Philip Giraldi discussed a similar phenomenon in the context of how certain "anti-war" and liberal or left-wing Jews will act as "gatekeepers" or shills in order to prevent non-Jews from making the connection between the domestic and international neolib-neocon agenda of warmongering and authoritarianism, and organized Judaism/Zionism:
it sometimes seems that they are restrained in their critiques, something that might be attributed to what could be referred to as Jewish identity politics. Instead of biting the bullet and confronting the fact that it is leading Jewish organizations and their in-the-pocket politicians that have quite plausibly been the sine qua non in unleashing a series of actual and impending wars against the Muslim world, they instead sometimes serve as gatekeepers to frame and divert an uncomfortable truth while looking for alternative explanations.
This includes not only major Jewish "liberal" and "progressive" and "anti-racist" organizations, but independent Jewish intellectuals and scholars, as well.
And make no mistake, it is the financial and political muscle of Jewish groups like Anti-Defamation League, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, The American Jewish Committee, and the AIPAC that have given the green light to the hard line Israeli governments that have done so much damage to U.S. interests over the past decade. Christian Zionists are highly visible and are frequently cited to demonstrate the diversity of the Israeli Lobby, but they are largely irrelevant in terms of the actual dynamics of the pro-Israel effort. The reality is that no other national lobby can gather 13,000 of the faithful to its convention and count on the enthusiastic presence of numerous politicians from both parties as AIPAC does every year. But in spite of the quite visible power of the Jewish organizations it is sometimes more convenient and less troubling to look instead for other reasons to explain Tel Aviv’s misbehavior. 
Progressives who are nervous about mentioning the shameless politicking of Jewish organizations frequently parrot what I call the Noam Chomsky rationalization, engaging actively in criticizing Israeli behavior while at the same time blaming the Middle East farrago on outside forces like American imperialism, capitalism, or oil. This approach largely exonerates Israel from actual blame for what it does and it also by extension minimizes the role of the Jewish groups that constitute the core of the pro-Israel lobby because it is claimed that Washington drives the Israeli government’s behavior based on its own self-interest not vice versa. As a result, the critics seldom question the legitimacy of the self-defined Jewish state and they are sometimes reluctant to support any measures that would actually do damage to Israel and its perceived interests.  
Norman Finkelstein, a reliable progressive critic of Israeli actions, is of the Chomsky persuasion. He believes that the United States would have attacked Iraq anyway based on its own interests whether or not the fervently pro-Israel neocons had occupied key positions in the Pentagon, National Security Council, and White House. Finkelstein, in an article on the Israel Lobby, maintains that “fundamental U.S. policy in the Middle East hasn’t been affected by the Lobby,” rejects the view that Israel is a liability for U.S. national interests and states instead that it is a “unique and irreplaceable American asset.” He describes American Jewish elites as only “’pro’ an Israel that is useful to the U.S.” He insists that the neocons do not “generally have a primary allegiance to Israel [or] in fact, any allegiance to Israel.” The evidence, however, suggests otherwise: even agreeing that the Iraq war had a number of godfathers, the folks in the Pentagon and White House who cooked the books and led the charge had extremely well documented strong personal and even financial ties to Israel, so much so that several of them were accused of passing classified information to the Israeli Embassy.
And there are plenty of Jews and non-Jews like this all over the left who refuse to accept that Marxist Communism itself, just as neoconservatism, originally gained much of its intellectual and material impetus from left-wing European and Russian Jewish racists looking for an ideological Trojan horse for Zionism...a Trojan horse that they eventually rode all the way to Jerusalem.

These seem to believe, or affect to believe, that Communist Jewry was in earnest about its professed "egalitarian" and "universalist" ideals...even though the track record of Jewish Bolshevik mass murder should have put all of that to rest long ago, and revealed the entirety of political Judaism from left to right as the ideology of genocidal, authoritarian racism and totalitarianism that it is.

When push comes to shove, the Trotskyite left will claim Stalin was an anti-Semite and scapegoat him for this systematic Soviet mass murder, conveniently ignoring that millions were murdered before Stalin assumed the helm, and that Stalin only became anti-Semitic when it was convenient for him to do so. Before that, he was deep into bed with genocidal Communist Jews for decades, participating in the Bolshevik orgy of mass murder as an underling to both Lenin and Trotsky.

This refusal by left-wing Jews to take accountability for joint Communist-Zionist mass murder shows that far from being the "secularists" or "atheists" that many of them claim to be, Judaism is paramount to most ideological Jews of even left-wing persuasion due to the Jewish system of brainwashing from birth. Very few are able to escape the intellectual gravitational pull instilled by its doctrinaire Judeo-supremacist authoritarianism and "priestly" pretenses, nor the sense of "victim" entitlement emanating from its persecution dogma, all of which ends up infusing and animating Jewish psychology.

That's why all dedicated Diaspora Zionist Jews need do is install one of their Jewish brethren into whatever position of authority they want filled with a reliably like-minded partisan, and chances are the Jewish indoctrination will do the rest in service of Zionism.

It's incredibly difficult for an indoctrinated Jew to be totally loyal to any other nation, and easy for them to be disloyal on behalf of Israel/Zionism, which, as demonstrated, is all part and parcel of organized Judaism.

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