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The Tribe and its Lackeys -- May 29, 2013 edition

[Compilation and comments (in bold) by Chris Moore] --

Haaretz: Lawmakers to debate proposal giving Jews 'unique' right to self-determination in Israel

An Israeli lawmaker on Monday submitted a highly controversial proposal that would make Judaism superior to democracy in the State of Israel, amending a previous bill that was tossed by the Knesset before the last general election.

So the Zioniststs move yet another step closer to the imposition of Halakha, which would finally officially make Israel a Judeo-supremacist state.

Why does the West fund ANY of these religious totalitarians, be they Zionists or Islamists? It's funding the very groups that are the greatest threat to it's allegedly "progressive" values.

And isn't it ironic that American self-proclaimed "liberals" and "progressives" are themselves dominated by Diaspora Zionists?

This is why I don't really believe the establishment left is "progressive" at all, but is rather totalitarian...just like its Zionist string-pullers.


London Review of Books/Patrick Cockburn: Is it the end of Sykes-Picot?
For the first two years of the Syrian civil war foreign leaders regularly predicted that Bashar al-Assad’s government would fall any day...Some of these statements were designed to demoralise Assad’s supporters by making his overthrow seem inevitable. But in many cases outsiders genuinely believed that the end was just round the corner. The rebels kept claiming successes, and the claims were undiscriminatingly accepted.

That Assad’s government is on its last legs has always been something of a myth...The Syrian rebels were never as strong militarily as the outside world supposes. But they have always been way ahead of the government in their access to the international media... 

Gee, I wonder how a ragtag group of Islamist terrorists have gotten such great access to international media? Diaspora Zionist mass media connections, anyone?


Zionists say anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism:

Jerusalem Post: PM: Israel's hope for peace not reciprocated

In video address to forum against anti-Semitism, Netanyahu says anti-Semitism "back in fashion."

Israeli leaders went on the offensive against anti-Zionism on Tuesday during speeches at the opening session of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism in Jerusalem, conflating it with Jew-hatred and defining it as the contemporary manifestation of classical anti-Semitism...

Sure anti-Semitism is back in fashion...thanks to Zionists (Judeo-supremacists) like Netanyahu, who have always been the principal reason that anti-Semitism ever existed in the firts place.

It's the Zionist (Judeo-supremacist) behavior, agenda and mentality that causes anti-Semitism and that has always caused anti-Semitism.

When Zionists change their racist state of mind, which celebrates that "racism originated in the Torah," anti-Semitism will cease...and not a moment sooner.

Jews who don't like this fact should take it up with Yahweh and his secular and religious mediums, whom they've foolishly outsourced their conscience to. He and they are the ones who put them in the binds they're always getting into, and who pit them against the entire world.

Maybe it's time for them to retire their "man upstairs." (And that includes "secular" Marxist Jews who never really dropped their tribal racism, but merely transferred the means of punishing the enemies of racist Zionists from the Tribe itself to the State directed by the Tribe, in typical sleight of hand fashion.)

But here we come to a major hurdle for the anti-Zionist movement. Criticize the Jewish state (including liberal Diaspora Zionists) for lack of morality? Why, that's like criticizing God Himself for lacking morals! The nerve of some people!

It's not exactly a secret that Judeo-supremacists (Zionists) and their useful idiots have set out to shape a climate where criticism of the "Chosen Race" is tantamount to heresy, both secular and relgious. 

And how convenient for the Zionists and their political, economic and social agenda it would be if anti-Zionism, like "anti-Semitism" in many countries, was declared to be against the law.

And what would be the rationale? No doubt, the Holocaust(TM), which is just another incident in a long line of Jewish "persecution" doctrine that creates a phenomenon wherein nearly all indoctrinated Jews, even the wealthiest and most coddled, come to believe they have personally suffered persecution and discrimination at the hands of the evil Gentiles.

This is because the Zionist system teaches its adherents that the (alleged) disproportionate persecution that their Jewish ancestors (allegedly) experienced was also experienced by them. They accomplish this by conflating past, present and future, as if they're all attached to living tribal timeline wherein they were slaves in Egypt last year, captives in Babylon last month, and the Holocaust was a couple of hours ago, and who knows what persecution will be coming at the hands of the goyim next.

The Zionists use classic cult control techniques to attain this psychological effect, but it's all smoke and mirrors because a) the most recent DNA studies show there's no genetic connection between contemporary Jews and the Jews of the bible story, and b) the Holocaust narrative itself is highly specious, academic study has been outlawed as "Holocaust denial" in many cases, and the WWII context where EVERYONE was being mass murdered, on the heels of the Soviet totalitarian context where EVERYONE was being mass murdered, makes the overwrought Holocaust narrative highly suspect as Zionist propaganda and opportunistic, exaggerated myth-making.

Is any of it true? Or none of it? We'll probably never know, because Zionists are such pathological liars and myth-makers, which is all part of their racist racket.


How the Jewish myth and meta-narrative about the "eternal, unforgiving hostility of a Gentile world" fuels Zionist stubbornness, hate, and quest for race war:

Mondoweiss: Ben Ami on ethnocentrism, the blown Arab Peace initiative, and the ‘war of races’

We are all involved in a recovery movement from the illusions of Zionism, and the former foreign minister of Israel, Shlomo Ben Ami, undertakes that inventory publicly in Al Jazeera, in a piece called, "Israel: The vision and the fantasy." Short version: ethnocentrism kept Israel from accepting the generous Arab Peace Initiative. Which Kerry thinks he can revive, 10 years out and tens of thousands of settlers on. Israel's defiance began after the '67 war, when its occupation made inevitable "a war of races."

"Ethnocentrism is bound to distort a people's relations with the rest of the world, and Israel's doctrine of power was drawn from the depths of Jewish experience, particularly the eternal, unforgiving hostility of a Gentile world. The role of the Holocaust as the constituent myth of the Zionist meta-narrative reinforced Israel's tendency to face "the world", an amorphous but imposing construct with which the Jews wage a dispute that cannot be resolved through the traditional tools of international relations..."

I've always believed that the roots of the Zionist problem lie in (deliberately polarizing) Jewish doctrine and dogma (ideology), dating from the Torah (Old Testament) to the Talmud to the more contemporaneous Jewish victim shtick narrative revolving around the "anti-Semites" and how they carried out "the pogroms" and "the Holocaust" (capital "H") and are now carrying out "terrorism" against the poor Jews.

And those Gentiles who indulge or encourage this whole Jewish victim shtick narrative (usually in partnership with Israeli or Diaspora Zionists, and in hopes of profiting from a relationship with wealthy Jewry) are a huge part of the Zionist problem.

No one is demanding the Zionists or Islamists abandon their "holy" doctrine, only that they keep their Abrahamite poison contained to the realm of Abraham.

But to contain the Zionist and Islamist poison and keep it out of the Western realm, those Marxists, Imperialists, Judeo-"Christians" and Diaspora Zionists hell bent on profiting from one or the other must be stopped, as well.

If Judeo doctrine is the heroin, the poison, these snakes are the pushers.

"God damn the pusher man."


A Democratic senator who's sponsoring legislation endorsing religious and ethnic profiling of Americans? Yes, when it's done by Israel:

Sydney Morning Herald: Israel seeks US visa waiver exemption

...The legislation "would codify into American law discrimination against American citizens," said Sydney Levy of Jewish Voice for Peace, a group that opposes Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, said the bill would give a US seal of approval to "Israel's well-documented ethnic and religious profiling."

As the organisation noted, the US State Department has officially advised travellers that US citizens "of Arab or Muslim origin have experienced significant difficulties in entering or exiting Israel or the West Bank."

The advisory on the department's website also notes that Americans seeking to enter Israel, the West Bank or Gaza "have been subjected to prolonged questioning and have been denied access to consular officers, lawyers and family members."...


Sandra Tamari, a US-born citizen of Palestinian descent, a Quaker and a member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee in St Louis, said she went with an interfaith group of about 30 people to visit the West Bank in May 2012.

She said Israeli authorities pulled her aside at the airport in Tel Aviv, asked her about her family and her background, then jailed her overnight and put her on a plane back to the US.

While in custody, she said, she telephoned the US embassy. Ms Tamari said the person who took her call asked her immediately if she was Jewish, and, when she said she wasn't, replied, "Then there's nothing I can do to help you."...


Senator Boxer, in a statement to The San Francisco Chronicle last week, said the criticism of Israel's practices and of her legislation was unfounded...


Here's another article on this issue that explains how Senator Barbara Boxer's visa bill would grant Israelis a free pass into the U.S., but allow Israel to discriminate against law-abiding Americans based upon their ethnicity and politics, hence codifying into law U.S. acceptance of Israel’s racist policies...even when they're imposed upon U.S. citizens:

Mondoweiss: Barbara Boxer’s visa bill for Israel comes under concerted attack

A bill pushed by the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that critics say would codify Israeli discrimination against American travelers is still on the table. But Palestine solidarity activists and their allies are ramping up their campaign to thwart it...

Reham Barghouti, another Palestinian-American teacher at the Friends School and a friend of Joudah’s, told me last month:

“This is the only place in the world where I feel that it means nothing to be an American. It means absolutely nothing. If there was any other place that dealt with American citizens in this kind of way, there would be this whole giant uproar, right? But because it’s here, I guess, it doesn’t really matter.”...

So thanks to Diaspora Zionist Barbara Boxer and her ilk, with this bill the Israelis, Mossad and any other number of Zionist troublemakers will be allowed to breeze right into the U.S. at will to prey upon America. Meanwhile, Americans who aren't of the right ethnicity trying to travel to the Holy Land are made to jump through all kinds of hoops (if they're allowed in at all) by the Israeli government...a government that those very Americans are subsidizing to the hilt with billions in U.S. tax dollars.

Policies like this, right along with endless blank checks and wars for Israel, are all just another example of the Israel-first, Judeo-supremacist double standards being imposed upon the U.S. by our ideological Zionist "leaders."

Who's to blame for all of this? Principally the super-wealthy Diaspora Zionist Jewish oligarchy (of which Boxer is clearly a card-carrying member) and of course, our weak, gutless, and worthless left-right shabbos goy "leaders" and "elites" in bed with it, who have sold their souls to the Zionists, and sold out the country for peanuts.

These neolib-neocon snakes all learned their tricks from their ideological godfathers, the Trotskyite neocons who like their Trotsky namesake, once masqueraded as communist humanists and egalitarians and used "progressive" platitudes to gain authoritarian power, but then used that power to carry out a self-serving, mass murderous and racist Zionist agenda in the early Soviet.

Wolves in sheep's clothing.


Boston Globe:
Stephen Hawking makes a peaceful protest

When the esteemed physicist Stephen Hawking announced his decision to boycott Israel’s Presidential Conference, a gathering of politicians, scholars, and other high-profile figures scheduled for June, the response was as predictable as the movement of the cosmos that inspired Hawking’s career. The conference chair, Israel Maimon, called the move “outrageous and improper,” while Omar Barghouti, a founder of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement that advocates protests against Israeli policies, declared, “Palestinians deeply appreciate Stephen Hawking’s support.”

In fact, the decision to withdraw from a conference is a reasonable way to express one’s political views. Observers need not agree with Hawking’s position in order to understand and even respect his choice. The movement that Hawking has signed on to aims to place pressure on Israel through peaceful means. In the context of a Mideast conflict that has caused so much destruction and cost so many lives, nonviolence is something to be encouraged. That is equally true of attempts to inspire cooperation on the Palestinian side...

Only from the outrageously Judeo-supremacist perspective of "Israel is entitled to ethnically cleanse and blitzkrieg whoever it wants, whenever it wants, and no one should be able to raise a word of political criticism or protest in response" do the Zionist attacks on Hawking for his peaceful boycott of Israel's political policies make any sense.

But unfortunately, that's exactly how the Zionist mind question or second guess the Jewish state is to question or second guess God himself, and all moral decency.

And this insanely Judeo-supremacist perspective isn't merely embraced by Zionist fanatics, but by obsequious Judeophiles from "mainstream" left to right in the U.S. Congress.

When any political establishment strays that far away not only from basic decency, but from basic sanity, it's time for that political class to go, just like it was time for the insanely decadent and corrupt Ancien Régime to go in revolutionary-era France.


Guardian: Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War On Terror' is Permanent

Senior Obama officials tell the US Senate: the 'war', in limitless form, will continue for 'at least' another decade - or two.

Of course the war is permanent, at least so long as America tolerates the corrupt, ideological Zionist, left-right ruling regime to run the Beltway.

The 'War On Terror' is like all Big Government/Big Brother programs...once they've been created and financed, all they do is grow and grow, even when they've outlived their usefulness (if they even ever had any use).

And Zionists are the biggest Big Brother pimps of them all, because they don't proselytize (due to their ideological racism) so they need some "secular" atheist-materialist entity to buy off the elites, and cow, intimidate and control the masses...and Big Government fits the bill.

But of course, Zionist-corrupted, Big Brother government isn't "secular" at all, but rather Judeo-supremacist, as Americans have found out via endless wars for Israel and via the Jewish oligarchy that's been installed as their overlords.

But let's not forget how eager certain "Christians" are to play into the hands of the Marxists and Diaspora Zionists, and allow traditional Christianity, a cornerstone of Western Civilization, to be blamed for the crimes of Jewry.

Specifically, I'm thinking of the Judeo-"Christian" Zionists, a tiny minority of Christendom, and one that is theologically closer to Zionist Judaism than it is to Christianity. But it's a crucial entity in projecting the blame for Zionism and Israel-first treason onto "the Christians."

This is done through the claim that Christians seek Armageddon in the Middle East to facilitate the second coming of Jesus.

But it's unclear how many educated Christians are really that stupid and warmongering, and how much this is a trope advanced by the Zionists and militarists to both hoodwink dumb Christians into supporting war, and to scapegoat Christianity. This is done by the establishment left to throw the scent off of its Jewish string-pullers and financiers by claiming Christians are the principal warmongers.

Notwithstanding the tiny percentage of "Christian" Armageddonists, the general Jewish vision of the coming Jewish messiah and dedication to bringing about the conditions that will supposedly trigger his emergence plays a much bigger theological role in the tenacity of Zionist militarism than any Christian doctrine.

So again, this trope about American Christians being fanatically dedicated to Armageddon is mostly a means for Diaspora Zionists and their left-right accomplices to scapegoat Christianity for what is actually a Jewish and atheist-materialist geopolitical and theological agenda...and the pseudo-"Christians" (be they Judeo-Christian Zionist rubes or corrupt "Christian" members of their leadership, the establishment, or the Beltway political class) all eagerly play out their pre-fab role in the charade either as useful idiots or as dedicated members of the Judas Class.

But the empirical record shows that it's the Diaspora Zionist Jewish oligarchy and the racist Jewish Zionist establishment, the wealthiest, most powerful, most cohesive special interest in the country, who have engineered most of this Israel-first treason and these wars for Israel.

The "Christians" who participate in this charade are playing a stupid and dangerous game, as the Marxist-Zionist left, led by the Diaspora Zionists, will happily again do to all American Christians what they did to Christians in the Soviet Union under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.

And lest any Christians delude themselves into believing that American Diaspora Zionists are any different than the mass murdering Jewish Bolsheviks, I suggest they take a look at the anti-Christian hate-fest that goes on day after day on social media mega site Reddit, which is principally owned and promoted by the Jewish-American billionaire Newhouse family.

The vast majority of American Jews are staunch Zionists and crypto racists, just as are the vast majority of the Jews who dominate the Democratic Party.

Authentic liberals, too, are playing into the hands of the fascist Zionists and their red herrings and misdirection campaigns by blaming Zionism on the Christians instead of the Jews. Additionally, this dismisses the fascist, Jewish-racist bloodline component of Zionism, which is another way of pooh-poohing the level of threat that international Zionism poses to the U.S. and to the world.


Unique to ideological Zionism, the Nakba, like the Zionist-exploited Holocaust, represents a pivot point in history. Both corrupt Western elites and corrupt Arab oil regime elites happy with the status-quo and thus complicit or acquiescent to Zionism have attempted to minimize the Nakba crimes or explain them away, but let's face facts:

Mondoweiss: The Ongoing Nakba: The continuous forcible displacement of the Palestinian people

As Ilan Pappe rightly concludes, however, “Zionism was not… the only case in history in which a colonialist project was pursued in the name of national or otherwise non-colonialist ideals. Zionists relocated to Palestine at the end of a century in which Europeans controlled much of Africa, the Caribbean, and other places in the name of ‘progress’ or idealism…”[2]. What is unique to Israel, however, is the effect of Zionism on the people it has claimed to represent. By basing itself on the idea of Judaism as a national identity, adherents of the Jewish faith around the world would become, as per Israeli law, Jewish “nationals,” whether or not they accepted said classification. To date, Israel continues to define its citizenry extra-territorially...


The essence of Zionism, therefore, is aptly summarized as the creation and fortification of a specific Jewish national identity, the takeover of the maximum amount of Palestinian land, ensuring that the minimum number of non-Jewish persons remain on that land, and that the maximum number of Jewish nationals are implanted upon it. In other words, Zionism, from its inception, has necessitated population transfer notwithstanding its brutal requisites and consequences.


Under the Law of Return, a Jewish national is “…born of a Jewish mother or has become converted to Judaism and who is not a member of another religion.”[11] The Law of Return Article 4(a) provides “The rights of a Jew under this Law and the rights of an oleh[12] under the Citizenship Law, as well as the rights of an oleh under any other enactment, are also vested in a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew, except for a person who has been a Jew and has voluntarily changed his religion.”[13] Thus Jewish nationals enjoy the right to enter Israel even if they were not born in Israel and have no connection whatsoever to Israel, on the one hand. On the other hand, Palestinians, the indigenous population of the territory, are excluded from the Law of Return on grounds that they are not of Jewish national origin, and as such do not enjoy the legal status of nationals under any other Israeli law; and have no automatic right to enter the country...

Let's cut through all of the details, and get to the essence: Zionism is racist, bloodline-based Judeo-supremacism, and the Nakba is a vast, murderous ethnic cleansing project to create goyim-fee Lebensraum for Jewish people.

In other words, Zionism is fascism for Jews, and just as Fascist Italians and Imperial Japanese were complicit in Nazism, so to are those in bed (on both the left and the right) with the Jewish Zionists, be they Israeli Zionists, or the various Israel lobbies and Diaspora Zionism.

The Zionist-corrupted elites think the people are too stupid to figure out what their fascist-racket "leaders" are backing, and too stupid to figure out that they're all getting rich not only by selling out the Palestinians, but by selling out average Western peoples who get stuck with the bills, and get stuck doing the fighting and dying for a racist and elitist Zionist-Globalist Ponzi scheme that enriches a small percentage at the top, and that sucks the resources, lifeblood, and future prospects for the children of everyone lower down the pyramid to pay for their fascist largesse.


Mondoweiss: Israeli airport sorts passengers with ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’

I gave him my passport, he opens it, takes off the sticker in the passport and on the suitcase and puts on a new one, different, the same color but smaller...Now the dilemma. On the one hand it’s obvious the young man has just made my life easier by putting on the sticker for Jews. On the other hand, it’s one of the things that it’s hard to say thanks for. I mean, thank you for not considering me a terrorist any more?...Because since they cancelled the stickers with different colors, which we protested, they made new stickers with less recognizable differences to the inexperienced eye, and here they are embarrassing themselves with unaware patronizing like, “Let’s award you with the status of a privileged person!” — so you don’t say that we aren’t humane...

Anyone who says the Nazis didn't learn nearly all of the doctrine they thought they knew about race from Judaism is a liar and a fool.

If there truly was a Holocaust of the proportions claimed by the Zionists, it originated in the Torah and gained steam in the Talmud, as Jewish religious authorities themselves recently confessed when they announced that "Racism originated in the Torah," which clearly set the tone for the obsessively racist Talmud.

The Zionists have been sneakier about it than the Nazis were, as their implementation of dirty little tricks like this and their getting away with apartheid, Jim Crow, ethnic cleansing, massacres and subversive warmongering for so long demonstrates (as does their ability to get all of this endlessly subsidized and whitewashed by the corrupt Beltway political class) but when push comes to shove, they're no less tenacious and ruthless than were the Nazis, and will ultimately carry it to the proportions that the Nazis (allegedly) did if allowed by the world to have their way.  

Politically correct, Judeophile lefties and right-wing Judeo-Christian Zionists and their neolib-neocon political accomplices and lackeys in the Beltway think they can hide or shield Judaism from the consequences of its own Zionist fascism forever, but they're wrong.

The fact that so many of them have been brainwashed and bought off by the Zionists to betray their own people and countries has lured them into a false sense of security and invincibility, but their insular little bubble is no thicker than a balloon, and sooner rather than later is going to pop...just like one of their economic Ponzi scheme bubbles.

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