Thursday, May 30, 2013

As the independent voice behind, I don't ask for much help, but I'm asking now...

As regular readers of this blog already know, rarely do I ask for money for what I do here, and as I will personally testify right now, rarely do I get donations anyway.

If all of the donations I've received over the years were divided by all of the hours I've spent working on this blog, it would amount to well under minimum India!

One reason I don't like to ask for donations is because I don't want people to think I'm somehow in this for the money, or that I've got monetary ulterior motives for what I do, because I don't.

However, economic times are tough, and I've lost a couple of regular donors who were able to at least keep me supplemented at the third world minimum wage rate.

C'mon. I know this isn't the most popular blog in the world, nor does it cover the most pleasant or popular subjects. But the subjects it does cover are increasingly crucial, and the perspective it brings is almost totally unique.

So what I'm asking is that each of my regular readers find it in their heart to make a donation TODAY.

Please don't put it off to tomorrow, or next week, or never, because the money is needed NOW. However large or small, please give what you can.

And if you can afford to give regularly to keep me "rolling in the dough" at third world subsistence levels with regular donations going forward, please do. But, at the very least, please click on yellow "Donate" bar to the right TODAY, and help get me through the lean times so we can all keep the journey going together.

Sincerely, Chris Moore

P.S. The donation will show up on your statement as to "Chris Moore, editor."

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