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Columbia U. professor says racist Whites have always been supporters of Israel, from the Nazis through the pro-Zionists of today

(By Chris Moore) -- Columbia Professor of Arab Politics Joseph Massad got into hot water with critics and colleagues recently when he made the claim in a controversial essay for Al Jazeera that a lot of the Jews who died in the Holocaust opposed Zionism and were thrown to the wolves for doing so, and that Zionists colluded with like-minded Nazis to spur Israel's creation.

Massad wrote:
Despite the overwhelming opposition of most German Jews, it was the Zionist Federation of Germany that was the only Jewish group that supported the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, as they agreed with the Nazis that Jews and Aryans were separate and separable races. This was not a tactical support but one based on ideological similitude. The Nazis' Final Solution initially meant the expulsion of Germany's Jews to Madagascar. It is this shared goal of expelling Jews from Europe as a separate unassimilable race that created the affinity between Nazis and Zionists all along.

While the majority of Jews continued to resist the anti-Semitic basis of Zionism and its alliances with anti-Semites, the Nazi genocide not only killed 90 percent of European Jews, but in the process also killed the majority of Jewish enemies of Zionism who died precisely because they refused to heed the Zionist call of abandoning their countries and homes.
Massad says a fascist-like collusion between the West and Israel continues to this day.
After the War, the horror at the Jewish holocaust did not stop European countries from supporting the anti-Semitic programme of Zionism. On the contrary, these countries shared with the Nazis a predilection for Zionism...

It was thus that the European and US commitment to white supremacy was preserved, except that it now included Jews as part of "white" people, and what came to be called "Judeo-Christian" civilisation. European and American policies after World War II, which continued to be inspired and dictated by racism against Native Americans, Africans, Asians, Arabs and Muslims, and continued to support Zionism's anti-Semitic programme of assimilating Jews into whiteness in a colonial settler state away from Europe, were a direct continuation of anti-Semitic policies prevalent before the War. It was just that much of the anti-Semitic racialist venom would now be directed at Arabs and Muslims (both, those who are immigrants and citizens in Europe and the United States and those who live in Asia and Africa) while the erstwhile anti-Semitic support for Zionism would continue unhindered.
In Massad's version of the background of 20th Century history, the narrative that emerges is one wherein Nazi-partisan White and Christian anti-Semites wanted the Jews expelled from Western Civilization for racial reasons, whereas other White Christians (the ones who would eventually win World War II against the Nazis) simply wanted to partner with Zionist Jews in utilizing Israel as a "colonial settler state" away from Europe that would, among other thing, be useful for "assimilating Jews into whiteness." These Whites additionally valued Reform Judaism "as a Christian- and Protestant-like variant of Judaism."

The Western establishment that emerged victorious in World War II thus rolled the Jews into a neo-racist, Judeo-Christian Europeaness that celebrated the (mostly Zionist) remaining Jews as sanctified victims who had earned their place at the White table of privilege, while continuing to ignore or bury the history of fascist-like extermination, enslavement and subjugation of Native Americans, African Americans and other non-Whites perpetrated mostly by White Anglo Saxon Protestants.
After World War II, a new consensus emerged in the United States and Europe that Jews had to be integrated posthumously into white Europeanness, and that the horror of the Jewish holocaust was essentially a horror at the murder of white Europeans. Since the 1960s, Hollywood films about the holocaust began to depict Jewish victims of Nazism as white Christian-looking, middle class, educated and talented people not unlike contemporary European and American Christians who should and would identify with them. Presumably if the films were to depict the poor religious Jews of Eastern Europe (and most East European Jews who were killed by the Nazis were poor and many were religious), contemporary white Christians would not find commonality with them. Hence, the post-holocaust European Christian horror at the genocide of European Jews was not based on the horror of slaughtering people in the millions who were different from European Christians, but rather a horror at the murder of millions of people who were the same as European Christians. This explains why in a country like the United States, which had nothing to do with the slaughter of European Jews, there exists upwards of 40 holocaust memorials and a major museum for the murdered Jews of Europe, but not one for the holocaust of Native Americans or African Americans for which the US is responsible.
Massad does not recognize the messianic Zionism and Torah racism inherent in ancient through contemporary Jewish religious doctrine and dogma, nor does he acknowledge that anti-Christian Jewish Bolshevism, in partnership with Leninism and Stalinism, butchered millions of Orthodox Christians in the Soviet Union prior to the rise of Nazism (which facilitated fascism's ascension) and yet, there are no U.S. memorials to these murdered Whites and Christians either -- even though their numbers dwarf the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust by millions. 

Massad characterizes the atrocities perpetrated by the Soviet Union as mere allegations, and nowhere acknowledges that many of the early Israeli settlers were Labor Zionists and former Soviet Communist Jews who simply transitioned their left-wing and tribal-racist, anti-Christian Judeo-supremacist mentality and agenda from the Soviet sphere and Europe to a tribal-racist, anti-Christian and anti-Islamic Judeo-supremacist mentality and agenda in Palestine.

Massad continues:
The rehabilitation of European Jews after WWII was a crucial part of US Cold War propaganda. As American social scientists and ideologues developed the theory of "totalitarianism", which posited Soviet Communism and Nazism as essentially the same type of regime, European Jews, as victims of one totalitarian regime, became part of the atrocity exhibition that American and West European propaganda claimed was like the atrocities that the Soviet regime was allegedly committing in the pre- and post-War periods. That Israel would jump on the bandwagon by accusing the Soviets of anti-Semitism for their refusal to allow Soviet Jewish citizens to self-expel and leave to Israel was part of the propaganda.
While it's true that Zionists exploited the growth of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union after Stalin had his falling out with Jewish Bolshevik hero and role model Leon Trotsky, and Stalin came to recognize Jewish Bolshevism as the Zionist Trojan horse ideology it always was, Massad ignores the fact that it was the Trotskyite Jews who had reinvented themselves as neocons, not Cold War Christians, who principally engineered the narrative that Jews were victims of both Communist and Nazi anti-Semitism and the inference that they had no agency whatsoever in their own plight. (Indeed, the Trotskyite neocon Jews, right along with the other Diaspora Zionist Jews who merely transitioned from Communists into cultural Marxists, social democrats, and left-liberals, conveniently flushed Jewry's integral role in the imposition of Communist totalitarianism and mass murder straight down the memory hole.)

In totality, what Massad apparently seeks to accomplish with this essay is the scapegoating of Whites and Christians (instead of organized Jewry) as the principal force behind Zionism (for left-wing purposes)  and validation of the Islamic stream of thought that Zionist Judaism is more in line with Western Christianity than it is with Middle Eastern Islam. This is done through the suggestion that most Jews are ideologically more akin to Protestant "Judeo-Christians" than they are to Muslims, and that the Jews of Israel have no valid ethnic, ideological, intellectual or theological claims to any portion of the Levant whatsoever.

In short, Massad is arguing is that the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews belong in Europe and Western Civilization and not in Israel, nor the Levant, nor Islamic Civilization, nor perhaps anywhere on the Asian continent, because they don't have any legitimate claim, religious or otherwise, to the lands occupied by Israel.

And certainly, if one is inclined to think in racial terms and demand that ethnicities should break racially upon civilization fault lines, Massad has a point, given that the latest DNA research shows that the vast majority of today's Jews are descendants of the Khazars (a medieval empire located mainly on the northern side of the Black and Caspian Seas--in areas of what is now Ukraine, South Russia and Kazakhstan--some of which converted to Judaism). Thus descendants of these peoples, who became the Ashkenazim (European) Jews, have little to no DNA connection to the ancient Israelites or even the Levant, contra Zionists claims. (Kazhar-descended Ashkenazi Jews apparently comprise approximately 80% of world Jewry today, which means very few Jews do have any bloodline claim to the Levant.)

But aren't left-wing thinkers ostensibly opponents of the powers-that-be moving peoples around the globe like chess pieces based upon race? Presumably, they would object to Islamist Arabs being removed from Europe because they lack European bloodlines, so what difference does it make that most Jews lack Middle Eastern bloodlines?

However, Massad has a legitimate point that there is a certain theological and spiritual commonality between some strains of Protestantism and Judaism (Judeo-Christian Zionist and Judeophile liberal strains, for example) particularly in terms of haughty materialism, a veneration of money, and a fixation on class, position and prestige.

But how much of this is a truly spiritual esprit de corps and how much of it is simply a money-motivated marriage of convenience in the same way that the grasping British Empire entered into a marriage of convenience with the Zionist Rothschilds with the Balfour Declaration (which became the basis of Israel) is anybodies guess.

Additionally, the concept of "Judeo-Christianity" is almost entirely a made-in-America myth, because in reality there is no love lost whatsoever between the traditional Christians of Western Civilization, who viewed Christianity as completely and totally irreconcilable with the Jewish mentality, and organized Judaism. Indeed, the entirety of Western Civilization from the Greeks through the Romans through Christendom through the Enlightenment thinkers to today's pro-Christian and pro-Western anti-Zionists has been butting heads with the Jews for millennia. 

So ultimately, to the extent that it is Massad's intention to create an intellectual framework that validates the claim that Zionist Jewry naturally belongs more in the West than it does in the Middle East, even upon the humanitarian grounds of limiting wars and endless conflict, his arguments come up short -- particular given the fact that it is Diaspora Zionists who are the principal enablers of Israel's military, diplomatic and monetary blank check from the West, and who are viewed by many as the "decisive" force behind Western wars for Israel.

And given the extent to which both Zionists and Islamists conflate politics, religion, ethnicity, culture, ideology, and identity into one authoritarian, Abraham-venerating stew of seething tribalism, it seems Zionist Jewry, which never did accept the distinction between religion and state and has always set up vengeance-driven, Zionist-serving tribal factions within whatever Western governments it has managed to penetrate, is probably right where it belongs.

The problem isn't as much the racist Zionists in Israel as it is the racist Zionists whose tribal intrigue and machinations are still tolerated in the Diaspora, and who are enabling the racist Zionists in Israel to get away with murder by way of, among many other institutions, the Israel lobby (comprised most prominently of powerful Diaspora Zionists of the Jewish oligarchy, Jews now being the wealthiest group in the U.S.).

And not only are these Diaspora Zionists a mortal threat to Gentiles, but as Massad notes vis-a-vis their alliances with racist extremists such as factions of pro-Zionist neo-fascists and certain "Judeo-Christians," they're a mortal threat to the non-ideological, non-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews as well. 

Additionally, let's not forget that Diaspora Zionist Jewry's main base of operations in the West has long been on the left, which means their game is one of triangulation, which defines Zionism as kosher from mainstream left to mainstream right, and any anti-Zionists forces outside of that "center" are characterized as "extremists." 

So really, wherever there is a religion, political orientation, party, ideology, or corporation of any kind that becomes weak, unprincipled or corrupt enough to be seduced into backing Zionism (e.g. the contemporary Beltway) it's always a safe bet that ear-whispering Diaspora Zionists will eventually be found at the elbow of it greediest, most unprincipled, and most corruptible members. 

And this makes the Diaspora Zionists and their accomplices (left to right, and of any race or creed) --  not the Israeli Zionists -- the central protagonists of the Zionist problem. 

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