Sunday, October 20, 2019

129 Judaized Republicans join their Jewish Democrat colleagues in condemning US reduction of troops in Mideast, because Israel

Trump’s Syria withdrawal is ‘disaster’ for Israel, leaving it on its own against Iran, supporters say
For the first time Congressional Republicans broke with Trump over the move; and 129 Republicans voted to condemn the decision when the House voted by 354-60 on that resolution Wednesday. Israel featured in Congressional debate of Trump’s move. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority leader Steny Hoyer said Trump’s move endangers Israel. Rep. Lois Frankel of Florida said the decision forces the Kurds into the Iranian camp, and Israel is the loser.
(American involvement in the Mideast comes down to the Jewish nation, the Jewish lobby, and the corrupt politicians on the take from Jewish fifth column.)

Are there Israelis in the U.S. Government? ~ If anyone wonders why Israel gets away with what it does, the simple answer would be that there are just too many people at the federal level who think that serving Israel is the same as serving the United States.
Given Israel’s clearly demonstrated ability to manipulate and manage American government at all levels, there is inevitably considerable speculation about the presence of actual Israeli citizens in the federal and state bureaucracies.
(Yes. A Jewish fifth column and its corrupt stooges at war with the middle class and the American people for the Zionist agenda. But they and their rube fanboys and bought off lackeys insist they're the Chosen Ones. Zucker, Weinstein, Epstein, the Clintons and the neocon clique... all "chosen" by History and Yahweh to serve themselves; their rube fanboys chosen to be doormats and useful idiots.)

Progressives reject Klobuchar’s salute to Israel as ‘beacon of democracy’
(The left is divided over the Hebrew supremacist Jewish state. But the Jewish rackets provide it the most money, so it's muted on the subject.)

Ann Coulter: I Wish GOP Elites 'Cared One-Tenth As Much About Americans' As The Kurds
Ann Coulter gave an over hour-long interview with Eric Metaxas where she touched on nearly every topic the establishment GOP refuses to talk about from their obsession with Israel to their insistence on ignoring the impact of mass immigration. Coulter made her kind-hearted interviewer, Mr. Metaxas, squirm in his chair multiple times due to the controversial topics she kept bringing up.

Project Veritas Exposes CNN
CNN is nothing but Jewish narratives masquerading as a news network. The only thing left out here is that James O’Keefe neglects to mention that the mainstream media and social media is owned and policed by a whole tribe of Jeff Zuckers and Mark Zuckerbergs. Jews have developed an ethnic stanglehold over our media just like Indians dominate gas stations.

(((Judge Judy))) endorses (((Michael Bloomberg))) for 2020 presidential election
(A rich liberal Jewish scold endorses a billionaire liberal Jewish oligarch. He'll make Zion great again, and his fellow Chosenite Judge Judy can scold the deplorables for noticing the Jewish establishment's Israel First wars.)

Super Jew Ben Shapiro declares crypto-Jew Occasio-Cortez an anti-Semite
(Tribal disagreement over control of the ZOG narrative.)

Borders for Us, Not for You, by Tobias Langdon
This anger, which is part of the odium theologicum, is an important aspect of religious psychology, whether overt or covert — leftism can in fact be explained as a mutation of Christianity and Judaism. Overt and covert religions gain power by demanding belief in things that defy everyday reality, because such belief is difficult and requires a greater emotional investment. When we invest more in a belief, we have more incentive to protect it more strongly. And it is precisely because concepts like transubstantiation and the “female penis” are absurd that they are powerful. When we have an emotional investment in something we can’t prove, we react strongly when it is denied or ridiculed. That applies even more when we ourselves are subconsciously aware or afraid that our beliefs are baseless or false. Crushing external heresies can be a way of stilling internal doubts.

Vietnam War faker (((Richard Blumenthal))) wants to make it illegal for you to criticize a fake news journalist
Rather, Sen. Douchebag’s sole objective is to shut down any criticism of Democrats currently pretending to be journalists while, of course, ingratiating himself to those prostitutes of fabrication. This is what the Garbage Party does: They invent an issue or a problem then ‘recommend’ a government solution to the problem they invented, and always with the objective of denying Americans more of their freedom.
(Similar to Islamists and their narrative, the totalitarian Jews and Globalists want only "news" that conforms with their ZOG/Globalist narrative to see the light of day; everything else will be labeled "conspiracy theory" or "fake news" and dismissed or made illegal. ZOG government approved outlets are to be the arbiter of "news" and "truth.")

Fait Accompli: The Zionist New World Order ~ A Recapitulation.

The Tyranny of Minorities ~ When minorities rule, nations strangle and die.

(Minorities utilized by ZOG-Globalists as shock troops and useful idiots for divide and rule against the nation's majority.)

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