Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The "liberal" Jews and Hillary Clinton worked together for the racist Zionist war agenda

Coulter: Luckily, Dems Never Have 'Personal, Political' Motives
As was dramatically revealed in Hillary’s email exchanges with her unofficial adviser, (((Sidney Blumenthal,))) her motive for deposing Qaddafi was to display her foreign policy chops, apart from that lunkhead Obama, who was, as (((Blumenthal))) sneered, “intent on seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.” (((Blumenthal))) egged on Hillary to keep the pressure on Qaddafi, promising her a major political win. When Qaddafi was ousted, (((Blumenthal))) exulted: “First, brava! You must go on camera. You must establish yourself in the historical record at this moment. … You are vindicated.”

(Another Jewish svengali had the ear of "Queen" Hillary, appealed to her vanity, and encouraged her reign of terror in Libya and the Mideast for Israel and the Jews.)

Ronan Farrow Claims Hillary Clinton Pressured Him To Drop (((Weinstein))) Story
Ronan Farrow’s investigative reporting was instrumental in shining a light on (((Weinstein’s))) alleged sexual misconduct and forcing the Hollywood mogul to face justice, however according to Farrow, Hillary Clinton – a long-term friend of (((Weinstein))) – was working to protect him.

NBC News chief (((Andy Lack))) claims Ronan Farrow's book paints 'fundamentally untrue' picture of network
NBC News Chairman (((Andy Lack))) is firing back at investigative journalist Ronan Farrow's new book detailing allegation against himself and former anchor (((Matt Lauer))).
(The Jewish network ensconced at the highest levels of NBC continues its harassment and terrorism of women, just like the Zionists.)

The Layers Of Vengeful Impeachment
(Strip the racist Jewish nation of U.S. citizenship? What about its deep state accomplices?)

Vietnam War faker (((Richard Blumenthal))) wants to make it illegal for you to criticize a fake news journalist
Rather, Sen. Douchebag’s sole objective is to shut down any criticism of Democrats currently pretending to be journalists while, of course, ingratiating himself to those prostitutes of fabrication. This is what the Garbage Party does: They invent an issue or a problem then ‘recommend’ a government solution to the problem they invented, and always with the objective of denying Americans more of their freedom.
(The Jews want state sanctioned media -- that the Jews control.)

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