Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Hebrew fake "Jews," the root of great evil

Previously I wrote a blog post titled "What is the essence of Jewishness?" in which I laid out the case that despite their left-wing or right-wing affectations, that despite their Marxist or Globalist pretenses, the Jews operate as a singular nation, and work to serve their own national interest either explicitly, or through elaborate crypsis. The essence of that article was correct -- the "Jews" do indeed work collectively in pursuit of a common agenda -- but the premise of the article was wrong, for "Jewish" ambitions go far beyond simple nation building.

At first glance, it would seem as open nationalists, the Zionist Jewish nationalists are the most honest of the Jewish bunch in that they don't really hide their supremacist and racist inclinations, nor their expansionist nationalist intentions, and therefore they have the most integrity, at least in terms of being honest about who and what they are. But is that true? Are "Jewish" nationalists (Zionists) really the most honest of the Jews, or just like the Bolshevik/Marxist or neocon/neolib Globalist Jews, are they frauds and parasites carrying our an elaborate charade?

To find out, we must first go back to Judaism's founding roots and see what that ideology (which counter to its particularist origins, has became a warped Hebrew value system and universal identity) is all about. For if today's "Jews" (and generations of "Jews" before them) are not practicing the ideology of their founder, they are not practicing Judaism.

Seemingly, this would be a monumental task, involving endless discussion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the history of the their tribe, and their collective ideals, both achieved and failed. But all of that is not necessary, because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and most of their descendants, were not Jews, but Hebrews fledgling to become Jews. And most of their descendants remain not Jews, but Hebrews to this day, only they're not fledglings, because they've given up their ideals and turned to darkness, cynicism and murder.

Because despite what you may have been led to believe, Judaism is different than Hebrewism. Judaism has one founder who ruthlessly pursued one set of Jewish ideals long after his Hebrew ancestors were gone, and imposed them upon the factions of Hebrews he allowed to survive under his rule -- a set of ideals he claimed originated with God himself. Those Hebrews in his realm who would toe the line survived; most (but not all) of those who did not perished at his command. And the example he set by disposing of the stubborn, defiant renegades remains to this day as the ultimate example of what it means to be Jewish.

That founder was Moses, and the national ideals he established and imposed were the Ten Commandments. And while the Ten Commandments include instructions on worshiping Moses' god, the most important aspect of them amounts to a simple set of instructions: Don't lie, cheat, steal or kill, or you will be violating the will of the God of the universe.

But "Don't lie, cheat, steal or kill" against who? Fellow Hebrews? No, because upon descent from the mountain top where he allegedly received the Ten Commandments from God, the first thing Moses did was take up arms against the heretic Hebrews who had reverted to their primitive, backward and superstitious ways in his absence, and slaughter nearly all of them -- men, women and children -- as documented in the story of the Golden Calf. And in doing so, he was following the advice of his God and forging a Jewish nation the only way it could be done: by eliminating those who would betray the nation on behalf of their base desires and appetites, and their primitive culture.

Hence, the Jewish nation and Judaism itself was born upon the slaughter of heretic Hebrews; was founded upon their blood. Thus, a Jew is Hebrew who carries out the example of Judaism's founder and polices the Ten Commandments among the Hebrews who seek to dwell within the Jewish nation, ruthlessly dealing with those who digress. Eliminating those who digress.

That's it. That's much of what Judaism amounts to.

Throughout history and through today, there are those who would take up the task (true Jews) and then there are all the Hebrews who call themselves Jews but who would have been cut out by Moses as nihilists, hedonists and gold worshipers if they had been around at the time of the Jewish nation's founding. It is these counterfeit "Jews" and their collaborators that the world is contending with today.

We already know that so many diaspora "Jews" are phonies, frauds and reprobates who profiteer off of war and the various rackets surrounding their counterfeit Jewish identity. Whether they're Rothshchild (Imperialist/crony capitalist) Jews, Marxist (crony Big Government) Jews, or the Neocon/Neolib Globalist "middle" course Jews (masquerading as liberals) that fall somewhere in between, their fraud is obvious. The very fact that they're pursuing power, money and sadistic, vengeful pleasures in the diaspora -- the same stubborn debauchery and treachery as practiced by their Moses-slaughtered Hebrew forebears -- shows them up as the Hebrew heretics they are. (Not coincidentally, they inevitably screech like banshees at the mention of the Ten Commandments). The additional fact that they've murdered millions in the name of Judaism shows the lengths they'll go to both advance their own set's evil power while simultaneously denigrating the particularist values of the founder of their nation -- even as they cynically go about wailing "anti-Semitism" against all who oppose them.

Yes, I suppose their opponents are anti-Semitic in that they oppose a group of parasitic and criminal Hebrews of Mideast origin, but most are not anti-Jewish if one takes into account the Biblical history of how Moses founded Judaism; in fact, they're often pursuing one of the highest ideals of Judaism: policing the Ten Commandments and rooting out the murderous frauds, reprobates and nation-wreckers.

And while a lot of diaspora "Jews" have Hebrew backgrounds (making them of this ancient Hebrew parasite lineage) their charade is so obvious and twisted, only a fellow parasite would pretend to believe they're "Jewish" in the tradition of Moses. (And yes, there are millions of these  philo-Semitic parasites, who together with the Semitic Hebrew parasites form an international Parasite Class engaged in the most misanthropic and inhuman treachery.)

But what about the Zionist Jews of Israel? Aren't they pursuing Jewish law and ideals? Aren't they eliminating (or at least marginalizing) "Jewish" frauds and parasites while cultivating fundamentalist Judaism? Aren't they engaged in Jewish nation building?

Absolutely not. What they're engaged in is international Hebrew empire building, centered on the Israeli government but paid for and sustained by the wealth funneled to Israel through the lobbying and subversive machinations of their parasitic Hebrew fifth columns, who have infiltrated nations all over the world to do so. And not only vast wealth and diplomatic support, but also wars fought by target nations for this international class of empire builders -- wars built upon acts of murderous treason carried out by Israel's fifth columns and its Parasite Class accomplices.

Can such a criminal gang of international empire builders possibly be Jews? Can they run diametrically opposed to the particularist will and ideals of the very founder of the Jewish nation, engage in the worst kind of imperial treachery, warmongering, and profiteering, and still call themselves practitioners of Judaism?

Well, they can call themselves whatever they want to, and engage in whatever behavior suits them at any given time, as parasites always have done and always will do. But the world doesn't have to believe them, nor believe their Parasite Class brethren.

And more importantly, the world must work towards removing these fraudulent parasites from the halls of power, and from the very possibility of attaining power ever again. And it should do so by following the example set by the founder of Judaism.

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