Thursday, April 16, 2020

Notes on the Hebrew Parasite: "Progressives"

The Hebrew Parasite "progressive" hates social progress, because it doesn't want the human race to progress or thrive, only itself and its set, in keeping with its Parasite nature.

But the Parasite adopts a self-righteous grand pose as the ultimate progressive so it's in a position to lecture both the left and the right on suitable behavior (which inevitably means always deferring to the Parasites, their interests and agendas).

Even the Zionist Parasite attempts to frame itself as progressive: an outpost of modernity in the backwards Middle East. It then proceeds to reduce Palestinians to an animal state to "teach them a lesson" and "for their own good." The truth is, it wants to steal their land and end their existence, so it must demonize them no end. It never tires of demonizing them, because it thrives on hate and polarization, but always hides its aggression behind a propaganda illusion of self-defense and anti-terror.

The Parasites outside of their lodestar state behave in a similar way towards the national majorities that surround them worldwide: they cultivate a self-serving narrative that the backward, deplorable, pathological majority that they live among are always on the cusp of "terror" towards the Parasites who are always besieged, always engaged in self-defense, and always on a mission of progress -- even when they're getting fabulously rich by abusing, denigrating and robbing the their host nations blind, and reducing the quality of life for everyone, and eventually themselves.

But the Hebrew Parasite doesn't look at the big picture because it thrives on "survival" mode (having inevitably put itself in danger through its exploits and passive-aggressive trespasses). Indeed, the big picture is counter to the Hebrew Parasite's nature, for as a feeder on a healthy body politic, it is narrowly self-interested, and the best interests of the target nations can never enter into the equation because they run counter to the interests of the Hebrew Parasites.

For example, when the Hebrew Parasites quickly defied Moses when he was off receiving the Ten Commandments (the formula to build an honorable Jewish nation) and reverted to their selfish and primitive, grasping ways, the interests of the honorable nation that Moses was trying to build simply never occurred to them. Their immediate interest was in survival on the their terms: pleasure, gluttony, superstitiousness, and greed. That's how they always lived before, and no dictator was going to stop them from indulging in their freewheeling, Parasite culture, even one as esteemed and accomplished as Moses, who had done so much for them.

This is why Moses finally saw that he had to break with the Hebrew Parasites by shedding their blood, as if to make a break from the dishonorable Hebrew factions of past and say "Now there's no going back," and to set an example of what must become of Hebrew Parasites if the nation is to survive.

This break with the Hebrew Parasites was never forgotten by them, has been eternally resented, and the Hebrew Parasites have been at war with the Ten Commandments ever since. But they have always been operating from a dishonest position, posing as Jews -- as a people of the laws of Moses -- even as they've waged an insidious and subversive war against the rule of law and the entire concept of civilization, and all who attempt to maintain civilization, from that time forward.

Lodestar "Israel" is simply a lawless outpost of Hebrew Parasites, as are so many "Jewish" communities worldwide today. The Hebrew Parasites saw to the deaths of a lot of Moses Jews in the first half of the 20th Century when they eventually forced two world wars using Communist and Capitalist "Jewish" operatives to sow an epic clash against the West in which they would benefit from the outcome, and to cultivate the creation of Israel -- the ultimate fortress and hideout to ensure the survival of the ancient Hebrew Parasite for when the world inevitably figured out once again the horror of what they were and are really all about.

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