Sunday, April 19, 2020

Notes on the Hebrew Parasite: "Holocaust"

In relation to any traumatic national event, they always invoke the Holocaust and WW2: 9/11, the refugee crisis, Covid-19... they're always reminders that the sheep must endure, just like the noble Jewish people, and do exactly what their totalitarian, chosen-elect betters dictate (or somehow they're Deplorables, and complicit in the Holocaust).

The latest example was some rich Hollywood comedian who tweeted about Anne Frank in relation to the American people not wanting to stay at home during the epidemic: "Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic..." suck it up.

Why does the propaganda class constantly invoke the "Holocaust"? Because that was their greatest hour, when the full weight their propaganda might solidified into sacred cow. No, not the WW2-era sequence of events that led to Jews being sent to internment camps (thanks in part to the Zionists and their machinations) but the moment in America and eventually the Western world when all of their propaganda power culminated in the Holocaust as Legend and Casis Belli. Never Again!

The corrupt Hebrews in the liberal and neocon propaganda class seized upon the Holocaust every chance they got, their MSM and entertainment industry co-workers emulated them (mindless slobs that they are), and eventually so too did the entire political class.

Today it's become heretical to question this Zionist dogma. You're a "Holocaust Denier" if you do! (itself more dogma). And the American people have become mind slaves to the Hebrew Parasites and their corrupt lackeys.

But if the backlash to the cliched tweet of a spoiled Hollywood propaganda class comedian is any indication, the Parasites are losing their power.

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