Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Trump, Moses, and the Warped Psychology of the Hebrew Parasite

Why do Hebrew parasites in the propaganda class, intelligentsia, and crony-state oligarchy hate Trump, when he is so clearly dominated by Hebrew parasites? And do they really hate him, or is it all a charade being carried out to ensure their continued domination of (fake) "liberalism"?

When Trump was first running for president, they shrieked incessantly that he is racist and anti-Semitic, but now that he has shown himself to be surrounded by Hebrew parasites, continuing the Israel First wars and policies, and generally subservient to their Zionist rackets (just like so many fake-liberal presidents of the recent American past) their tone has slightly changed -- now he's racist and Islamophobic -- but the hatred remains.

Their stated fear of Trump is that he is a dictator and an authoritarian. But the Hebrew parasites love dictators and authoritarians, so long as they are of the (fake) "liberal" variety (their own kind). Look at the huge number of authoritarian "liberal" Hebrew billionaires, CEO's, statist figures, and intellectual gurus they worship; look at the dictatorial, centralizing, authoritarian government policies and wars they pursue. 

The truth is, they hate Trump because he's made nationalist noises and slightly pursued certain nationalist policies, when their agenda has always been, and remains, international Hebrew imperialism (Talmudism).

The Talmudist is a very different animal than the (rare) authentic Jew, who is openly nationalist (in the vein of Moses): The Talmudist is an internationalist; the Talmudist is a crypto racist-imperialist; the Talmudist is a fake-"liberal" Hebrew supremacist fanatic who believes in the international supremacy of the Hebrew nihilists, hedonists and money-worshipers, and in their fanatical willingness to impose their dictatorship on humanity, or die trying.

True, Trump is mostly surrounded by Talmudists, who are continuing the psychotic cause (albeit in scaled back form), but his rhetoric is mindful of nationalism. And this reminds them of Moses and his Ten Commandments, the mortal enemy of liberal Hebrewism/Talmudism. The lethal enemy.

This scares them, because it is a throwback to the "bad old days" when factions of their psychotic gang were not only frustrated, but terminated by the long knives of Moses and his lieutenants.

Trump, of course, is never going to bring out the long knives against his Hebrew handlers. This would mean arrests, prosecutions and death penalties for their treasonous fifth column's 9/11 inside job and the war crimes that followed; this would mean war against the Talmudist state of Israel (and the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia) for instigating 9/11; this would mean the arrest of Trump's own family members like Jerald Kushner, and half of his Talmud-kosher administration, as accomplices after the fact.

But the seeds of justice are evident in the nationalism that Trump pays lip service to, and the "liberal" Hebrew parasites and Talmudists know it and resent it. Because they're psychotic, they can't see that Trump is no threat to them, but they can sense that America First is, and they bitterly resent that Trump has unwittingly opened up the path to justice through his America First rhetoric.

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