Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hebrew parasites lashing out at their Moses father figure have conquered the West. Temporarily.

While reading Andrew Joyce's Review: Agitprop in America, it occurred to me that our new age rulers are not governing in the mode of Christians or even Ten Commandment Jews, but rather in the mode of Hebrew parasites rebelling against the nationalist founder of Judaism, Moses.

Like the Hebrew Parasites of Moses' day, these new age parasites would sell out and destroy the long term interests of the nation and the culture in exchange for easy living, easy money, superficial gratifications, and a misplaced faith in the supernatural magic of the primeval Golden Calf (in our era, the Federal Reserve).

In reading the review, if one takes the passages that reference "Marxist" or "Jew" and switches the term to [Hebrew Parasite] as I have done in the following paragraphs (because so many of our modern "liberal" and "neocon" rulers are actually fake-"Jewish" Hebrews and fraudulent "Judeo-Christians" who are mooching off of the legacy and sacrifices of the Ten Commandment Christians who ruled the West, in one form or another, for centuries) then what's befallen our nation and our Western culture makes a lot more sense.
The book opens with the contention that “since the 1960s [Hebrew Parasites] and their sympathizers in America have been using agitprop (an integration of intense agitation and propaganda invented by Lenin) to destroy America’s culture and build Cultural Marxism. To do this, agitprop has changed American speech and manipulated cultural values and beliefs.” American history has been rewritten “to make it into a [Hebrew Parasite] tale of unmitigated oppression.” American contemporary society has been reinterpreted as the story of “one biologically defined ruling class (straight White males) “victimizing” all other biologically defined classes.” These [Hebrew Parasite] dogmas “are causing the destruction of America’s exceptional culture.”
The latter section of the first chapter concerns [Hebrew Parasite] dogma from Soviet times to the present. McElroy is quite right to point out that historically [Hebrew Parasites] argued that deviation from their worldview could represent a “symptom of mental derangement requiring treatment in a psychiatric clinic,” and he places this alongside commentary on how today’s dissidents are presented as “enemies of humanity.” In each case, agitprop develops an environment in which dissent is viewed and portrayed as “a kind of irrational, anti-science behavior.” The key to the success of Cultural Marxist agitprop is its “intrinsic deceptiveness.”
Drawing on Saul Alinsky’s infamous Rules for Radicals, McElroy explains how [Hebrew Parasites] provoke their opponents into reacting (e.g. threatening to take down historical monuments, ordering “gay cakes”) and then denounce them as irrational “reactionaries.” Another tactic is to create problems, or interpret problems, in such a manner that permits the proposal of [Hebrew Parasite] “solutions.” I thought that an analysis of Alinsky’s works might provoke a deeper reading from McElroy, who writes that Alinsky was “an atheist.” In fact, Alinsky was an agnostic who, when asked specifically about religion, would always reply that he was Jewish. This error is indicative of a broader blind spot in the text — the ethnic component of anti-American activism. This blind spot manifests more subtly throughout the lexicon of [Hebrew Parasite] terms that comprises the middle of the book. Quite frankly, when one actually looks at the individuals who have coined or popularized many of these genuinely novel agitprop terms (e.g. ‘homophobia’ by George Weinberg, ‘deconstructionism’ by Jacques Derrida, ‘racism’ by Magnus Hirschfeld and Leon Trotsky, ‘transgender’ by Magnus Hirschfeld and later Harry Benjamin, ‘sex work” and ‘sex worker’ by Carol Leigh, ‘cultural pluralism’ by Horace Kallen), they emerge almost exclusively as [Hebrew Parasites]. It’s a simple and unavoidable fact that [Hebrew Parasites] have been at the forefront of changing “ways of seeing” by first changing “ways of describing.” I agree with McElroy that we shouldn’t call anti-American agitators “liberals,” and that “Leftists” also leaves a lot unsaid. McElroy, however, proposes “PC Marxists,” which I feel doesn’t get any closer to the mark.
It's off the mark because these monsters aren't "Jews" or "liberals" or "leftists" or even "PC Marxists" (although so many of those idiots that they've lured and deceived identify themselves as such and think of themselves as such). They're Hebrew Parasites and the greedy, low character, corrupt political and social whores they have bedded for generations to create ever more Parasites, who eventually became a full blown Parasite Class -- our current rulers.

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