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Parasitism vs. Industrial Capitalism; Chomsky's Hebrewism; Fake Jews and Fake Christians

As our guest puts it, the recently passed Trump “Bank and Landlord Relief” bill, mistakenly named the Coronavirus bill, starts by providing banks with an even larger giveaway of wealth than they received from Obama in 2008. Helping the banks, financial and real estate sectors in a so-called free market system is conflated with helping the industrial economy and general living standards for most Americans. The essence of a parasite is not only to drain the host’s nourishment, but to dull the host’s brain so that it does not recognize that the parasite is there.
One of the ways it does this is to entice most of the biggest companies onto the stock markets, which in turn subordinates them to the financial sector — more specifically, the investment bankers. And then the nations CEO’s become sort of one big club, and the top of the club is the head parasites pulling the strings on the stock market (outfits like Goldman Sachs).
NO ONE wants to cross the head parasites, the corrupt political class turns to them as their economic brain trust, and the propaganda class (MSM) spin narratives that comport to the corrupt political class’ interests and the corrupt status quo.
This is why liberalism and neoconservatism are the two sides of the one political coin that Americans are allowed to choose. Lean left? You’ll get a liberal who mostly uses identity politics to divide and rule. Lean right? You’ll get a neocon who mostly uses foreign affairs to divide and rule. But increasingly, the two cross-over, hence you’ll see liberals harping 24/7 about Russiagate and neocons harping 24/7 about Iran, Islam and now China.
None of this is to say that Russia, China and Iran aren’t America's competitors, because they are. But the liberal and neocon fanatics turn them into existential, kill or be killed competitors. And this is because they’ve internalized the Holocaust and 9/11 as their moral compass.
So the myths of the Holocaust and 9/11 that they’ve pretended to believe or been brainwashed into believing are the “us or them” lens through which they see the rest of the world, and through which they will continue to see the world until they get the de-programming they so desperately need.
These two Big Lies and their attendant wars have driven them to the brink of insanity, and are driving the rest of the country to ruin.
But it’s not just the Hebrew syndicates that have internalized the mythical “official narratives” (of what were, in reality, inside jobs) as holy writ; it’s the entire American and Western political establishment that pretends to believe or does believe these fake stories.
In fact, how much of the world questions or publicly doubts the official narratives? Not much. And it’s really only in Islamic nations that official doubts are raised. And that’s because they’re in an existential struggle with the Zionists (who have hijacked the West) and with their brainwashed lackeys and useful idiots who believe the ZOG dogma.
The ZOG/NWO war against the West has been a slow and insidious process taking centuries, whereas its current war against Islam has been a relative blitzkrieg. Consequently, Muslims have been forced to face the reality of what’s happening to them, whereas most Westerners still haven’t figured it out.
It’s only thanks to the Internet and the failed war against Islam that the average Westerner is starting to figure it out, because ZOG has unleashed the Muslim refugees upon the West in a desperate effort to save its own skin, and because so many soldiers came back in body bags or permanently scarred.
Ironic, isn’t it? All those “high IQ” Anglos and WASPs didn’t have the horse sense to see what has been staring them in the face the entire time. Too blinded by greed, ego, hubris, intellectual arrogance, and ZOG.
Or maybe because the money was so good, they simply didn't want to see it, which goes back to my point of so many people pretending to believe those fabricated official narratives of 9/11 and the Holocaust.


Noam Chomsky’s “Requiem for the American Dream”: Jewish Activism by Omission

In the above article, MacDonald describes Chomsky as having a “blindspot” for his own Hebrew syndicate and their racketeering, bad deeds and criminal conspiracies, but that’s like saying the Ancien Regime had a blindspot for the monarchy and royal abuses.

The (self-serving) blindspot is baked into the syndicate. Hence Chomsky pretends not to see the divide and rule agenda adopted by his syndicate, or frames his syndicate’s divide and rule strategy as a civil rights initiative, when in reality the goal is and always has been the dominance of the Hebrew syndicate oligarchy that we increasingly have today.

For example, I don’t for a second believe that Chomsky doesn’t know that Hebrew syndicates dominate MSM, and that left-liberal propaganda that comes out of MSM is designed to serve the Hebrew supremacist agenda of divide and rule. But he chooses to frame it as a generic class/capitalist conspiracy of manufacturing consent and totally ignores the more salient ethnic conspiracy angle.

True, divide and rule is a technique employed by corrupt elites everywhere, but divide and rule specifically to shill for the (proven) Hebrew syndicate that politically, economically and culturally dominates America is what’s going on here.

And then there’s the censorship. Imagine trying to wage an info war against the Ancien Regime, but not being allowed to name it and the royalist network of which it was comprised. That’s the advantage that the Hebrew oligarchy has today by utilizing, for example, Holocaust narrative propaganda.

Where does Chomsky stand on manufacturing consent to Holocaust propaganda (by shouting anti-Semitism and Nazism at anyone who raises the subject)? Exactly where you’d expect a beneficiary of the Hebrew rackets to stand: in silence.

This isn’t to say there are no High IQ conspiracies in America that aren’t Hebrew supremacist, but rather that the biggest, most dangerous and far reaching conspiracy is the network of Hebrew fascists and crypto-fascists that has hijacked this nation and is using it for its own Zionist and Talmudist ends.


Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial, Part 1

Dalton writes: “As a putative religion, however, Judaism is even worse. There is a god in it, of course, but this deity is merely a brutal enforcer of the Law. He praises and cajoles his “chosen” and smites their enemies, nothing more. In this metaphysical system there is no immortal soul, no real afterlife, no heaven, no hell; all such things are utterly lacking in the Old Testament."

Sometimes he advocates the killing of his Chosen, when they engage in earthly supernatural thinking and acting, as in the story of the Golden Calf. 

A supernatural being penalizing them for believing in the supernatural powers of money and materialism? That’s the point where Judaism was founded. So a Jew would believe in the supernatural, but not in the supernatural power of money.

There are very few Jews alive today, but a lot of bull-worshiping Hebrews. There are very few Christians alive today, but a lot of bull-worshiping fake-“Christians,” etc.

If life is all about the cold realism of material existence, then Marxism should inherit the earth, and it will be a bleak, law of the concrete jungle existence governed by a superficial claque of frauds and parasites.

Ten Commandments Judaism and later Christianity was too sublime for the Hebrews, and so the covenant went to the Christians and the West. But then the fake-Christians and fake-Jew Hebrews took over -- claiming to be liberals -- and now they’re trying to finish Christianity off for good.

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