Friday, May 08, 2020

"White" Marxists continue to be anti-white tools and useful idiots of Hebrew fascism

Anyone who plays the “white racism” conspiracy card without noting that whites have been as victimized as anyone (by what is in reality a hybrid “white” racist + Hebrew racist conspiracy) loses all credibility. Extra points off if the person doing this is coming from the Marxist perspective, which is and always has been nothing but a Hebrew fascist + Imperialist inside job against Russia and the world.

Here, John Steppling of Off Guardian attacks the odious Michael Moore for being a white liberal, and he deserves to be attacked because so many white liberals have been in bed with stunted Hebrew “liberals” for such a long time. But so have white Marxists. So have all Marxists. The entire bed was built by Hebrew and crypto Hebrew racists operating with white-stooge Machiavellians. A nest of vipers. An egoist, materialist, soulless nest of misanthropes.

Zionists are stunted, infantile trouble makers, money or status worshipers, and when it comes to it, self-serving totalitarians. Zero human progress can be made with Hebrew egoists and the whores who are stupid, greedy, power mad and themselves stunted enough to get into bed with them, including Marxists and other kosher leftists.

Left-populist Jimmy Dore gives racist Hebrew Bernie Sanders a beat down in front of one of his little kosher gatekeeper puppets, who's still preaching theories of Marxist revolution.

These Bernie-bots are classic cultists, who can only repeat dogma they've learned at the feet of their arrogant and egoistic Hebrew gurus, who are deliberately leading them into dead ends to keep them controlled and submissive. They're cowards who will never leave the kosher reservation; they'll always rely on some "all knowing" Hebrew didactic to do their thinking for them, until they themselves devolve into "elites" plying their grifter trade and preying upon the young and naive.

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