Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hebrew sayanim and 9/11 conspirator Howard Stern says he doesn't hate Trump, he hates his supporters

On Sept. 11, 2001, sayanim Howard Stern was live on the air when the Twin Towers were hit by two airplanes, interrupting one of his lewd, pornographic narratives. In a sudden (and hypocritical) turnabout, he almost immediately declared "We're totally too lax in this country... We're under attack. It's war. This is Pearl Harbor. We've got to bomb the hell out of them. You know who it is. I can't say but I know who it is."

It was the exact same language so many of the Hebrew fascist neocons (who by then were puppeteering George W. Bush) had been using for years: What America needed was “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” to unify the nation under a militarized police state and project its power globally.

What Howard Stern and his Hebrew fascist brethren didn't say is that they were going to arrange that Pearl Harbor-style attack, blame it on the Muslims, and use it as a pretext to lie America into Mideast wars for Israeland as a pretext to carry out their totalitarian agenda of a perpetual War on Terror, national brainwashing, and crony state profiteering for their Judeofascist syndicate. 

And that's exactly what they did (see HERE and HERE).

But thanks to the Internet, it all has unraveled on them. And now Howard Stern is lashing out not at Trump (he says Trump is of the exact same character as he himself is -- a lewd New York City money hustler and showman) but at his America First supporters. 

Howard Stern to Trump supporters: He hates you, and so do I

You see, Howard Stern instinctively understands the seeds of his own demise and the demise of his gang (for treason) lie in the America First movement, and he absolutely detests the people who pose a threat to exposing him. Just like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden -- who are also implicated in the Judeofascist conspiracy -- Stern considers the American people who seek to live by the Constitution and the rule of law to be "deplorable" -- by the mere fact that they're patriotic Americans, while Stern and his gang are treasonous pseudo-Americans, sociopathic war profiteers, and Israel First gangsters.

But it's too late. Howard Stern and his Judeofascist syndicate are being exposed more and more every day, the "anti-Semitic" noose grows tighter and tighter every day, and the more he (and they) struggle, the tighter the noose gets.

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime, Howard.


Anonymous said...

Listen to the Stern audio on 9-11-01. He blames the Palestinians at some point.
No Joke.

Roberto Masioni said...

I'm not too happy with Trump's sycophants, either. It's the Trump cultists who keep his base confused and complacent, and let him get away with violating his campaign promises and conservative principles.