Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Joe Biden’s [Zionist] hatred of Palestinians echoes his anti-Black racism. Clear out the Zionist virus from America, and good fruit will grow.

Joe Biden’s [Zionist] hatred of Palestinians echoes his anti-Black racism. Biden is just another front-man for the fascist Hebrews and their fake-"liberal" fifth column, as was (((Pritzker clan)))-made Obama. Fools indoctrinated in crypto-Zionist "liberalism" think Palestinian advocates can benefit from allying with welfare state minorities, who are in reality systematically dumbed down by ZOG and used as domestic tools to terrorize and intimidate the American Working and Middle Class, before eventually being thrown in jail (just as ZOG imprisons Palestinians). Corrupt fruit from a corrupt tree. Clear out the Zionist virus from America, and good fruit will grow.

The New York Times Editorial Board Is a Threat to Multicultural America. The (Hebrew-Talmudists) who run the New York Times are looking to conflict-profiteer and save their own skins by stirring an anti-white civil war in America. They sold the endless wars in the Mideast for Israel using the same sort of false history, brainwashing, propaganda and lies. Historically, Hebrews psychotics were slave brokers and slave owners who profited from the institution of slavery. Now they're looking to profit by casting themselves as anti-slavers and advocates of minorities, when in fact they're pushing America toward civil war in order to enslave everyone to (Syndicate-directed) Globalism. "Satanic" is the word historically used to describe this ilk of Hebrews.

The Anti-Semitic Origins of Magna Carta. Basic Western human rights and civil liberties laws were originally designed to protect the People from Hebrew predators, who today are again running amok. No wonder the Zionist corrupted elites are at war with Western Civilization. They want to eviscerate the rule of law which protects the People from the soulless Hebrew predators and Zionist fascists.

Rabbi Admits ‘Double Standards’ Are ‘At The Heart’ Of How Jews Live And What They Teach. Thou shalt not kill -- except if it's an "anti-life" element coming to kill a Hebrew first, says the rabbi. Hebrew grifters and fascists (conflict and war-profiteering Zionists and their soulless whores) are anti-life. Moses previously killed them. What the rabbi says makes sense if one reads his words as a subconscious call for help and desire for anti-septic sunshine to be visited once and for all upon his dark matter tribe of nihilists and misanthropes.

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