Sunday, May 24, 2020

Jimmy Dore explains to (((Jann Wenner's))) Useful Idiots how (((Bernie Sanders))) deliberately destroyed the left

Jimmy Dore of The Jimmy Dore Show joins [Rolling Stone's Useful Idiots program] to share blistering remarks about Bernie Sanders, as well as his thoughts on how the Senator and former presidential candidate hasn’t leveraged his movement to push the Democratic agenda left, especially when it comes to the CARES Act.[51:30] Note: The Hebrew grifter background of Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner and Zionist Bernie Sanders didn't come up.

Crocodile tears from (((Bill Maher))), who says his (fake) liberal gang made a mistake by attempting to impeach/extort Trump with Russiagate frame-up, whereas left-winger Michael Moore is still pretending to believe Russiagate is real. There is no principled left. The Hebrew Syndicate and its useful idiots have destroyed it. 

"Neocons mostly were critics of Donald Trump the candidate because he talked “nonsense” about ending “useless wars” but they have been trickling back into his administration since he has made it clear that he is not about to end anything and might in fact be planning to attack Iran and maybe even Venezuela. The thought of new wars, particularly against Israel’s enemy Iran, makes neocons salivate."

Soulless Globalist Jeff Bezos' Washington Post continues its propaganda for Zionist fifth columnist Bill Kristol and neocon forever-wars for Israel. Apparently treason and the Hebrew Syndicate are integral to Globalism.

Profiteering vegan grifter CEO says unionization efforts will interfere with his company's international socialist agenda to "change the world". Yet another scam leftist. 

Guard dogs kept dumbed down and on a welfare state chain for domestic terror use by Soros, Antifia, and the grifter left: Black attacks on Whites and Asians downplayed by (((MSM))) and the corrupt political class

Violent crime between Blacks and Whites is (approximately) 90% Black perp and White victim, and 10% White perp and Black victim. But that's not the picture painted by fraudsters in (((MSM))).

Why do (((MSM))) news stories avoid naming Israel?

Self-concerned Israel senses America is going down, demands U.S. taxpayers keep transferring the last of their wealth to Hebrew fascist crime state

The racist Talmudist hierarchy: light-skinned Hebrews above their darker-skinned brethren, but the "chosen" together lording over all

Rabbi: “The Entire Cash Advance Industry Is Comprised Mainly of Jews”

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