Sunday, May 31, 2020

Racist (((Antifa)))-directed mob of savage looters beats white man to near-death in Dallas, all according to the Zionist plan

Boogaloo: White Man Lynched in Dallas By Wild Negro Hate Mob, Left for Dead - Reconquista Europa.

Outrage After Far-Left Pro-BDS Group Ties Israel to Minneapolis Police Violence
The Zionists resort to standard hasbara claims of "anti-Semitism" to conceal the truthful fact that the Zionist Syndicate sent Minnesota police to Israel to train in racist (anti-goyim) "counter-terrorism" tactics. The Hebrew-Khazar crime gang keeps repeating its Zionist dogma, but only brainwashed or greedy "chosen race" stooges are listening or pretending to believe anymore.

Minnesota Using Contact Tracing to Find “White Supremacists” Behind Rioting and Looting
The libcons blame "white supremacists" for riots and looting, so Trump blames Antifa. But (((Antifa))) is just an manifestation of the political and geopolitical atmosphere created by the Marxist-Zionist-Globalist hybrid that's to blame, and its Satanic imperial agenda to Invade the world, Invite the world -- not to headquarters Israel, but to the West, in service of Zion.

Minneapolis riots are PUTIN’S PLAN, ‘Russiagate’ thought-peddlers warn.
Shilling for the serpentine Khazar-Hebrew mayor and the Zionist thugs who trained Minneapolis police, liberals and neocons return to their Russian boogeyman.

George Floyd was deliberately murdered, right on schedule to unleash race riots across America to cause even more chaos.
The corrupt and crazed libcon crime gang is at it again. But Trump the patsy just rolls over for their mayhem. Is he really an America Firster?

Internet Suspects Cops Provoking Riots as Shadowy Man in Black Caught Smashing Up Autozone.
He was trying to start a looting spree, and he succeeded.

The Shadow Over England: H.P. Lovecraft and the Conflict between Civilization and Savagery
Here's a great Lovecraft-themed story: The alien humanoid Serpents who have slowly been replacing Western civilized man for centuries begin to fight it out with the alien humanoid Apes they've brought in over the centuries for slave/cheap labor.

Neuro-Tribalism. "While the Internet is new, game-breaking revolutions in communication are not. The printing press and mass literacy doomed the old order of hereditary aristocracy and the entrenched clergy. The telegraph, railroad, radio, telephone, and finally the television made larger nation-states and larger wars possible and doomed the last trappings of the old world. The Internet makes our present aristocracy obsolete, a reality that is in the process of making itself felt. Banning and censorship were tried during previous information revolutions with much more vigor than now, but it never quite worked. There were always at least a few elites willing to defect for the chance to screw all the other elites."

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