Saturday, May 30, 2020

Racist Hebrew mayor of Minneapolis blames riots on 400 years of white racism and slavery when it was his Zionist gang behind the slave trade AND today's police brutality

jewish Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey Blames Riots on 400 Years of Racism and Slavery Jacob Frey is a jew. He will always blame White people for the actions of his tribe. For example, the trans-Atlantic slave trade was almost entirely a jewish operation, but all White people today are supposed to shoulder the blame for it, despite only 1.4% of all White Americans actually owning slaves at the height of slavery. Also, the state of Minnesota trains its police officers with israeli tactics, and even sent 100 of its officers to an israeli counterterrorism conference in 2012, but again, all police brutality must be blamed on White racism.

When the Zionist Syndicate sends your "liberal" big city police force to Israel to learn how to deal with the uppity goyim, ZOG is what you get

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd. The racist Hebrew mayor of Minneapolis is up to no good.

Why didn't the Hebrew mayor get the facts straight first? His squirming Zionist mind saw the opportunity to feed the fires of revolution against Whitey while simultaneously getting a ratings boost for his gang in (((MSM))).

NBC Beclowns Itself on Behalf of Race Rioters. Conflict-profiteering (((Roberts clan)))-owned Comcast/NBC does P.R. for the looters and rioters to keep the protests going, get higher ratings and profits for its enterprise.

This Is CNN: Violent Riots Happening Now Are Just Like The Boston Tea Party
Hebrew conspirators at (((CNN))) say rioters and looters are really patriots, fan the flames of revolution for television profits.

Do "white liberal Hillary Clinton supporters" have the virus of racism implanted in their minds by their racist (((gurus)))?

Peak Obama is peak Hebrew Syndicate-run America. Predictably, Obama scapegoats America First for the messes made by his wealthy cosmopolitan Syndicate.

Unprecedented Decline?
The U.S. is declining at warp speed because of the Zionist-instigated race war on Whites and Christians.

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