Saturday, June 20, 2020

Even though they don't want to, Syndicate (fake) liberals have been forced into public stance against their Judeofascist brethren of Israel

Annexation turns Israel lobby against Israeli gov’t (Peace Now chair says ‘it’s been de facto apartheid for a long time’)
Saban’s role shows that the center and left branches of the Israel lobby don’t like what the far-rightwing is doing. It’s Saban versus Sheldon Adelson, two megadonors who have worked together for Israel often, joining Republicans and Democrats in blissful harmony.

Sens. Schumer, Menendez, Cardin issue joint statement cautioning Israel against annexation

British Prime MInister Johnson objects to Israeli sovereignty plans

The Hebrew Syndicate has rigged American laws against Americans (and everyone else)
And one might well ask if the [terrorist] legislation can be used against Israel, with American citizens killed by the Israelis (Rachel Corrie, Furkan Dogan) being able to sue the Jewish state’s government for compensation and damages. Nope. U.S. courts have ruled in similar cases that Israel’s army and police are not terrorist organizations, nor do they materially support terrorists, so the United States’ judicial system has no jurisdiction to try them. That result should surprise no one as the legislation was designed to specifically target Muslims and Muslim groups.

'42 Knees in One Day': Israeli Snipers Open Up About Shooting Gaza Protesters

ZOG introduces bill in Congress to stop Trump from removing troops from Germany

Slowly unmasking itself since WW2, ZOG-hijacked America can now be seen as the ugly, genocidal, misanthropic face of ZOG itself

Liberal snake Hillary defies calculating Marxists Sanders and AOC to endorse racist Syndicate member ((( Elliot Engel))) over black man

The cult of the Golden Calf: A list of (ZOG) corporations attempting to start a race war in America

After the 9/11 inside job, the Patriot Act gave the Federal Reserve its own private police department as part of a vast surveillance center designed to protect the Golden Calf and its privileged banker class

(((Hollywood))) stirring a race war: Zionist Weinstein’s ‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites

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