Monday, June 22, 2020

Zionist John Bolton's beef with ex-boss Trump is that he refused to start WW3 against Iran for Israel. This proves Trump doesn't have principles and is unqualified to lead, claims the deluded neocon fanatic who helped sell Bush's Iraq war.

Trump’s Refusal to Bomb Iran ‘Disproves’ Bolton’s Memoir, His Ex-Chief of Staff Says

Believing themselves entitled to entire West Bank, mentally ill Jews protest Trump's Middle East peace plan. (Have they unleashed their fake-liberal fifth column upon America for rejecting their "chosen" delusions of entitlement?)

Man Banned from Zionist Corporation Airbnb Over Email Criticizing Company's Support for Race Riots

Powerful divide and rule (((Syndicate))) doing their ZOG worst: Black man on "liberal" Reddit says Netflix, Hollywood, etc. are using platforms to systematically orchestrate a race war, pitting blacks and whites against each other. Promptly gets censored.

Neoliberal operative for kosher Obama, (((Victoria Nuland))) is grinding axes against Putin again, gearing up for a kosher Biden presidency

Establishment Jewish groups’ faux support for anti-racism

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