Saturday, June 27, 2020

Trump Unloads on Neocon/Zionist Operative Bolton After Bolton Unloads on Trump

Trump Unloads on Neocon/Zionist Operative Bolton After Bolton Unloads on Trump

The Fall of Racial Zionist Eliot Engel: Israel-Firster Defeated in Congressional Primary

The Chosen/Persecuted two-step: Zionist whine they're on the cusp of wandering again, but this time blame the left-wing of their parasitic tribe in effort to bring them into Judeofascist fold

In a bid for Jewish bucks, President Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor and current Biden campaign senior advisor recently described how Obama and Biden assisted Israel's 2014 massacre of Gaza

After consulting with the wealthy (((Marxist))) brain trust that programmed him, left-wing true believer Roger Waters walks back his truthful but "anti-Semitic" rant about Israel and Zionist Jews in order to preserve the larger Globlist Jew cause

Moneychangers/Zionists (Soros et al) distribute "Antifa Manual" as new manifesto. It's a racist, anti-white, doctrine. They need to knock off the last line of defense for the Western middle class.

Jews Behind Corrupt Supreme Court Green Light For Corporations To Steal From Pensioners

Antifa is the most fascist organization around today. Not surprisingly, they're backed by Judeofascists.

Sanctioned by their twisted Talmud, 40% of Jewish households across America owned slaves

Weaponizing the Golem, (((MSM))) behind abuse and slaughter of whites

He found out he's Soros-controlled opposition? Enraged, out-of-control Golem destroys BLM camp at CHAZ

In Bid To Control Blacks, Ambitious Marxist Chameleon Ocasio-Cortez, Who Once Claimed Jewish Ancestry, Now Says She’s ‘Black’

Historians will understand that the US failed because all major political and cultural factions embraced the bipolar and schizophrenic Chosen/Persecuted identity formulated by mentally ill Jews and their "elite" stooges, consigning their fate to deranged Marxist, Capitalist and Zionist rabbis

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