Friday, July 24, 2020

Are Israel and Ghislaine Maxwell extorting compromised Trump?

Are Israel and Ghislaine Maxwell extorting compromised Trump?

A strong leader would shut down the Jewish-owned Fed, crush Zionist terrorists Antifa

Aging "liberal" Jewish propagandist Thomas Friedman is still concealing Judeofascist terror for The New York Times

Jewish Founders Of New York Times Were Slaveowners, Even Traded In Minors

Why is BLM and PANTIFA Going after Whites While Letting the Racist TBTF (((Banks))) Slide?

Watch the Serpent within the left: During Chicago protest, (((Soros))) black block "platoon" maneuvers into place with weapons under cover of umbrellas, attacks police defending Chicago statue

Under no conditions will Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot allow President Trump’s ‘troops’ to terrorize Soros' Zionist Antifa terrorist platoons

Zionist-corrupted Democrats have adopted the Jewish play book: declare any and all law and order forces "Nazis" and "Gestapo"

Dodd-(((Frank))) is 10-years-old-today and the Fed is back to bailing out Wall Street

Life in Racist-Marxist Israel... er... America: Fascist group Antifa, a federally declared terrorist group, along with the Democratic-aligned Marxist group Black Lives Matter, have made Portland a hellscape for the law-abiding citizens who live there

Rote hasbara: Jewish pedophile Alan Dershowitz trots out threadbare "anti-Semitism" charges against Epstein victims

Marxist-Zionist 101 Playbook: How 2 Defeat a Nation from Within

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