Sunday, August 09, 2020

How Jews used their cohesive ethnic network to infiltrate liberal, egalitarian and greedy elements of WASP America, and put them to use for the inhuman Marxist-Zionist agenda

How Jews used their cohesive ethnic network to infiltrate liberal and money-worshiping elements of WASP America, and put them to use for the inhuman Marxist-Zionist agenda

Jewish Democrat war criminal Madeline Albright epitomizes the blatant Zionist hypocrisy and artifice of the neo-American establishment

Jewish Dem mayor of Phoenix tries to cast herself as non-partisan, but can't hide her sneering, racist-Zionist condescension toward Trump's white and America First base

Despite acrimony, Republican rivals Loeffler and Collins walk in virtual lockstep on Israel, in a contest over who can belly crawl the lowest for Jewish money

Angry racist Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden lashes out at black reporter who innocently asked if he'd taken a cognitive test: "Are you a junkie?"

Joe Biden's hawkish national security staff questioned by Bernie Sanders supporters, but not cowardly Jew Sanders himself. He's keeping his mouth shut out of loyalty to the Marxist-Zionist agenda.

Wealthy Jewish agitators in control of MSM have divided the country: Nearly 9 in 10 Americans see high or medium level of media bias. 84 percent blame the media for political divisions in the country.

Deep State Jew Andrew Weissman has two anti-Trump admin articles in two top Zionist propaganda outlets -- The New York Times and The Atlantic.

Trump names wealthy "middlemen" who don't contribute to the economy, but exist on it as parasites, as his mortal enemy

Jewish criminal Elliot Abrams named special envoy to Iran, raising the risk that Zionists will provoke Trump into conflict for Israel

Zionist neocon John Bolton says contrary to Trump, he wanted to "overthrow" Iran (to keep bully Israel as the only nuclear power in Mideast?)

Eighteen of 20 members of Facebook's "fact check" board are tied to groups that have received funding from (((George Soros’))) Open Society Foundation – one of the richest and most influential Marxist-Zionist "progressive" organizations in the country

Facebook announces that it has permanently banned French comedian and convicted anti-Zionist Dieudonné from both Facebook and Instagram for posting content mocking Holocaust(tm) victims and for using “dehumanizing terms against Jews"

How (((Jeffrey Epstein's))) accomplice (((Ghislaine Maxwell))) and other predatory "modeling industry" interests seduce desperate girls into high level prostitution

Fake narratives and fake people run rampant in crass and shallow (((Hollywood)))

Reopening Gay Sex Clubs Will Spur San Francisco’s Economic Recovery, Says Gay Jewish Supervisor. Besides, gay fanatics might commit suicide if denied the right to practice their ancient deviancy.

Do hundreds of UN Resolutions prove the United Nations has an anti-Israel bias as Zionists claim, or is the Jewish state really an outlaw state?

Israel Told Lebanon it Would Destroy its Infrastructure.

Israel's schizophrenic response to the Beirut explosion implies Jewish guilt

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