Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Kamala Harris, mobbed up with ((Soros)) and other assorted satanic jews (and married to one) has plans for wholesale destruction

Kamala Harris, mobbed up with ((Soros)) and other assorted satanic jews (and married to one), has plans for wholesale destruction

Corrupt-liberals outraged by AOC's "fundamental disrespect for Israel." Biden campaign calls her anti-zionism "problematic" for the racist Dem hierarchy.

Accepting Israeli prize in 2018, zionist racist ((RBG)) never mentioned Palestinians

Attempting to fabricate another lying zionist narrative, violent jewish fanatic Bette Midler tells Biden to kick Trump in his nuts “for the 200,000 people he murdered”

jews are trying to normalize their culture of pedophilia by claiming it's "nazi" to oppose it.

One Billion Americans—or One Billion Consumers? ((Matt Yglesias)) wants to inflate the collapsing jewish Ponzi scheme of "American" consumers by flooding the country with 700 million foreigners who will take America's shrinking jobs for even less pay.

Liberal establishment's "Education to End Hate," just like the Democrat Party, is a racist jewish-zionist front

Zionists working diligently to bring about regime change in countries like Iran, Syria and Venezuela, but will they themselves become "victims" of anti-Satanic regime change?

Seth Rich, Julien Assange, and the truth about zionism -- all victims of the jewish rackets and the corruption of official Washington

Leaks show Russian-jewish Chelsea Football Club owner ((Roman Abramovich)) funded racist Israeli settler group

Pro: Tucker Carlson is jew-wise, which is why they want him gone

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