Saturday, October 03, 2020

Trump confirms U.S. not in Mideast for oil, but for Israel

Top Dem donor ((Haim Saban)) may hate Trump, but he praises tribesman ((Jared Kushner)) because “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel” and jewish supremacy

Did top Dems just lose AOC and Hispanic Catholics? The jewish-dominated Democrat Party hierarchy freaks out over Ocasio-Cortez's disrespect of jewish war criminal Yitzhak Rabin.

In True Zionist Fashion, Jewish Actor Jason Isaacs Says People Who Don’t Wear Masks Properly Should Be ‘Hanging in the Streets’

Philo-semite Martine Luther, the founder of Protestantism, became anti-semitic when he found out the truth about the jewish occult and the anti-Christ Talmud

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