Thursday, February 18, 2021

Former Obama Deputy Secretary Ben Rhodes outs Zionist fifth column and its control of MSM

Former Obama Deputy Secretary Ben Rhodes outs Zionist fifth column and its control of MSM

Jews can relax. ‘NY Times’ and ‘Washington Post’ have still said nothing about B’Tselem’s finding a month ago that Israel is an ‘apartheid regime.’ So their dirty little secret is safe, thanks to Zionist control of MSM.

Trump went around Palestinians to get UAE, Bahrain in accord with Israel in Judeofascist war against Iran

Torture of Palestinian prisoners: Time to end Israel’s Judeofascist impunity

Zionists gripe that their "Holocaust" scam has been turned against them by other "liberal" grifters

20 Judeofascists Connected To Israeli Defense Industry Arrested For Secretly Developing Kamikaze Suicide Drones For Asia

"We're not even allowed to talk about the people that are ruling over us."

The Guardian Revealed Its True Face in Sacking a Columnist for Criticising US Military Aid to Israel

Biden admin and Jews escalate war in Syria

Biden Installs Jewish Lawyer Cass Sunstein, Who’s Linked to Jewish Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, As Senior DHS Counselor, To Shape Immigration Policy

‘Allen v. Farrow’ Is a Horrifying Indictment of Jewish Pedophile Woody Allen

Zionist academic demands others designate criticis of Israel anti-Semitic "going to hell"

Ratty Creep Fauci Given $1 Million Prize from Israel for Justifying Talmudic Tyranny


Tiffany Cohen Blunt said...

They attack civilians. They target civilian planes.

They buy up the farms of various countries then mass starve humanity such as holodomors and currently Yemen. They control all world governments. They own UN, central banks, all the companies.

They inflate the prices of products and within few years people can't afford basic stuff.

They loan money to gullible people such as students who can't pay back the debts due to compounding interest, usury. Such people spend their entire lives trying to get rid of the debt but it's impossible.

Similarly through JewMF they loan countries money to enslave them under debt they cannot repay.

Only God knows what else they do behind the scenes.

Since they own the central banks, they can print money whenever they want. This is blatant cheating.

Hence they are able to buy all successful companies of the world.

All the hard assets. Gold. Silver. Oil. Resources. Water. Everything.

They manipulate the currencies of the countries. That is why enemy countries of Israel and jews such as Iran and Venezuela Zimbabwe have worthless currencies. This can be prevented by not trading your currency on the international market. Local economy only.

I Prophet Muhammad reincarnated who is now semiliterate in this life can go on and on about these bani Israelis, the most evil and criminal nation in human history,...

But I don't want to waste my time and energy on these miserable and accursed people.

Let God deal with them on judgment day of which there is no doubt.

I'll personally question each and every jew individually. It will take 100,000 years of intense questioning in front of God.

For each and every gentile child killed by these jews, they'll be punished.

All the crimes each jew ever did.

Tiffany Cohen Blunt said...

And each time the jews used to commit crimes on earth, each successive generation, We used to punish them in this very world they were so greedy for.

Until they exceeded all limits nearing the Day of Judgment, the Last Day, of which there is no doubt, a terrible day for unbelievers, We punished them finally like no other nation was ever punished before. And they never fooled Us once when they outwardly pretended to worship Us, but in their secret councils they used to serve the devils.

Many of them sold their wretched souls for this world, this transient life, this world that was never going to be theirs, an illusion, a mirage in the desert, chased only by foolish unbelievers, thus earning eternal damnation as their reward for their lives spent commiting crimes.

Surah Bani Israel 66.98-

Anonymous said...


Great article, Sir. I recommend another one:


Read the above author's shocking conclusion that Judaism, Jew, Israel all collapse like a house of cards. .