Sunday, May 30, 2021

Nick Fuentes: Israel First is the problem

Congenitally treacherous and cowardly Jews predictably turn on their own: ‘NYT’ runs an op-ed justifying violent resistance, and some Zionists abandon p.r. duties

All over but the shouting: Fox News neocon-neolib propagandists ((Geraldo Rivera)), Dan Bongino and Sean Hannity in screaming match over failed, Zionist-instigated "War On Terror" as Geraldo feigns a conscience

Disgraced Judeofascist 5th Column urged to keep low profile for safety: Aaron Keyak, Jewish Engagement Director at Biden for President, said Friday, “take off your kippah (head covering) and hide your magen david (star of David)”

A Jewish question: Why is today's rabbinic leadership no better than a criminal Zionist conspiracy?

Perpetual Israeli state terror: Biden regime is as one-sided in favor of Judeofascists as was its predecessor

Zionist Propagandist ADL Says Judeofascists Aren't Aggressors But Victims, anti-Semitic Attacks In America Are 'Like a Charlottesville Every Day'

Hey, Hypocritical, "BLM!"-Shrieking Washington Establishment: Do Palestinian Lives Matter?

Biden's slew of conspiratorial and mentally ill Jews running the country into the ground

Having spent months propagandizing the Big Lie, ((Zuckerberg's)) Facebook backs off disputing novel Coronavirus conspiracy

The legend who outlasted Soviet Communism concluded that Jews were primarily responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution

Shysters stick together: 16 global law firms denounce "anti-Semitism" following Zionist attacks on innocent Gazans

Gatekeeper Jews like Bernie Sanders make the groveling, establishment left apologize for anti-Zionism

Trump, Netanyahu and cultural Marxist Bernie Sanders are all on the same Zionist team. Bernie just works for less filthy lucre.

Arch Deep State fixer ((Philip Zelikow)) -- former Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission whitewash -- will be chairing the COVID whitewash

Backward, stagnant, caste system ideologies: What are the parallels between India's Brahminic Nationalism and Diaspora Zionism in the West?

Video: Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Into the US Is #1 On Their Agenda and pretend their greedy, soulless Globalism is for the poor "immigrants"

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