Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Biden's CIA, FBI unofficially merge with Zionist ADL to wage war against "white supremacy"

Confused Zion idealist ((John Cusack)) loves the American golem that fought Germans for Imperial ZOG in WW2, but doesn't like reality of the ZOG NWO

Their tactics show the Left-establishment is led by racist kosher-fascists masquerading as "progressives"

Left-grifter ((Anna Kasparian)) tries to blackmail Jimmy Dore, flips off Aaron Mate in a warmongering, anti-Syrian rage

The Israel Fellow for Carnegie Mellon Hillel flew into a Jewish rage when two Muslim student leaders refused to endorse a propaganda-filled "fact finding" trip to Israel. 

Left-grifter attorney ((Roberta Kaplan)) convinces clients not to sue police for Charlottesville stand down that allowed ZOG to frame "white supremacists"

Gay Jewish neocon operative ((Milo Yiannopoulos)) has reinvented himself as a misogynistic "Christian"

"Progressive" and "liberal" US Jewish groups are hyping racist Naftali Bennett's Judeofascist regime as a vast change from racist Netanyahu's Judeofascist regime

Ratty Old Jew Jon Stewart ((Leibowitz)) Shills Wuhan Lab Theory on Steven Colbert Show

Judeofascists rule Black Hebrew Israelites "not Jewish," plan racial expulsion

Subversive Illinois Governor ((Pritzker)) weaponizes criminals, uses Jewish bureaucratic tricks to appoint double-homicide convict to Prisoner Review Board

Zionist puppet Cuomo blacklists those who stand with Palestine

Germany Bans Hamas Flag to Protect the Fragile Emotions of Jew Snowflakes

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