Saturday, June 26, 2021

Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon

Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon

American Jewish Congress Wants Gab Shut Down

((Sunstein)) Agents Walk Among Us Still

From left to right, Jewish fanatics use assassination plots as a means to international Zionist ends

ZOG: "Progressive" Manchin joins with "conservative" Rubio to reintroduce bill allowing states to crack down on anti-Zionist movement

Dems act like change in leadership of Israel is a watershed moment. It's just another chapter of the treasonous Zionist agenda to back Judeofascism over Americanism.

True American moderates can't be fooled or divided by "white supremacist" or "communist" accusations; they want the extremist [Zionist] establishment OUT! GONE! FINA!

Not only did new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett say “I’ve killed many Arabs in my life, and there’s no problem with that,” but it was actually even worse than that

Anti-Zionist French General Under Investigation for “Anti-Semitism” Because He Said a “Community” Controls the Media

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