Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Christian and Western Humanism vs. Imperial ZOG Techno Humanism

Christian and Western Humanism vs. Imperial ZOG Techno Humanism

Jews Send Robots With Machine Guns to the Gaza Border

Having sucked California dry, the ((Merchants)) of Venice Beach pick over the carcass

Adolph Hitler collaborated with Zionists in the Transfer Agreement, apparently believing the founding of Israel would end the ((Jewish)) problem.

Five Palestinians have been killed protesting illegal settlement — but ‘NYT’ sells Zion fantasy, covers ‘gentle stream’ in nearby kibbutz.

Ex-Jew Brother Nathanael talks about how ((Jews)) brainwash their young to keep them in Zion state of mind

Chief rabbi brags about Zionist scheme wreck the morals and ethics of West so Israel can rule the world from Jerusalem. But do ((Globohomo)) sociopaths doing the wrecking have other plans?

"Your Show's F*cking Terrible!": Joe Rogan Destroys CNN propagandist ((Brian Stelter)) In Podcast Rant

David Irving exposes the drunken character of the "great hero" Winston Churchill, who was absolutely wasted throughout much of Liberal-Imperial ZOG's war for the world

((Globalist)) infiltrators operate using secrecy, propaganda, sabotage of democracy 

After pressure from pro-Israel group, Scientific American removes health care workers’ op-ed calling for boycott

Liberal-ZOG propagandist ((Seth Meyers)) crossed the line from ridicule to spreading lies in accusing Americans of institutional racism

Jewish grifter Bari Weiss claims her Zion racket transcends all

As Judeofascists slaughter Gaza, "progressive" ((Jews)) whine of feeling "lonely" and alienated from the outraged left, which less and less falls for their victim shtick

Overseen by ((Merrick Garland)): FBI tearing New Yorker's life to shreds for attending Jan. 6 Trump rally

Young Turks are propagandists for ((Zuckerberg)) and ZOG wars

Biden's Lawless Bombing of Iraq and Syria Only Serves Imperial ZOG, Which is Funding Both Parties

Lawless America: ((George Soros)) Funded Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Two Involved In Austin Mass Shooting, Third Suspect Remains At Large

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