Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Desperate to Conceal Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden's worship of Israel: Media Release 'Fact Checks' On InfoLib Article Highlighting Biden Kneeling Before Israeli Prez

Trump said a "group of people that no one is able to figure out" is running Biden, and "they're destroying the country." He should know. ((Jared Kushner)) is one of ((them)). So is Trump's interviewer, ((Michael Savage)).

Why did the Israel First ((mainstream media)) ignore Trump’s efforts to attack Iran after he lost?

Nick Fuentes Banned From Twitter After ((ADL)), SPLC Hit Pieces

Facebook Rolls Out New Program to ‘Protect’ You from ‘Extremism’ (Non-Kosher Content)

Degenerate ((Jews)) at Disney continue indoctrination of your children into sick, sadomasochistic way of life

“Trans” Is Bankrolled By Three Degenerate ((Jewish)) Billionaires

((Jews)) seek to destroy a highly credentialed expert who has exposed the fraudulence of the fake pandemic and their deadly vaccines as an "anti-Semite"

The organized ((Jewish)) blackmail racket targets politicos, celebrities, billionaire influencers: ((Epstein)) was just one Zionist gangster of many doing the blackmailing

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