Sunday, July 25, 2021

Pandemic Of The VAXXINATED: ((Jewish)) Big Pharma is lying about its kill shots. The bigger the lie, the more goys will die.

From White slavery to using human beings as medical Guinee pigs, racist and misanthropic ((Jewish)) abuse of humanity has been raging for centuries, yet somehow they keep getting away with mass murder

CA Rep Ro Khanna praises neocon warmonger ((Bill Kristol)), shattering myth of "progressive Dems"

((Jewish)) media insists on its victimhood while celebrating slaughter

US Attorney General ((Merrick Garland's)) daughter receives one of the most lucrative gigs a young lawyer can get: Supreme Court clerkship offered by ((Elana Kagan))

Zionists made 9/11 a symbol for the war against Islam. Now they're using Jan 6 as a symbol for the war against America.

Numerous procurers and perpetrators integral to ((Epstein)) and ((Ghislane Maxwell’s)) crimes against children have not been indicted, and current officials are finding new ways to obfuscate the sordid truth

Kurt Cobain, a victim of ((Jewish)) predators and his own fragile p.c. moral vanity

The billionaire ((Resniks)) have parlayed their "progressive" pose into a water-guzzling, California crop empire

America’s Largest ‘Farmers’ Are ((Jews)) Who Never Farmed a Day in Their Lives

Daryl Zanuck's "The House of Rothschild" unintentionally anti-Semitic propaganda? (Or Zanuck's revenge against greedy, domineering ((Warner)) brothers?)

LGBTQ Pride Month: Oy Vey, Why Are So Many ((Jews)) Gay? (Their Talmudist and Globalist rabbis did it.)

The ((Jewish)) Homosexual Who Upended Canada’s Green Party for Zionism

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