Tuesday, February 08, 2022

The Only Way to Understand the Ukrainian Crisis Is by Placing Jewish Supremacist Power at the Front and Center of the Discussion

Israel First ((neocons)) working with Biden seek to lie America into war for Ukraine as payback against Putin for interfering with Judeofascist agenda in the Mideast

((ADL))Teaching Schoolchildren Only White People Can Be Racist. Not a word about "Chosen Race" Judeofascists.

Whoopi Goldberg forced to apologize and kiss the Zionist ring, state that "Holocaust" was Nazis targeting Chosen Race

ADL’s ((Jew)) propagandist Jonathan Greenblatt: supporters of Palestine = ISIS

Pfizer Chief and Vax Pusher ((Albert Bourla)) Wins $1 Million Israeli Genesis Payoff

Free to Cheat: “Jewish Emancipation” and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood, Part 1. The ((Jewish)) corrupted British Empire was the first to capitulate to the Zionist onslaught and the endless world wars that have inevitably followed

Is Washington Under ((Alien)) Control?

Jewface and the White Under-Race: Having used up Whites, ((Jews)) now target Browns and Blacks for their Chosen Race grace

The Ruling Elites and the Governments They Control Have Shown Conclusively that They Are Against Us, the People

ZOG rules: 'States of Emergency' helps us come to terms with the fact that we are ruled by people devoid of integrity to whom truth is an inconvenience and who are concerned solely with their control and power

Paul Craig Roberts on 9/11 to the murderous Covid "vaccines" to the slide into totalitarianism: "It's very difficult for people to speak the truth, because of the power of the Narratives, and how they are enforced" by corrupt money and government.

The "Conspiracy Theory" is Real. We Are All Ensnared in the Elite’s Web.

Biden Admin Top DHS Official ((Samantha Vinograd)): Americans Trying to Preserve Their Heritage "Makes Me Sick" and Reminds Her of Hitler

Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden's ((Jews)) Are Coming For You, America

Professor ((Stephan Kershnar)) Brings Talmud Values to Academia: Sex With ‘Willing’ Children Is Not Wrong, There Are ‘Evolutionary Advantages’ To Pedophilia, Oral Sex Performed on Babies is Kosher.

((Zuckerbot's)) Facebook Bans American Trucker 'Convoy to DC 2022' Page With 139,000 Followers

Ronald Reagan’s political career was the creation of ((Lew Wasserman)), the ((Jewish)) kingmaker and head of MCA who had deep ties to organized crime

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