Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Trump and the ((Jews)) push the vax. Biden and the ((Jews)) push the vax and civil war.

Trump and the ((Jews)) push the vax. Biden and the ((Jews)) push the vax and civil war.

Nick Fuentes: Conservative movement full of sexually degenerate ((Jews)) posing as conservatives. It's never going to save America.

Americans are already in a revolution. It's just not a violent one.

Dangerous, absurdly hypocritical ((Antony Blinken)) has a long track record as a madman, and a gun at the worlds head, but claims to be its best friend

Stiff-necked jackass ((Tom Friedman)) preaches nonstop Zionist propaganda to conceal Judeofascist racism from his NY Times pulpit -- for decades

ZOG cleared Ashli Babbit's cop assassin inside the US Capitol without a single interview 

ZOG's Great ((Epstein)) Cover-up, Part 2

There’s a News Blackout on the Fed’s Naming of the Banks that Got Its Emergency Repo Loans; Some Journalists Appear to Be Under Gag Orders

"Holocaust" entirely ((Jewish)) projection? Mobile ‘Gas Vans’ Not Invented By ‘Nazis’ But By Communist Jew Isai Berg To Mass Murder Ukrainians During Holomodor

Zionist Dems use a "racist Jim Crow relic" to aid Vladimir Putin? What devious hypocrites, propagandists, and unhinged conspiracy theorists -- everything they accuse opponents of being

Democrats will readily criticize Trump about virtually anything, but good luck getting them to utter a critical word about the Zionist-named 'Abraham Accords.' In fact, the Biden administration has pledged to “expand” them.

Anyone who calls himself a “Christian Zionist” is actually an “Anti-Christ Christian”

Projection, once again: ((Jewish)) media constantly reminds white people that they are racist scum

Zoglodyte Claims That Russia Is Planning “False Flag” in the Ukraine

Don't get Zionist Steve Bannon's GETTR. They've already censored "anti-Semite" Nick Fuentes.

Politically correct social media are destroying their platforms by bending over backwards to ban "anti-Semitism." But they have to because they're all ((Jew)) lackeys/Zionists.

How and why ((Jews)) destroy wherever they settle

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