Friday, August 04, 2023

WEF and Zionist reptiles ((Schwab, Harari)) direct S. African gorilla golem Malema: "kill the White farmer" as part of climate lockdown agenda

Klaus Schwab’s Daughter Threatens Humanity: ‘Permanent Lockdowns Coming – Whether You Like It Or Not’ 

...The Dutch example shows us how disastrous farmland seizures can be for a society. But when we look further afield to South Africa, the example becomes even more chilling.

Here is socialist leader Julius Malemas of the WEF-backed Economic Freedom Fighters celebrating 10 years of the EFF this week by leading his supporters in a song and dance about killing white people and seizing their farms.

“Kill the boer,” he says, referring to white people. “Kill the farmer.”

This is the future according to Klaus Schwab’s WEF. Stadiums full of hardcore socialists chanting about killing white people and farmers while the rest of us are herded into 15 minute cities.

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