Sunday, March 03, 2024

Israel's war on Gaza and global jewish corruption and warmongering demonstrate the humanitarian requirement of antisemtism

The Primacy of Anti-Semitism

AS I WRITE these words, the death toll in the Gaza massacre (not “war”) has surpassed 28,000, of whom some 70% are women and children. As I write these words, nothing has evidently changed in Jewish attitudes: Roughly 80% of American Jews and 95% of Israeli Jews are satisfied with the brutal assault.1 As I write these words, nothing has deterred the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish attitude of the Biden administration or of the so-called leaders in Europe — Ursula von der Leyen, Roberta Metsola, Jens Stoltenberg, Olaf Scholz — as they offer all possible aid and assistance to the criminal Jewish state. These facts are extremely telling, but are unsurprising for those who have long studied the Jewish Question.

Confronted with the stark reality of Gaza, we must be clear and explicit. We must state the obvious: Israel’s actions are crimes against humanity, out of any proportion to the Hamas attack that nominally instigated it. As a resistance movement to a 75-year-long occupying power, Hamas is legitimate in its use of force against Israelis. All those around the world who aid and comfort the Israeli government are themselves criminals and must be held accountable; this includes Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and virtually every national leader in Europe. Those who refuse to speak up and condemn Israeli atrocities are moral cowards, concerned more about their personal status and personal well-being than mass human suffering. Such people, especially those in positions of influence, should be identified, labeled, shunned, and punished by the appropriate court of law.

And it’s not just Palestine. Jewish malfeasance around the world seems worse than ever, and with far greater consequences. Whether it is a pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, a crypto fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried, a war-mongering Chuck Schumer, a Jewish lunatic named Volodymyr Zelensky destroying the nation of Ukraine, or any number of Jewish billionaires who have used their money to corrupt politicians of all parties and all nations — enough is enough. The time has come to take an unambiguous anti-Jewish stance. The stakes are simply too high.

In fact, I will go out on a limb and assert here that the vast majority of social problems in America, in Europe, and in the West, are primarily (though not solely) due to Jewish manipulation and corruption. Things are disintegrating on several fronts around the world: war, migration, economic gyrations, physical and mental illness, environmental degradation, overpopulation, runaway technology. When things go badly, those in charge must take the blame. And in the West, those in charge, those who have the most leverage and the greatest control, are predominantly Jews. This is my thesis; it is well-grounded by empirical evidence...

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