Sunday, March 10, 2024

Judeofascist Netanyahu's gambit worked, and Israel Firster Trump is back in the game against Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden

A Total Reevaluation of the 2024 Election

...Before the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, and the ensuing Israeli response, there was no reason to believe the people with the power to rig elections would want Trump back in office. Now, there is a big reason to believe that: Trump is a diehard Israel supporter. Although he had said little about the ongoing situation in Gaza (presumably because it is so unpopular, even with Republicans), on Tuesday he told Fox News Israel should “finish the job,” suggesting full support for everything the IDF is doing in Gaza.

What is the job that needs to be finished, Donald? Killing the rest of the kids in Gaza? Invading southern Lebanon, ostensibly to “create a buffer” against Hezbollah rockets that are hitting northern Israel? Wiping out the Houthis? Invasions of Iraq and Syria? An invasion of Iran?

Whatever it is, it’s a big job. And it is certainly not an “America First” job. Virtually no one in America wants a region-wide war in the Middle East, and the people who do want it are too stupid to understand the implications.

Israel has an incredible sway over America’s foreign and domestic policy through all sorts of mechanisms. The biggest mechanism is obviously just money; the Jewish lobby just pays politicians. But we should also consider that the presumed Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail ring was almost certainly just one of many Israeli intelligence operations designed to control powerful people in the US. There are many reasons to believe that the Israelis and their American supporters would be able to engineer a Trump election victory in 2024 if they believed it benefited them. I think at this point, given the problems that Biden is facing, and this signaling from Trump, it is very easy to assume that the entire Israeli government wants Trump 2024.

Donald Trump is not stupid. He understands everything stated above about the nature of the election fraud system. What he is doing is appealing to the Jews to allow him to become president again in exchange for full support of their agenda in the region. What that support would entail is not calculable. The overwhelming majority – probably more than 95% – of white males who would be useful to the US military (young, intelligent, fit, competent, brave) are devoted Trump supporters, and if he called on them to fight a war with Iran, there would be lines out of the military recruitment centers stretching around the block. Trump has a special leadership quality that masculine men are magnetically drawn to, and this gives him the ability to command his young millions to fight a war. This is primal, an atavistic element of male psychology. Very few of these young men will consider the implications.

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