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Longstanding openly racist Marty Peretz' Judeofascist propaganda organ The New Republic: a mainstay of American left-liberalism for decades

The Problem With Peretz

(The Nation) -- by Eric Alterman --

...For roughly thirty years, I've been a crank on the issue of Marty Peretz. It began when I first picked up a copy of The New Republic in my college library expecting to find a cerebral liberal guide to American politics and discovered a nasty neoconservative one instead. In those days—the early 1980s—Peretz inaugurated the magazine's now thirty-year tradition of employing some of America's most talented liberal writers to provide a patina of legitimacy to the aggressive wars and constitutional subversion undertaken by the likes of Ronald Reagan and, later, George W. Bush. The famous phrase "Even the liberal New Republic..." perfectly illustrates the phenomenon whereby the magazine sought to marginalize liberal arguments in the face of the "tough-minded" TNR hawks. A second, related theme of Peretz's period of ownership has been the vicious smearing of anyone who criticizes any action undertaken by Israel for any reason. Frank Mankiewicz's famous witticism that TNR became "a Jewish Commentary" proved just as painful as it was funny.

Revealed over time in the form of an unedited blog, Peretz's obsession with Israel's critics morphed into purposeful hatemongering à la Beck and Limbaugh. It's aimed primarily at Arabs and Muslims, though to be fair, he is not so enamored of blacks or Hispanics, either. That this venom was published by a magazine understood to represent liberalism in general, and American Jewish liberalism in particular, is what turned me into a crank on the question, since these happen to be my passions as well. I did not appreciate the implication that my values were somehow represented by his racist hatred. I'm hardly alone in this. As the young crank Matt Yglesias noted, he too has been bothered for years "that a well-respected DC publication that employs a number of skilled journalists has a bigot at the top of its masthead." But he's found that "pointing this out has done far more to prompt journalists to get annoyed at me than to get annoyed at Peretz or his employees. Basically it's considered rude to draw attention to the guy."

Well, the Marty Peretz crisis is finally upon us. The confluence of events responsible involves the fiftieth anniversary of Harvard's social studies program—where Peretz has long been an instructor—and the launch of an undergraduate research fund named in his honor. (The university already enjoys having Ruth Wisse as the Martin Peretz Professor of Yiddish Literature.) Just before he was to speak at the honorary luncheon, however, Peretz mused on his blog that "frankly, Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims," who, he averred, were "[un]worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment." That's when all hell broke loose...

As long as nobody mentioned Peretz's habitual hysteria, no one needed to face up to the complex moral calculus in working for, and publishing in, a magazine that offered a daily dose of legitimacy to such views. As a Peretz crank, I must admit that this is one "crisis" I welcome. But I also wonder: how many liberals will join The Atlantic's James Fallows in announcing, loudly and clearly, of Marty Peretz: "He does not speak for us."...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Given that The New Republic has been a Judeofascist organ for decades, and it's no secret that Marty Peretz is a nakedly Jewish supremacist bigot, and dozens of mainstream liberal writers over the years have passed through the doors of The New Republic and been indoctrinated there, and never issued a public word of complaint or condemnation until recently, does that mean Marty Peretz is a fraudulent left-liberal, or does that mean the entirety of left-liberalism is itself fraudulently "humanitarian," simply using its rhetoric of "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" as a device to enlist adherents into leviathan and the left-liberal Establishment, and put them to work on the Judeofascist agenda?

I've asked this same question before of communism and socialism in general (in both their American and European forms), and essentially answered the question here. In fact, it seems Marty Peretz may well simply be a modern day incarnation of one of the racist Judeofascist founding fathers of communism and socialism, Moses Hess:
Perhaps no one better personifies this axis of leftist thought, Jewish exceptionalism, and a vision of authoritarian imposition of Jewish messianicism than Moses Hess, an early Jewish socialist who was a 19th Century precursor to the Jewish Bolsheviks. A compatriot of, and tremendous influence upon, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels -- whose ideas became the basis of Communism and socialism through The Communist Manifesto and other seminal leftist writings (a basis that remains to this day) -- Hess was a pioneer of socialism who also became a Zionist socialist obsessed with “the race struggle” between ethnic nations for predomination...

As an important forerunner not only to Jewish Bolshevism, but to the entire Communist movement, Hess can be viewed as a kind of missing link in both Communist and Judeofascist historiography that bridges supposedly “secular” Communism and Jewish thought on the one hand, and that bridges the religious and irreligious strains of Judeofascism on the other (click on chart below). In this formulation, both Zionism and certain forms of Communism can be interpreted as expressions of Jewish thought...

The implications of this vis-à-vis the Left, which professes to be anti-racist and unbiased even though the very basis of its ideology is grounded in Jewish exceptionalist thought that has clearly seeped into the body of Leftist dogma (most evident in its profound hatred for non-Jewish religions in general and Christianity in particular), are disturbing, to say the least...

Indeed, it appears that the entirety of leftism is simply a counterfeit version of Christianity engineered by Jewish swindlers who are too racist, greedy and grasping to proselytize, but want to enlist non-Jewish blood to counter the masses that Christianity has attained through hard work, good deeds, and appealing to hearts and minds. So what's the best means for Judeofascists to harness the masses and put them to work on the Judeofascist agenda? Why, the largesse of Big Government, which can brainwash, bribe, or intimidate them into doing Judeofascism's bidding.

Is it really that difficult? Employ tenacious and cohesive Jewish ethnic racketeering (and liberal use of the "anti-Semitism" accusation against all resistance) to get control of Washington, Wall Street, the Fed, and Big Media, and then use them as tools to advance the Judeofascist agenda by dumbing down and sweeping up the goyim, and converting them into shabbos goy useful idiots.

A child could see what they're doing -- if he was allowed by the Establishment Left-Right Axis of Big Brother to think such thoughts anymore.

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