Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Satist-liberals hate traditional Christians but love Jewry and defend pharisaic Judeofascist Zionism; why is that?

Huffpo gives platform to Israel lobbyist’s claim based on 3000-year-old artifacts

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Marty Kaplan at Huffpo: "I take Israel personally." Further proof that the left is permeated by the Israel lobby. Further proof that Zionism has produced a giant IQ drop in what I grew up thinking were the smartest people in the country. Note that Kaplan hadn't been to Israel in 40 years till he visited lately; but he regards the wall there as his wall. And note the 3000-year-old artifacts of Jewish civilization Kaplan sees at the Israel Museum that combined with genealogical records at the Holocaust museum justify Zionist land claims for him and the rest of the "Jewish people."

If Christians said this kind of stuff, Huffpo would scream that they are religious nuts...MORE...LINK
Precursors to the Christian-hating Jewish Marxists who conjured Communism and the Jewish Zionists who revel in ethnically cleansing Palestinian Christians, the Judeofascist Pharisees (above) plot to strangle Christianity in the cradle.Karl Marx (above) looking suspiciously kin to the Pharisees. Leading Israeli Rabbi Yosef (below) says non-Jews are put on earth as beasts of burden to labor for Jews like donkeys.

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Do you mean "Sadist" or "Statist"? Satist isn't a word