Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brain-dead American Whites, hoodwinked by cultural Marxism, Judeo-Christian Zionism and neoconservatism, have replaced themselves with Jews

Jewish privilege

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Last Sunday I attended the Jewish Voice for Peace members' meeting in the Perelman Quandrangle at the University of Pennsylvania. Right across the way was Claudia Cohen Hall. Two days later I spoke at Temple, at Klein Hall, and when I got on the subway back downtown I saw posters for an arts festival taking place at Kimmel Center. This is one of the most fraught issues I deal with at this site, the extent to which Jews have become the new American mandarins.

I was grateful at JVP that younger Jews seem to be acknowledging Jewish privilege as a factor in Middle East policy and removing some of the emotion from the conversation.

Liz Shulman gave a talk on Jewish privilege at the meeting. Rabbi Brant Rosen was also at JVP, and he has said directly, here, "I feel as a white male American Jew, I feel very powerful. I feel part of a very powerful and privileged minority in the world." Beautiful. Another friend I saw at the JVP conference accepts the idea that Jews are the new WASPS; he sent me a note about how many of the American ambassadors to the big European countries are Jews. I count eight. That's real influence. The next ambassador to Israel is Daniel Shapiro, the aide who announced Obama's Security Council veto was James Steinberg, Dennis Ross who headed an institute for the "Jewish people" is the Middle East envoy, the New Yorker magazine's Jewish editor invokes "Jewish values" to oppose the occupation with the secure knowledge that his privileged readers will resonate to the phrase, and when NBC reports on the Arab world, it's usually Andrea Mitchell and Richard Engel, both Jews, and at CNN it's Wolf Blitzer...

And you wonder why Obama is worried about Jewish money in the next presidential race. Or why his Defense Secretary gives a meeting to Rob't Kagan and Bill Kristol on Libya and they then walk out and publicly trash him--they have connections to the rich conservative wing of Jewish life that is enmeshed in Democratic Party life too and is so significant in shaping the new Establishment.

"When do we get to talk about this-- when the entire Supreme Court is Jewish?" my friend at JVP joked. Right now we have only three justices, all appointed by Democratic presidents...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Organized Jewry taking over the Establishment, getting us attacked on 9/11, lying us into wars on behalf of the Zionist racket and Israel, vast wealth-transfers from the American middle class and working class to these fascist "elites" and just goes on and on.

The “brilliance” of the Judeofascist is enlisting and co-opting non-Jews to do the bidding of the Judeofascists against the target group’s own personal interests. Sometimes this can be accomplished through intellectual movements or religious concepts, sometimes it is by infiltrating and co-opting a target group’s government and economic system, corrupting them, and then leveraging those institutions on Judeofascism’s behalf, and against the interests of the majority.

That so many American Whites have been so easily played as utter dupes and fools, and enlisted into organized Jewish-serving fascism and treason, demoting and impoverishing themselves in the process, just goes to show how politically "green" and unsophisticated this country still is.

Europe, where the bedrock of authentic Christianity lies, would never have been played so easily.

Hopefully even thick-headed Americans are learning a thing or two from all of this, and haven't already been too putrefied by Judeofascist propaganda, cultural pollution, and economic treachery to ever recover.


Chu said...

re. taking over the establishment:
The Fed Reserve is the crown jewel of these rackets. No one questions why Bernake and Greenspan's combined leadership has been for nearly 23 years. No politically green citizens recognize this, because the media does a great job at deceiving the masses.

People in this country should be more politically active, but sadly many are concerned with making a buck and living the American dream. I don't know how to change this blase attitude amongst many I encounter. What will it take to have people to focus and stop buying the spin and lies that comes from Washington's cesspool of corruption?

Chris Moore said...

Americans are indeed paying the price for allowing their country to have been hijacked and twisted into nothing but a system of money worship.

Unbridled Capitalism is essentially another atheist-materialis system that is merely the flip side of atheist-materialist Communism.

Interestingly, from Solzhenitsyns analysis of the Protocols:
“People’s minds should be diverted (away from contemplation) towards industry and trade, and then they will have no time to think. The people will be consumed by the pursuit of gain. It will be vain pursuit, for we shall put industry on a speculative basis: what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hands of workers and industrialists and pass into the hands of financiers.

The intensified struggle for survival and superiority, accompanied by crises and shocks will create cold and heartless communities with strong aversion towards religion. Their only guide is gain that is Mammon, which they will erect into a veritable cult”.