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Partisan Democrat Juan Cole rips the “Jewish” neocon Right, but won’t touch the even more powerful Jewish-American Zionist Left

(By Chris Moore, -- On his widely read blog Informed Comment, influential writer and Middle East scholar (and partisan lefty) Juan Cole recently wrote a scathing attack on the neocons' latest push for war on Iran that decried their insipid and perpetual warmongering, and framed them as inherently driven by bloodlust. He went out of his way to note in the opening paragraph that at neoconservatism's core are "extremely wealthy Jewish former Democrats who broke with their party in the 1980s to become war hawks in Republican administrations, and most of whom are rooted in Rightwing Zionism as exemplified in the thought of prominent fascist theorist Vladimir Jabotinsky."

Here are some of the choice cuts from the piece depicting neoconservatism's bloodlust:

What should a poor warmongering Neoconservative do?...The Neoconservative faction is in the political wilderness in the United States. Eager to play the role in Iran that the enormous floods have played in Pakistan, of paralyzing and destroying much of a thriving country, eager to reduce the shining city of Isfahan to rubble and displace its population into massive tent cities, they find their path blocked at every turn.

Always much happier when the militant and aggressive Likud Party is in power in Israel, they are nevertheless impatient with what they see as the timidity of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, compared to the reckless warmongering of the previous Kadima Party and its Labor ally (who managed to set back the Lebanese economy a decade in 2006 and to reduce the large penal camp of Gaza to further misery and rubble)...

But being a Neocon means never having to say you are sorry, or that you were wrong, and it means never giving up on the dressing up of illegal and aggressive wars as Necessary and Right and Bright Shining Cities on a Hill that will Make the World Safe for “Democracy” and more importantly for Apartheid Israel... 1998 at the height of their impotence, the Neocons got up a hawkish letter with the support of the Republicans in Congress, insisting that President Clinton go to war against Iraq. It was absurd and monstrous. Iraq had been reduced to a poor weak fourth-rate power, its economy devastated, its children dying in droves, by US and UN sanctions pushed by the Neocons and their allies. Only five years later, under a different administration, they got their wish...

They have more assets than is visible on the surface. They have perhaps half of America’s 400 billionaires on their side. They have the enormous military-industrial complex on their side. They have the Yahoo complex of besieged lower middle class White America on their side. They have the Israel lobbies on their side. They have important segments of the Oil and Gas lobbies on their side. They have the whole American tradition of permanent war on their side. They should not be underestimated...
In the comments section below the the piece, one of Cole's readers, identifying himself as Fillmore Hagan, wrote: "Jews do account for about half of America’s billionaires, but your implication that all of these support the neo-cons and a war with Iran goes too far IMHO. Although many of them undoubtedly are pushing for such a war, George Soros (and probably a number of others) do not support such an approach."

Cole quickly
replied: "I did not say anything about Jews. I said half of the 400 billionaires would support a war on Iran."

Indeed, in the main body of the piece, Cole made sure to insert a parenthetical caveat on Jewish neoconservatives, claiming that they "are almost mirror images of the general American Jewish community, 79 percent of which voted for Barack Obama, which is skittish about foreign wars and liberal on social issues."

The intellectual acrobatics necessary for Cole and his readers to defend and apologize for left-wing plutocrat Judeofascists like Soros (a
shock doctrine, war profiteering globalist who tries to paper over his sociopathic machinations by buying off cash-starved alternative media) , and to maintain that the powerful strains of American organized Jewry that reside in the Democrat Party are "the mirror image" of warmongering Judeofascist neocons are so intellectually disingenuous as to be incoherent.

Let's start with some of Cole's grievances outlined above, which themselves betray that Judeofascists reside on both the Left and the Right, and in the Democrat and Republican parties alike.

Cole says that right-wing Prime Minister Netanyahu is relatively tame "compared to reckless warmongering of the previous Kadima Party and its Labor ally (who managed to set back the Lebanese economy a decade in 2006 and to reduce the large penal camp of Gaza to further misery and rubble) [in the '08-'09 Gaza war]..."

It should be noted here that in Israel, Kadima is considered a centrist party, while Labor is considered center-left. So Cole is essentially noting (correctly) that Israeli Jewish Zionists of center and center-left have an historical record of being even more belligerent and destructive than the right-wing Likud (Netanyahu's party) when holding the reins of power. It should also be noted that it was Democrat Bill Clinton and his meddling liberal internationalist braintrust who helped instigate the Likud/Labor ascension to power by
sending James Carville, Stanley Greenberg and Robert Shrum to help run Ehud Barak’s campaign for Prime Minister that unseated Netanyahu from his first term in 1999.

Cole seems to want his readers to believe that even though center-left Jewish Zionists in Israel are at least as belligerent and warlike as right-wing Jewish Zionists there, in America, center-left Jewish Zionists of the type that currently
predominate in the Democrat-controlled Congress are somehow "the mirror image" of Judeofascist neocons, and less likely to take us to war with Iran.

Perhaps he's never read The Israel Lobby by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, which documents the extent to which the Jewish lobby has triangulated both the Democrats and the neocon Right. For example, he criticizes Israel's treatment of Lebanon, and implies that blind support for Israeli actions like those that decimated the Lebanese economy by reducing large swaths of the country to rubble during the 2006 Lebanon war are an outgrowth merely of Jewish neocon influence on the American Right, but totally ignores Walt And Mearsheimer's
findings that Democrats have blood all over their hands in this case as well:
As we have seen in other contexts, Israel usually finds its strongest support in the U.S. Congress, and congressional behavior during the Lebanon conflict unequivocally confirmed this tendency. Democrats and Republicans competed to show that their party, not the rival one, was Israel's best friend. One Jewish activist said he thought that 'it's a good thing to have members of Congress outdo their colleagues by showing that their pro-Israeli credentials are stronger than the next guy's.' In the end, there was virtually no daylight between the two parties regarding Israel's actions in Lebanon, which is remarkable when you think of the sharp differences between Democrats and Republicans on most other foreign policy issues, like Iraq, for example. Abraham Foxman, the head of the ADL, made this clear when he said, 'The Democrats who are opposed to [President Bush] on 99 percent of things are closing ranks on Israel.'

Reflecting this bipartisan consensus, on July 20, 2006, the House of Representatives passed a strongly worded resolution condemning Hezbollah and supporting Israeli policy in Lebanon. The vote was 410-8. The Senate followed suit with a similar resolution, sponsored by sixty-two senators, including the leaders of both parties. A number of prominent Democrats, including the party's leaders in both the House and the Senate, tried to prevent Iraq's prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, from addressing Congress, because he had criticized Israeli policy in Lebanon. Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic party, who had been targeted by the lobby in the past, went so far as to call the Iraqi prime minister an anti-Semite. Support in Congress for Israel was so overwhelming that it left Arab-American leaders stunned."
So it seems that the Democrats are only "skittish" about killing Arabs and Muslims when it is the U.S. military doing the job; when it's Jewish Zionists hammering away at women and children -- whether in Lebanon or Gaza -- "bombs away" is their mantra. In fact, recall the Obama administration's response to U.N. calls for Israel to be held accountable for the war crimes it committed during the war on Gaza. As reported by Alternet:

The Obama administration has declared — in the words of U.S. ambassador to the UN Susan Rice — that such a recommendation is "basically unacceptable." It has insisted that any legal remedies be handled by the respected parties internally. Since neither Hamas nor the Israeli government will likely prosecute those responsible for war crimes, the administration's action will essentially prevent these Palestinian and Israeli war criminals from ever being brought to justice.

Indeed, the Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress appear to be continuing the Bush administration's policy of ignoring and denouncing those who have the temerity to report violations of international humanitarian law by the United States or its allies.
And in truth, Democrats aren't really that "skittish" about the U.S. military undertaking assaults on Middle Eastern Goyim at all, so long as it's good for Israel. For example, Cole complains that the Iraq war wasn't even necessary because "Iraq had [already] been reduced to a poor weak fourth-rate power, its economy devastated, its children dying in droves, by US and UN sanctions pushed by the Neocons and their allies." But Cole fails to note that "the allies" he is referring to were primarily comprised of the Israel lobby working in tandem with the Clinton administration itself.

In fact, when the television news program 60 Minutes asked Clinton's secretary of state,
crypto-Jewess Madeleine Albright, about the Iraq sanctions, she couldn't have been clearer that the decision to impose them was undertaken by the Clinton administration with full knowledge that they were murderous.
Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."
--60 Minutes (5/12/96)

In addition to being a crypto Jew with Zionist inclinations, why would Albright want to kill half a million Iraqi children for no good reason? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Jews comprise a majority of Democrat Party campaign funding, and over 90% of American Jews are Zionists who demand Israel be recognized as an explicitly "Jewish state," and like Democrat Party honcho Haim Saban, they are "one issue" donors, "and that issue is Israel."; Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Jewish Zionists own and run the deep pockets of the Federal Reserve bankster racket; Perhaps Albright merely enjoys spilling Islamic blood because like so many of these Zionist sociopaths, deep down she hates every non-Jewish controlled civilization.

All of this begs the question: Why does Cole continue to defend the Obama administration and the left-liberal globalization Dems, particularly given the fact that Obama is
surrounded by Jewish money and handlers, and has been since his days as a Chicago political hustler?

Again we can only speculate. Perhaps Cole himself despises the lower middle class American complex of White "yahoos" and sub-consciously wants to see them hammered; Perhaps Cole puts his hatred of Americans and his ideology of liberal internationalism ahead of his concerns for stopping another Middle Eastern war.

More charitably, perhaps Cole and left-liberals like him have calculated that the chances of America attacking Iran are lower under a Democrat administration than they are under a Republican one. After all, Clinton's enforced sanctions against Iraq weren't quite as devastating as Bush II's bombing and ground invasion campaign (although they were close), and John McCain, the losing GOP candidate beaten out by Obama, used to enjoy singing a sadistic little ditty called "Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boys' 'Barbara Ann.'

But another way to look at Democrats like Obama and Clinton is that they are mere Zionist placeholders for the Israel lobby until a more "manly" Zionist Republican who won't be encumbered by a "soft" constituency eventually comes along and takes care of business. In other words, because Cole refuses to address the Judeofascist Left element in the Democrat party, he merely sweeps the problem of Israel-firsters setting a Zionist agenda under the carpet, and kicks the war can down the road a bit further. Out of political correctness and a fear of Jewish money, political influence and firepower fleeing Right, he treads softly on the Jewish Zionist Left and wrings his hands as Zionists on both the Left and Right continue to ratchet the noose around Iran and the entire Middle East tighter and tighter.

Now contrast this with paleocons and populists in the Pat Buchanan vein on the Right who never were afraid of condemning the Jewish lobby on both the
Left and the Right, nor were they afraid of being called "anti-Semites" by traitorous Israel firsters and their bootlickers in the establishment GOP for condemning those who refuse to put American interests first.

Where is the Pat Buchanan of the Left who refuses to soft-pedal criticism of Zionist Jewry with all kinds of politically correct platitudes about organized Jewry in America supposedly having next to nothing in common with the Jewish Zionist neocons in outlook, agenda and world view? We all know this simply isn't true, and that the mostly statist-authoritarian Jewish left-liberals have plenty in common with Jewish Zionist neocons. For example, they all put Israel first; they all hate the Christian element of Western civilization and are deeply suspicious if not hateful of Christianity in its entirety; they all hate Islam; and they all seek to use Big Government as their proxy instead of going to the trouble of proselytizing, which conflicts with their Jewish supremacist racism anyway.

By cowardly refusing to confront the powerful Jewish Zionist element on the left, Juan Cole and his ilk become a party to Judeofascist plans for murder. If anti-Zionists of left and right got together, there is at least the sliver of a possibility that a war against Iran could be stopped. But anti-Zionists on the left can't do much if they don't even realize how many Jewish supremacist Zionists posing as "liberals" reside in their ranks. And Juan Cole, who seeks to force all Americans into either the Democrat or Republican camps, is doing next to nothing to enlighten them.

Is the man a shill, or just a single-minded liberal internationalist ideologue?

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vladex said...

this is a great article, being serbian I got to know these "liberal" jews who were the most blood thirsty for serbian blood back in the days. This included such "liberals" as Soros, Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Friedman and hundreds if not thousands of alike "liberal" jews. "Liberal" jews are no different than the "neocon" jews, they are just jews with the same goals but using different sides and you are right about Juan Cole, he is an approved opposition and is a blind defender of the organized jewry

Chris Moore said...

Thanks Vlado. What infuriates me about this whole sick phenomenon is that it is just a repeat of the events that played themselves out in Russia and Europe in the first half of the 20th Century wherein Stalinist and Jewish Bolshevik lefties murdered tens of millions of innocents with plans to murder tens of millions more, which gave rise to Hitler and the Nazis, but then essentially got off scot free, historically speaking, with Hitler being blamed nearly entirely, and the Communists, lefties and Jewish Bolsheviks basically being given a “pass” for their mass murder, and their role in giving rise to Hitler. -- CM