Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Judeofascist-leftie Noam Chomsky conceals his own Jewish supremacist religious doctrine, scapegoats fringe Armageddon Christians for Israeli fascism

(By Chris Moore) -- In the video below, pseudo-"secular" Jewish-leftie Noam Chomsky attempts to portray Judeo-Christian Zionist evangelicals as the driving force behind war in the Middle East by citing fringe Christian religious imperatives for Armageddon, which will allegedly signify the return of Jesus.

True, these superstitious, monomaniacal Christian Zionists play a role, but what about the far more central role of Jewish religious doctrine that their coming Messiah will rule the world from Jerusalem, so Jews are obliged to prepare the way come hell or high water?

What about Jewish religious imperatives that they are a "chosen" Hebrew racial line that is ordained supreme by God and destined to rule over the goyim?

What about Jewish Talmudic religious doctrine that non-Jews are animals, hence Gentiles (particularly those proximate to Israel and in the way of their coming Messiah) can be exterminated?

No, Judeofascist-leftie Noam Chomsky (whose crypto machinations on behalf of his fascist tribe are well documented) will never mention any of that, because he's working the left half of the left-right Judeofascist agenda, which necessitates conflating fringe, warlike, Judaized-"Christian" Zionists (who are actually largely a product of the Scofield bible, which itself is actually a Zionist forgery with Judeo-Masonic origins in London) with the entirety of American Christianity and even Western civilization.

Here's the Judeo-Marxist game plan performed by all manner of Jewish "liberals" in the vein of Noam Chomsky and their gentile useful idiots on the left: Conflate Western civilization with a caricature of Christianity, conflate Christianity with Judeofascist-created, Judeo-Christian Zionist buffoons, overthrow both Western civilization and its Christian component, which pushes the world forward ever more towards One World Government that these Judeofascists of both left and right believe will be ruled by themselves and their coming Messiah out of Jerusalem.

Chomsky infers that what the early Americans did to the various American Indian tribes ending over 100 years ago is comparable and probably worse than what the Israeli Judeofascists are doing to the Palestinians today. By comparing the plight of American Indians who were ethnically cleansed in a whole other epoch (where such viscous tribal warfare and genocide was par for the course, even among themselves) with the contemporary genocidal actions of organized Jewry in Palestine, Chomsky is essentially minimizing his own tribe's crimes.

At his core, Chomsky is just another crypto-racist, Hebrew con artist and Jewish supremacist totalitarian masquerading as a "humanist" concerned with "social justice" and the plight of minorities.

Academic Jewish "liberal" frauds like Chomsky are a dime a dozen in the diaspora, and their "scholarship" is worth even less than that.


Anonymous said...

I've heard Jews in Israel and America compare Israel's treatment of Palestinians with the American treatment of native Indians in order to justify Israel's actions, but I've never heard a non-Jew do so. And I'm sure that no Christian Zionist that I know would justify Israel's founding with that logic. Why would they? Christian Zionists believe that God granted the land to Jews, and that is as far as they need to go to justify what Israel does. Besides, most are patriotic in a way that they consider the U.S. to be unique and would find such comparisons to be offensive.

Chomsky is a shyster.

Chris Moore said...

Chomsky is playing the same angle Jewry has played for centuries, and uses to keep itself aggrieved, cohesive, militant, polarized from the goy, and rich at the goy’s expense : hold your opponent accountable for transgressions by someone to which the goy can be even loosely tied going back decades and even centuries, blow “his” transgressions out of proportion and relentlessly guilt trip to keep him on the defensive and so he can be wrung for all he’s worth, never admit your own volitional culpability or guilt in any area (note how whenever Chomsky talks about Israel, he always traces its fascism back to how American imperialism “made” them behave the way the do, as if Judeofascism isn’t innate in Jewish religious doctrine, and Jewry doesn’t really want to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians).

You call Chomsky a shyster, and that’s a pretty good description of how these people operate: never plead guilty, never admit guilt of any kind, even when caught holding a knife with blood on their hands. Always blame someone else, even if you have to frame an innocent man.

Shyster sociopaths.