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The ceaselessly grasping tentacles of Zionism not only explain Mideast atrocity, but Western corruption and decline

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

( -- alawson911 --

A pattern of blatantly fascist banter by Diaspora Zionist neocons reveals the true essence of their ethno-ideology

Head of Bill Kristol’s lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as ‘target practice’

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Bill Kristol is the chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, Noah Pollak is the top staffer at the shop. From Pollak's twitter feed (and thanks to ThinkProgress for spotting it):
Global March to Jerusalem needs a more accurate name, like Global March to Become Target Practice for the IDF.
Pollak has earlier called for "disproportionate force" against Palestinians and for shooting released Palestinian prisoners.

Rachel Abrams is on the board of ECI and has called upon Israel to throw Palestinian children into the sea to be eaten by sharks...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

What's so scary about these neocon Diaspora Zionists is that not only are they more fascist than a lot of the Israelis, but they're more belligerent...e.g. instigating the Iraq war, the endless "Global War on Terror," and now pushing for a war with Iran.

And then their "liberal" wing in the Democratic Party is busy instigating domestic totalitarian policies (thanks Joe Lieberman and Carl Levin -- to name just a couple of the Congressional cabal of Zionist Jews pushing the domestic police state, and who are part of the larger Zionist Jew network that financially, institutionally, intellectually and materially dominates the Dems at the national level, and at the expense of other minorities and their causes and interests -- not to mention the rest of the American people).

So not only are they self-serving, warmongering totalitarians on the right, but on the left, as well.

It must have something to do with their supremacist Zionist ethno-religious doctrine.

I guess it just goes to show that their whole, victim shtick song and dance and "liberal" window dressing is mere smoke and mirrors and opportunism, and always has been.

When an ethno-ideological group attains power is when it reveals its true essence.

Not kosher enough? Dem bigwig, Zionist mogul Joel Hyatt fires Keith Olbermann, replaces him with tamed, shamed, newly-kosher Eliot Spitzer

Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann

(Jinxworld Forums) --

Current TV said Friday afternoon that it had terminated the contract of its lead anchor Keith Olbermann, scarcely one year after he was hired to reboot the channel in his progressive political image.

In a letter to viewers, the channel said Friday, “We created Current to give voice to those Americans who refuse to rely on corporate-controlled media and are seeking an authentic progressive outlet. We are more committed to those goals today than ever before. Current was also founded on the values of respect, openness, collegiality, and loyalty to our viewers. Unfortunately these values are no longer reflected in our relationship with Keith Olbermann and we have ended it.”

Mr. Olbermann will not be given an opportunity to sign off. Starting Friday night, the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer will replace him at 8 p.m., according to the letter to viewers. His program will be titled “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer.”

The decision to dismiss Mr. Olbermann was unanimous among the senior managers of Current, according to a person familiar with the matter.

It came after months of infighting between the famously temperamental Mr. Olbermann and his bosses at Current, including David Bohrman, the channel’s president, and Joel Hyatt, its chief executive. The fighting spilled out into public view last January after Mr. Olbermann declined Current’s requests to host special hours of election coverage, apparently out of frustration about technical difficulties that had plagued his 8 p.m. program, “Countdown."...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Why do they always change their names? I guess it makes it easier to hoodwink the dumb goyim. From Wikipedia:
Joel Z. Hyatt (born Joel Hyatt Zylberberg, 1950) is a prominent businessman and former attorney and American politician of the Democratic party. He is the founder of Hyatt Legal Services, and was featured in the law firm's television commercials speaking the slogan, "I'm Joel Hyatt and you have my word on it."...

He is the son-in-law of former U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum...

Hyatt served as National Finance Chair for the Democratic party in 2000, and is a business partner of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore In 2004, Hyatt and Gore purchased Newsworld International, a cable news channel, programmed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which aired news programming from around the world. On August 1, 2005, Gore and Hyatt relaunched the network as Current TV, a young adult-programmed news and information service which pioneered the concept of user generated content on cable TV...
And not that there was any doubt:
Joel Z. Hyatt, the prominent businessman and attorney and American politician of the Democratic party

person, Lawyer, politician, academic, businessman, CEO, Jewish person, person that is a company director of a business, company founder, organization founder
So here we have a Zionist Jew who made his fortune as a shyster lawyer, married the daughter of a Zionist Jew Dem senator, became a bigwig in the Dem party, and started a mass media enterprise with Al Gore.

Isn't one of Gore's daughters married to a Jew, or is that Clinton's daughter?

That's right, they both married off their daughters to Jews. Why, they're all just one, big, happy, moneyed, Zio-fascist family -- and with the chutzpah to masquarade as "progressives," no less!

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Average Jewish doormats incapable of standing up to vigorously primal Judeofascist lobbies, elders, regardless of consequences


Chris Moore comments:

The inability of average Jews to stand up to the psychotic yet disciplined Judeofascists is a problem not only in the Jewish community, but among Gentiles in the United States, as well.

The Israel lobby is totally running amok, and has the entire Congress and Executive Branch whipped, cowed and intimidated.

The American Congress today is like a huge casino, and these Judeofascist gangsters are stakeholders who go around bullying, strong-arming and robbing the patrons. They enlist the Gentile management to either go along with their racketeering by giving them a cut of the ill-gotten gains, or to look the other way by using their victim shtick tactic of crying "anti-Semitism" anytime someone honest objects.

And frankly, the kind of "leadership" that America has produced over the last 30 years is simply too weak, stupid or corrupt to offer resistance, totally baron of the ethical and moral fiber it takes to put these Judeofascist psychopaths and their lackeys in their place.

End result: just like average Jews are too cowed, brainwashed, frightened and trembling to talk back to their Judeofascist elders (Atzmon is about the only vigorous critic who refuses to roll over), so too are average Americans and their trembling, politically correct, wet noodle "representatives."

The traditional Christians of Western civilization would not have put up with this psychotic Jewish bullshit for even five minutes, even as the ostensibly "Christian," Judeo-Christian Zionists in America are down on their knees worshipping the Judeofascists like whores in the bedroom.

And the Democrats? They're not even whores. They're providing their services to the Judeofascist gangsters for a mere pat on the head.

America is paying the price today for letting wave after wave of conniving Jewish gangsters through the front door over the decades, and for producing successive generations of weak, ignoble, gutless powder puffs who prove their "manhood" by slopping gravy all over their fat faces, pandering to Jews, and bombing Islamic women and children at the behest of their Judeofascist masters.

What a mess.

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Zionist rabbi declares U.S. melting pot assimilation a "disease" in need of "inoculation," incites Israel-first loyalties from behind the pulpit

Introduction by Chris Moore:

I wonder how many Americans know that most synagogues around the world fly two flags...and the Israeli flag is always one of them. Isn't that a clue as to which nation Zionist Jews hold dearest, regardless of their Diaspora location?

I wonder how many Americans know that religious Jews are instructed to pray three times per day for the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, which they consider to be their foremost home?

In the video below, not only does the "American" rabbi Ammiel Hirsch declare Jewish-American assimilation a "disease" that needs to be "inoculated" against [04:50], but he additionally says frankly that “Israel reminds us that at the core of Judaism, we do not speak about the individual and our Maker, as religion is commonly understood in the West. Rather, Judaism is about community.”

What does this mean? It means that Israel-first Zionist Jews like Rabbi Hirsch don't consider their collective Jewish group identity to be a religion in worship of a God, but rather a "community," or more specifically, a nation -- a nation in worship of Israel and itself.

In other words, regardless of where they are in the world, Diaspora Zionist Jews consider their shuls, congregations and cliques to be nations unto themselves operating as satellites to lodestar Israel.

This is what it means to be an "Israel-first" Jew, and this is why Zionist Jews can't be trusted to be loyal citizens of the U.S. -- or to any other country in their Diaspora Zionist incarnation, for that matter.

It also goes a long way towards explaining their neo-fascist, Diaspora racketeering and Israel-first warmongering.

After all, since they exist with one foot in the Diaspora and one foot in Israel, it's a short hop from the nations they manipulate, exploit, plunder and lie into wars for Israel on over to their primary loyalty of Zion.

And yet, despite this blatant, timeless treachery, they have the chutzpah to whine about what they call "persecution" -- but what can more accurately be categorized as "blowback" against their endless, gold-plated treason and ideological ethnic racketeering, all elaborately concealed behind empty claims that they are a "religion" -- claims belied in moments of candor by their own rabbis, such as Ammiel Hirsch below.


End note: I didn't catch this at first, but it turns out Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch is of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue -- named, I am quite sure, for the infamous "Red Rabbi" Stephen Wise I feature on my sidebar to the right, the one who was a close advisor to Presidents Woodrow Wilson and F.D.R., and who once proudly declared: "Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism."

Shouldn't it be obvious by now to anyone who is paying attention that the inner circles of Jewry, from far left to far right, are nothing but gangsters who devise all manner of ideological Trojan horses to implement and conceal their murderous Judeofascism?

Communism, Zionism, Neoconservatism -- all devised and implemented by generations of Judeofascists to advance their sinister, totalitarian racket.

A child should be able to see the pattern. -- C.M.

Jewish-American "journalist" unmasked as Israel-first propagandist beating the bushes for another U.S. war for Israel

Sullivan unmasks Goldberg as a propagandist for Netanyahu’s ‘lies, bluffs and deceptions’ aimed at getting us into war

(Mondoweiss) -- by Annie Robbins --

...When Beinart inserted his book into the mix along with his NYT Op-ed calling for a boycott of the settlements, that was manageable. The foot soldiers were standing in line ready to pounce at a moment's notice. You might anticipate the fallout is over.

But Andrew Sullivan presents a different kind of problem altogether. He's is in a different circle and he's acting as though he's impervious to the way things work. Daring to speak the unspeakable, he aims a laser at Goldberg and insinuates he's shilling for Netanyahu.
Well, isn't that something: a government prepared to lie to its ally, risk escalation of what would be a global war, cynically exploit the Holocaust in a bluff, and do so via a journalist at the Atlantic.
I heard it, L.J.Wall referenced it as "on Bibi’s payroll". Ouch. Of course, it definitely occurred to me too. Dylan Byers reporting for Politico says everybody, even Sullivan, acknowledges "without Goldberg or reporters like Goldberg, our insight into Netanyahu's thinking would be severely curtailed".

Uh huh-- because where would the American public be without Bibi's opinion?

Blind deaf and dumb no doubt.

Marc Tracy explains:
Goldberg is as much serving as a conduit for sources (in this case, high-level Israeli sources) as piecing together his own analysis. You could argue that it is more useful to see Goldberg’s reporting as evidence that Israel’s leaders want us to think an attack is imminent than as evidence that an attack is actually imminent.
Wait, let's unpack that. If Goldberg writes what Israel leaders want you to think, the journalism is only as truthful as they are, which isn't saying very much-- about as truthful as a GOI spokesperson.

There's a name for people who write and say what government leaders want you to think, and it's called propagandizing. And governments have whole departments to disseminate messages to the foreign public...MORE...LINK
Sneering, beady-eyed Zionist Jew Jeffrey Goldberg takes great relish in betraying gullible goyim Americans on behalf of the Jewish state and its neo-fascist, Diaspora Zionist racket operating on U.S. shores

The whole "Hebrew slaves in Egypt" story is just another Jewish con

Were Jews ever really slaves in Egypt, or is Passover a myth?

Where is the real proof - archeological evidence, state records and primary sources?
(Haaretz) -- by Josh Mintz --

Here's a question for you: what do actor Charlton Heston, DreamWorks animation studios and Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin all have in common? Well, they've all, at one time or another, perpetuated the myth that the Jews built the pyramids. And it is a myth, make no mistake. Even if we take the earliest possible date for Jewish slavery that the Bible suggests, the Jews were enslaved in Egypt a good three hundred years after the 1750 B.C. completion date of the pyramids. That is, of course, if they were ever slaves in Egypt at all.

We are so quick to point out the obvious lies about Jews and Israel that come out in Egypt – the Sinai Governors claims that the Mossad released a shark into the Red Sea to kill Egyptians, or, as I once read in a newspaper whilst on holiday in Cairo, the tale of the magnetic belt buckles that Jews were selling cheap in Egypt that would sterilize men on contact – yet we so rarely examine our own misconceptions about the nature of our history with the Egyptian nation.

We tend, in the midst of our disdain for Egyptian, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, to overlook the fact that one of the biggest events of the Jewish calendar is predicated upon reminding the next generation every year of how the Egyptians were our cruel slave-masters, in a bondage that likely never happened. Is this really so different from Jaws the Mossad agent?

The reality is that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Jews were ever enslaved in Egypt. Yes, there's the story contained within the bible itself, but that's not a remotely historically admissible source. I'm talking about real proof; archeological evidence, state records and primary sources. Of these, nothing exists.

It is hard to believe that 600,000 families (which would mean about two million people) crossed the entire Sinai without leaving one shard of pottery (the archeologist's best friend) with Hebrew writing on it. It is remarkable that Egyptian records make no mention of the sudden migration of what would have been nearly a quarter of their population, nor has any evidence been found for any of the expected effects of such an exodus; such as economic downturn or labor shortages. Furthermore, there is no evidence in Israel that shows a sudden influx of people from another culture at that time. No rapid departure from traditional pottery has been seen, no record or story of a surge in population.

In fact, there's absolutely no more evidence to suggest that the story is true than there is in support of any of the Arab world's conspiracy theories and tall tales about Jews...MORE...LINK

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Prophetic scholars who nailed the Israel lobby's role in the Iraq war confirm that now Obama is under the thumb of Israel-firsters on Iran

Washington’s new antiwar movement

Two "realist" scholars lead the resistance to the Israeli campaign to drag the U.S. into another Mideast conflict
(Salon) -- by Jordan Michael Smith --

Before they became famous — or infamous, depending on one’s perspective — for their article (later turned into a book) called “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer were best known for their prescience about the Iraq War. Right before the U.S. invasion in 2003, they called it “an unnecessary war” and said Saddam Hussein’s “nuclear ambitions — the ones that concern us most — are unlikely to be realized in his lifetime.” They even spent $38,000 to place an ad in the New York Times saying that that war would not serve America’s national interests.

But the controversy over their depiction of the Israel lobby overshadowed their foresight about Iraq, unfortunately. Lest anyone think they would avoid the issue in the future, however, Walt and Mearsheimer are back with their first jointly written piece since they responded to critics of their Israel Lobby thesis. On Monday they published an Op-Ed in the Financial Times once again locating Israel at the heart of U.S. foreign policy and and once again seeking to stem a campaign for war, this time in Iran.

“Mr. Obama should continue to rebuff Israel’s efforts to push him into military confrontation with Tehran, while reminding [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu the true danger to Israel lies in its refusal to allow a viable Palestinian state,” Walt and Mearsheimer write. “If the US and Israel had a normal relationship, Mr. Obama could make his disagreements with Mr. Netanyahu plain, and use the bully pulpit and America’s substantial leverage to help Israel rethink its course.” Alas, they note, the Israel lobby prevents Obama from exerting his authority over what should be a client state...

I spoke with Walt and Mearsheimer, separately, about why they decided to reenter perhaps the most delicate ring in the American political debate. The Op-Ed came about because the British-based FT asked the two political scientists to write it.

“I think it is extremely unlikely that the New York Times would ask us to write such a piece,” Mearsheimer said. “It’s hardly surprising that a newspaper outside the United States asked us to write on Netanyahu’s visit, and an American newspaper like the Times or the Washington Post did not.”

Indeed, though Mearsheimer was a frequent guest on the Op-Ed pages of those papers before “The Israel Lobby” was published, he has not appeared since...MORE...LINK

Netanyahu's conniving Jewish pattern of manipulating U.S. dupes into doing Israel's dirty work

America Must Not Buy Into Israel's Warmongering

( -- by David Dietz --

...The Israeli military, half of the U.S. Congress, and the conservative punditocracy in the media would make you believe that Iran is days away from developing a bomb and only a few weeks at that from destroying Israel. Last year Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed, "You don't want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the world should start worrying, and that's what is happening in Iran." Such a foreboding threat remains very real and scary but also sounds somewhat familiar.

If so, it was because that wasn't the first time Netanyahu had made such claims. Netanyahu had also declared that Iran was 3 to 5 years away from possessing nuclear weapons and that such a threat had to be "uprooted by an international front headed by the U.S." Unlike his earlier premonition above, he wasn't using such a warning to pressure Obama to go to war; rather it was Bill Clinton he was speaking to, way back in 1992.

The Israeli PM continually requests that we take the Iranian regime's threats against Israel seriously, and we have, through the toughest international sanctions on Iran the West has ever imposed. If we are to take such bombastic threats by Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on face value and use them as the basis for embargoes against the Islamic Republic, it seems only fair that we take Netayanu's own remarks seriously as well. Yet if we were to look back through his statements on Iran, we would be troubled to find a history of politically motivated war mongering fabrications spanning more than two decades.

We can only surmise that such exaggerated comments are made to stoke fear in both Israeli and American hearts in hopes of drawing both countries into a war against Iran. What else could explain why the departing head of Israel's Mossad spy agency and presumed foremost authority on Iran's nuclear capabilities would flatly contradict Netayahu's findings saying Iran didn't have the capacity to produce a bomb until 2015 at the earliest...MORE...LINK

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Zionist takeover of U.S. has left America increasingly isolated from world, U.S. Military increasingly frustrated

Jewish Imperialism & The US Military

( -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --

Jewish supremacists demand Muslims rise up and decry murderous Islamic terror, but never themselves seem to rise up and decry murderous Judeo terror

What about Jewish murderousness?

( -- by Khalid Amayreh --

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The title of this article might be viewed as particularly provoking to many Jews, especially those who are accustomed to shutting up western critics of Israel. The more racist-minded Jews, and there are certainly too many of those, might hasten to dismiss it as plainly anti-Semitic.

This week, one Israeli writer, scrawled a screed entitled "Western World is Blind," in which he argued that "despite Muslim murderousness, the west refrained from admitting Islam is the problem."

Hence, I thought that if they can write about "Muslim murderousness." I, too, should be able to write about Jewish murderousness as well. After all, Jewish terror, has always been an outstanding phenomenon, past and present.

I don't think that Muslims are angels or totally immune from evil urges to commit murder.

However, I also do believe that the given the large number of Muslims in the world (1.6 billion human beings), the number of Muslims who resort to murder is quite negligible. I am saying this with no intention to lessen or mitigate the gravity of violence and terror perpetrated by nominal Muslims and groups such as al-Qaeda.

This is despite the real, legitimate grievances of Muslims around the world, such as in occupied Palestine, Syria , Iraq , Sudan , Chechnya , eastern Turkistan , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Burma .

On the other hand, there is irrefutable evidence that there are far more Jews per capita who indulge in murder and terror. This is a plain fact in occupied Palestine where nearly every adult Israeli Jew stands guilty for mistreating, harassing, persecuting or even killing a Palestinian.

The bottom line here is that if murderousness is measured by the sheer numbers of innocent victims murdered knowingly and deliberately, then there is no shred of doubt that Israeli Jews will emerge the ultimate winners.

Well, in fact Israeli Jews have always been the winner as far the disproportionately high number of their terror's innocent victims. I know saying this is not politically correct in places like New York, Paris and London. But one has to be honest and truth must be told.

The murder of four Jews at the hands of a French Muslim citizen has been condemned by Muslims in Europe and the Middle East, both individuals and organizations. However, instead of forming a united front against terror and murder, involving people of good-will, Muslims and Jews alike, we saw that many Jewish leaders and intellectuals, as well the usual shipyard dogs of the Zionist media, granted themselves a sort of carte branch, to attack, vilify and demonize Muslims.

In May 2007, a Jewish French immigrant by the name of Jullien Soufir, lured 35-year-old Taysir Karaki, a taxi driver from Beit Hanina, an East Jerusalem neighborhood and a father of five, to his apartment in Tel Aviv. Soufir decapitated Karaki with a dagger. Soufir, who had been frequenting a synagogue nearby, bragged about his crime.

In March 2009, a Tel Aviv court ruled Soufir paranoid and schizophrenic and that he was unfit to be tried for murder. He was released after all sorts of extenuating circumstances were concocted. I don't know where Soufir is spending his time now, but I suppose he is being allowed to travel abroad, especially to France.

Now, does Soufir's crime allow one to speak of Jewish murderousness (as opposed to Muslim murderousness) and French or European blindness to Jewish terror?

Of course, the murder of Karaki was not an isolated case of Jewish terror. Jewish terror, especially by Talmudic-minded settlers in the West Bank, is a matter of daily occurrence. Read B'tselem's reports and you will get a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.

In fact, the monstrosity and shocking regularity of Israeli (Jewish) crimes in Palestine and Lebanon present an absolute indictment of Israel as a crime against humanity.

Israeli crimes are too numerous to be counted and too nefarious to be forgotten with the passage of time. Israel's history is actually an uninterrupted chain of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Again, the Toulouse school crime is gruesome, but the genocidal "Jewish" crimes, such as Dir Yasin, Dawaymeh, Sabra and Shatila, Ibrahimi mosque, and recently in Gaza, make what happened in Toulouse look quite insignificant.

The perpetrator of the Toulouse school is believed to have been a member of al-Qaeda, a group which is hounded and mercilessly fought in all Muslim countries, including the Gaza Strip.

But can anyone tell us how Israeli and Jewish circles treat Jewish terrorists and murderers, active and potential? Does anyone remember what happened to the Jewish murderer of Kayed Salah, the Hebronite shop keeper, who was killed in cold blood in 1988 by a "rabbi" named Moshe Levinger? As far as I know, the Kahanist rabbi didn't serve a single day in jail?

We know and the world knows that Jewish murderers and terrorists are not only admired, honored and celebrated in Israel, but also made to benefit from a shockingly racist, even fascist, justice system that treats them as innocent, even if found guilty in court...MORE...LINK

The inherent role of Jewish culture and identity in Zionism, and why politically correct statist "liberals" defend its neo-fascism

Ali Abunimah and Gilad Atzmon at the OK Corral

(One Democratic State) -- by Roger Tucker --

Race, as we mentioned above, is a clumsy, inaccurate and misleading way of looking at the distinguishing characteristics of people that we attempt to lump together in identifiable groups. There’s a much better way of separating out what Atzmon calls “collectives.” This is by looking at characteristic ways of thinking, speaking and behaving, which together pretty much determine who we are. These distinctions are cultural. And this is where the already shaky limb that Ali is clinging to breaks and he tumbles into complete nonsense. Ali doesn’t mention culture in his letter, but take a look at this, Ali Abunimah attacking Gilad Atzmon at the Stuttgart One State conference (Dec 2010. “Jewish Culture.. doesn’t explain anything at all.” This remark is not only absurd - it would be like saying that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War, or that the playing of the pipes has nothing to do with their Celtic origin, or that the French drink wine merely as a matter of personal choice, etc. , etc. (one could make a parlor game out of this) – he is so intent on demonizing Atzmon that he abandons any shred of intellectual integrity. Perhaps he secretly believes in “Intelligent Design?”

The notion of race is based on genetic differences, which determine our physical being. Genetic evolution in the human race more or less ceased some 5,000 years ago. Culture, on the other hand, is memetic. Memes are patterns that we inherit from our environment, starting when we are children with our families and continuing as we get older to to the notions, norms and attitudes prevalent in our societies. Culture is far and away the most significant causal factor in how we manifest in the world. What makes memetic (cultural) evolution possible and far more rapid than through genetic mutations is that we have the ability to change our minds based on new information, or seeing things in a new way. To do so requires curiosity, an open mind and considerable humbleness. This is what the word "freedom" means in its fullest sense. Many people become rigid and inflexible in their views, including far too many academics. As Eric Hoffer, the great longshoreman philosopher put it in his book 'The True Believer,' "In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. "

Identity politics
This term, frequently used by Atzmon, is the crux of the matter. If you will indulge me, click on Us vs. Them: On the Meaning of Fascism. It is about identity politics and how this phenomenon tends to evolve into fascism. Atzmon is absolutely correct in making it central to his investigation. He stresses that it is intellectually dishonest to attempt to discuss Zionism and Israel without reference to “Jewishness.” Zionism was a specifically Jewish endeavor to create a Jewish state. What could be more obvious? If you leave out the “Jewish” part there isn’t much left, is there? The point is too obvious to belabor, but Abunimah attempts to do just that. Atzmon, in the grand tradition of intellectual inquiry, has committed himself to trying to understand the whole complex picture, which centers around the question of what “Jewish” and “Jewishness” mean. Abunimah cries foul and invokes the taboo that has been the mainstay of Zionist propaganda from day one. You can’t talk about “Jews.” You can’t talk about “Jewishness.” Otherwise you are “racist,” “antisemitic.” A circular, absurd argument. I guess it might upset somebody, most likely “The Wandering Guess Who.” (There is a very intriguing piece from an unlikely source, a recent issue of the New York Times. The author has some very intiguing things to say about tribal identities. Click on Forget the Money, Follow the Sacredness.)

I am Jewish, Atzmon is Jewish (whether he likes it or not – sorry, Gilad, but it’s a friendly dig), and so are many of his supporters. I don’t want anyone telling me that I can’t look at what that means. It is one of my fondest hopes that a great many Jews honestly consider the question “who am I?”. As long as the answer is “I’m a Jew, first and foremost” we are in for a lot more trouble. If the answer is “I’m first of all a human being and the rest is secondary” then there will be grounds for optimism. If enough Jews have the courage to look in the mirror and ask this fundamental question, we could easily solve the most pressing problem facing the world today, because, like it or not, tribal Jewry currently holds all the cards. Without at least the tacit support of most Jews they wouldn’t be able to play their game any longer.

Political Correctness
We are now going to address what I believe to be the primary motivations behind Abunimah’s extraordinary attack on Atzmon. A number of political fashions arose out of postmodernism, such as multi-culturalism, radical feminism and gay and lesbian activism, for example. In all cases, these fashions endorse various flavors of identity politics, These particular ideas were actually pioneered within the 60’s counter-culture, but the postmodernist academics turned them upside down. Instead of being inspired by a sense of our common humanity, we were inundated by all sorts of identity politics, all with narratives that, under the new dispensation, couldn’t be challenged without confronting the enforcement arm of the new orthodoxy – political correctness. All of this grew out of the Marxist culture that had previously been the fashion on the Left, but needed a new intellectual basis after the reaction to the horrors of Stalinism and Maoism, and eventually the fall of the Soviet Union. Ergo, postmodernism and its progeny provided continuity and a new lease on life.

In keeping with the tradition of Marxism-Leninism, the neo-Marxists needed to instill monolithic party discipline. After all, there can be only one vanguard of the proletariat. The new ideology of identity politics developed the strategy of political correctness to enforce its monopoly over discourse. This is not confined to the groves of Academe – the ADL and similar Zionist institutions actively enforce the orthodoxy. And, just as an aside, Jews continued to make up a large proportion of both the party leadership and the party faithful, just as Bolshevism was largely a Jewish project. Although the thought police concern themselves with decrying any perceived denigration of a number of tribal groups, by other academics particularly, there is no question that the one and only Sacred Cow is the Jewish Tribe. Casting aspersions on black people, gays or women, for example, will get you a serious dressing down, but any reference to Jews or Jewishness that isn’t flattering might well cost you your livelihood, or worse.

To sum up, the attacks on Gilad Atzmon and Ken O’Keefe reveal an organized attempt to silence independent voices within the Palestinian support community. Many moons ago I was in the US Army. As it was peacetime, the only enemy in sight was the Army itself. We fought to a draw. There are many of us who don't like to take orders, least of all from from the PC thought police. This an attempted political coup, actually, much like the successful efforts of the Bolsheviks (which means “majority,” although they were a small minority – quite Orwellian, actually) against the Mensheviks. But it isn’t going to work, because Atzmon and O’Keefe aren’t interested in power or being part of an organized movement. They are truly independent people taking a personal stand against a great evil, and they take their stand on behalf of all of suffering mankind, not just the Palestinians. Their efforts are prompted by the plight of the Palestinians, but like Gandhi, ML King and Mandela, they serve an even higher purpose, that of justice, wisdom, compassion and peace...MORE...LINK

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From the Book of Esther to Holocaustianity, if subversion, treason and treachery is your game, Zionism has something for you!

Gilad Atzmon’s ‘The Wandering Who?’ Reviewed by Gary Steven Corseri

(Darkmoon) -- by Mondtecristo --

...Now in his fifties, with a luminous musical career of his own, Atzmon has published two novels and numerous essays and articles at websites and periodicals worldwide. The Wandering Who is a collection of 22 essays that serve as a baedeker for those who want to accompany him on his extraordinary “journey” of self-discovery and self-actualization. The book’s sectional titles include, “Identity vs. Identifying”; “Unconsciousness Is the Discourse of the Goyim”; “Historicity & Factuality vs. Fantasy and Phantasm”; and “Connecting the Dots.” Accompany Atzmon and one finds oneself sharpening one’s own tools for self-interrogation and reflection, wandering with him to discover our own elusive “who.”...

We travel down labyrinths of history, myths, power politics, enfranchisement and disenfranchisement to ferret meanings. Judaism, we find, is an amalgamation of stories, legends, poems composed during “the Babylonian exile”—and a sense of exile and alienation are categorical indicators of “Jewish-ness.” Important clues come in the Bible’s Book of Esther.

I’ll note here that during his recent visit to the US, reportedly to discuss what must be done about Iran’s purported nuclear weapons program, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu handed the President of the world’s remaining super-power a copy of the Book of Esther. Whether or not the Prime Minister accompanied the gift with an order to “Read it!”—has not been reported!

I wonder what Obama’s reaction would be if someone presented him with a copy of Gilad Atzmons The Wandering Who? I guess that belongs in the relms of fantasy!

“In the Book of Esther,” Atzmon writes, “the Jews rescue themselves, and even get to mete out revenge.” To wit: Haman, the Persian King’s Prime Minister, “plots to have all the Jews in the Persian empire killed in revenge for a refusal by Esther’s cousin Mordechai to bow to him in respect.” Esther, “a brave and beautiful Jewish queen,” has never revealed her “Jewish” identity to her husband, the King! But, now she warns him of Haman’s murderous plot. The King has Haman– and his 10 sons—innocent bystanders, really–hanged on gallows originally intended for Mordechai and allows the Jews to take up arms and slay their enemies.

“The moral,” writes Atzmon, is clear: “If Jews want to survive, they had better infiltrate the corridors of power.” And this imperative to bond with power is an essential characteristic of “Jewishness”—notable in Esther’s time and in our contemporary world of AIPAC, think-tanks, media mesmerism and “message” control.

If the roots of “Jewishness”—separateness and “exceptionalism,” non-assimilation, exilic indoctrination—are discernable in the old-time religion of the Book of Esther, they ramify into something remarkably different—yet genetically akin—in what Atzmon and others call “the Holocaust religion.” “Jewishness,” he writes, “is the materialisation of fear politics into a pragmatic agenda.” In the modern Holocaust religion, vengeful, omnipotent Yahweh has been replaced by the unchallengeable “truths” of the Holocaust—past suffering cited to justify Israel’s ethnic cleansing and expansionism, its formidable arsenal of nukes and other weapons, its threats and wars of aggression.
It took me many years [Atzmon writes] to understand that the Holocaust, the core belief of the contemporary Jewish faith, was not at all an historical narrative, freely debated by historians, intellectuals and ordinary people. … historical narratives do not need the protection of the law and political lobbies. … The fate of my great-grandmother was not so different from hundreds of thousands of German civilians who died in deliberate, indiscrimate bombing, just because they were Germans. Similarly, the people in Hiroshima, who died just because they were Japanese. Three million Vietnamese died just because they were Vietnamese and 1.3 million Iraqis died because they were Iraqis.
In many ways, Atzmon’s book is a cri de coeur addressed to Jews, specifically, but to humanity, generally, to grow up! To reach beyond tribalism and the politics of fear and vengeance. His style is dialectical, positing thesis and antithesis, arguing with himself and anticipating his readers’ (or opponents’) arguments to arrive at a plausible synthesis...MORE...LINK

-----"In many ways, Atzmon’s book is a cri de coeur addressed to Jews, specifically, but to humanity, generally, to grow up!"-----

Chris Moore comments:

Zionists never will "grow up," because a pre-meditated false consciousness, an ongoing psychology that embraces suspended disbelief and self-deceit in order to continue forward with their unconscionable behavior, and an arrested development and stunted, hyper-materialism are all central to their ideology...and because their ideology pays them so well to remain in their arrested state.

Totalitarian movements and their ideologues think they can combat life, truth and reality with censorship, coercion and force, but always fail in the end. What the pathetically weak, conformist, limbic-driven, arrested totalitarian mind doesn't understand (and may be incapable of understanding due to its sociopathy) is that life and truth will find a way, no matter how many times they bash it over the head.

If the Internet was around in the Jewish Bolshevik, Commie and Nazi era, there's no way they would have gotten as far as they did. In fact, its amazing the Zionists have gotten as far as they have so far, given the rise of the Internet. But they had already penetrated the U.S. establishment well before the Internet got so big, so we are seeing the full force, power and weight of that penetration being stretched to its limits today.

But just like the Commies and Nazis, they will inevitably fall to the forces of life, truth and reality. The only question is how much damage they can do in the mean time, and how their fascism will ultimately be scoured out of Greco-Christian Western civilization once and for all.

Zionists cynically exploit Holocaust to inculcate fear and loathing in Jews, beat drums for war

Holocaust consciousness-raising = harming Palestinians

(Mondoweiss) -- by Michael Desch --

Akiva Eldar has written a very important piece--on Netanyahu's use of the Auschwitz letters at the AIPAC conference earlier this month--not so much because it highlights Netanyahu's manipulation of the Holocaust (which is old news) but rather for its succinct summary of scholarly studies that show Holocaust consciousness-raising continues to affect younger people exposed to it.

The studies show that even though they were born long after the Holocaust, the young are susceptible to the sort of manipulation Netanyahu and other hard liners count on to perpetuate a state of "existential panic" among Jews in Israel and the Diaspora that justifies so many problematic things from the continuing occupation to preventive war against Iran. Some people thought that the Holocaust might be a passing generational phenomenon, but this piece shows how it can continue to have historical legs.

...even after 67 years, the Holocaust works on Jews.

Associations with the Holocaust help ease digestion of the injustices of the occupation and increase support for Israel. Thoughts of Auschwitz blur the images of the bodies of Palestinian children killed in the Jewish air force's bombing of Gaza. It is scientific.

A 2010 article published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that surveyed a sampling of Jews aged 17-81 from three communities in Canada showed a clear connection between Holocaust exposure and awareness, and the intensity of Jews' fear of extinction. The researchers, Prof. Michael Wohl, Prof. Stephen Reysen and Prof. Nyla Branscombe, found that interviewees asked to write a composition on the Holocaust displayed greater angst and more collective solidarity than those who were not asked to write anything.

The researchers estimate that one of the effects of increased collective angst over extinction is the justification of violent acts against a rival group. They rely, among others, on a 2008 study by Wohl and Branscombe that found the Jewish subjects who were reminded of the Holocaust and of the Jewish people having been victims in the past tended to see the Palestinians as the root of the conflict more than other subjects did. In other words, the researchers concluded, in order to protect itself from extinction, the group legitimizes harming others.

It can be assumed that investing in the Holocaust assures Netanyahu political benefits in the Israeli political scene as well. In contrast, friends in Germany related that the calls for war uttered by Netanyahu from every Washington platform sparked anti-Semitic cries against the Jewish warmongers. For a generation that did not live through the Holocaust, the scent of increasingly more expensive oil is more powerful than the scent of the gas chambers.
And it ties in with the death recently of Peter Novick, and the discussion of his book, The Holocaust in American Life. Peter’s brilliant argument about the salience of the Holocaust in American Jewish identity is not likely to wane soon either...LINK

"Brilliant" Zionist Jew government scientist convicted of fraud, tax evasion and attempted spying for Israel

Space scientist, sentenced to 13 years, expresses regret over espionage attempt

(Washington Post) -- by Del Quentin Wilber and Kathrine Driessen --

...In January 2009, Nozette pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the government of $265,205.57 and to evade more than than $200,000 in taxes.

“He really does have a brilliant scientific mind,” said federal prosecutor Michael Atkinson of the District’s U.S. attorney’s office. “But there is no doubt he also had a criminal mind, and he used that criminal mind to advance the interests of Stewart Nozette.”

The fraud investigation eventually led to his downfall on espionage charges. While searching Nozette’s home in 2007 in connection with the fraud case, federal agents found classified information on computers and grew concerned about a contract he had with an Israeli aerospace company. They also discovered a 2002 e-mail that said Nozette was willing to provide classified information to Israel or another undisclosed country.

By September 2009, an FBI agent posing as a member of the “Mossad” approached Nozette and, in recorded meetings, asked the scientist whether he would spy for Israel. They agreed to exchange information through a post office box in the District, and Nozette collected more than $20,000 in cash for providing classified information about such defense programs as satellites and early-warning systems, according to court papers that accompanied Nozette’s September guilty plea to one count of attempted espionage...MORE...LINK

Friday, March 23, 2012

With Iran, nuclear-armed Israel seeks precedent for blank check wars on its neighbors simply by asserting they have a nuclear energy program

Israel, US Disagree on Timetable for Attacking Iran

Israel says it "cannot afford" to wait for an Iranian nuclear weapons program, which intelligence says doesn't exist
( -- by John Glaser --

Israel and the U.S. disagree on how soon a military attack on Iran would be necessary, Israel’s defense minister said Thursday, even after admitting Iran currently has no nuclear weapons program.

Ehud Barak claimed Iran is trying to make its civilian nuclear program immune from attack before making a decision to actually develop nuclear weapons, and said Israel “cannot afford” to wait for that completely speculative hypothetical situation.

The consensus in the U.S. and Israel is that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and has so far demonstrated no verifiable intention to do so. To suggest that an attack is warranted is to claim the right of preventive war, which flies in the face of both international law and any sane conception of just war.

In this case, it would be the right to wage war on a country who may at some unspecified point in the future develop weapons that it would certainly never use, although no evidence has been presented that said development has or will ever take place.

In a statement made simply to rattle Israel’s sabers and terrify Iranians, Barak told Israel Radio that the Jewish state could hold off waging preventive war for several more months to allow sanctions and negotiations to work, during which time it would become clear whether ”the Iranians intend or don’t intend to stop their nuclear weapons program.” The one that doesn’t exist.

Neither Israel nor the U.S. seem willing to put an end to this seemingly impending conflict with Iran. For example, if Israel agreed to dismantling its vast stockpiles of un-inspected nuclear weapons and to a deal enforcing a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East – a deal Iran has repeatedly proposed – Iran’s defensive opaqueness on certain aspects of its nuclear program would surely vanish, along with the pretext for war. But this remains out of the question for Tel Aviv and Washington...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Israel sure has proven useful to the U.S. military industrial complex for starting wars in the Middle East, but little did the M-I complex cowboys know how many wars the Jewish state would demand, and how many Americans it would demand be sacrificed to the racket.

They let the Israel lobby run rampant, and have created a monster.

They should have know that Zionist Jews are like lawyers...give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile. Only in this case, the Jews want a square mile of dead U.S. soldiers surrounding the Jewish state, and about a thousand square miles of dead Arabs and Persians.

Praise Yahweh!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

David Duke discovers that when it comes to marriage for Israel's religious elites, Zionists have even tougher race laws than the Nazis had

Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel

( -- by drdduke --

Crumbling, perpetual war West reaps poisonous fruits of getting hoodwinked by Zionists and atheist-materialist into pre-Christian Jew worship


( -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --

SOME HAVE CALLED the Twentieth Century, the “American Century,” a term used to describe the United States’ dominance over the rest of the world.

But Jewish historian, Yuri Slezkine, identifies the last hundred years as the “Jewish Century,” his own term by which he describes Jewry’s emergence from the ghetto into realms of civil activism.

In fact, that is the title of his much-acclaimed (by Jewish reviewers of course) 2009 historical work, “The Jewish Century,” published by Princeton Press.

It is in this range of vision that French Jewish writer Alain Finkielkraut exclaimed in 1998, “How sweet it is to be Jewish at the end of 20th century! We are no longer History’s accused, but its darlings. The spirit of the times loves, honors, and defends us, it even needs our imprimatur.”

Jews today are the “darlings of democracy” ever since international Jewry destroyed the last vestiges of benevolent Christian Monarchy when they murdered Tsar Nicholas and family in 1918, probably the most beautiful family that ever existed in contemporary history.

And now, with billions of dollars at their command, control of the Central Banks with the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank at the head, and all of Capitol Hill cowering before AIPAC’s thuggish mediocrities during its Week Of National Humiliation, “democracy” has been BOUGHT by organized Jewry, and sadly, the Western world has reaped its poisonous fruit.

WHILE TRACING Jewish migratory patterns throughout the Diaspora in his book, Slezkine brings to light that the many faces of modernity — socialism, capitalism, liberalism — sprang largely from Jewish influence.

Without dispute, the major cultural movements of our day whether it’s Marxism, Bolshevism, Finance Capital, Freudianism, or Post-Christian Sexual Mores, all find their roots in Jewish activism seeded in Jewry’s “revolutionary” spirit.

But underlying this revolutionary temper lurks a force that is much more sinister, dark, and malevolent, than any movement or revolution could ever effect.

WE ARE NOW LIVING in a “Holocaust Remembrance” society.

Touted as the central event of the 20th Century, high school students throughout the Western World will continue to be force-fed with Holocaust dribblings and never once hear of how Jews of the Bolshevik Cheka murdered over 70 million Orthodox Christians.

The so-called ‘extermination’ of European Jewry by Hitler’s Third Reich, (Holocaust connoisseurs have yet to provide evidence of gas chambers), has become an image of Western civilization, replacing the West’s symbol of the Resurrection of Christ with the remembrance of dead Jews.

The death of Jews now permeates all of Western cultural consciousness — through movies, television, books, high school courses, museums, and now, “special days” dedicated to the worship of Jewish corpses, where even Westernized Chinese leaders pay adoring homage.

This Jewish fixation on death vis a vis their dead relatives, (every Jew has an ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ who was ‘gassed’ at Auschwitz), and subjecting every Gentile to the veneration of such, is nothing less than the spirit of anti-Christ which denies the incarnation of Christ, the life-affirming event of the manifestation of man’s divinization.

ONE MUST WONDER amidst all of this Jewish suffering now honored as sacred, holy, and inviolable, how it is that Jews enjoy greater creature comforts than their fawning Gentiles will ever come close to possessing.

One must also reflect amidst all the pity Jews demand to be showered on them that not one ounce of mercy pours forth from their lobbyists for the plight of Palestinians, who, at the hands of Zionist Jewry, have seen their children murdered, their wells poisoned, and their villages and olive groves stolen.

And surely, one must ask amidst the pervasive “Jewification” of Western culture, how long this ‘Jewish Century,’ this ‘Jewish Age of Death,’ can last?

If the symbol of Western Culture is indeed Jewry’s affirmation of death, then like a leaf in the burning heat, their day in the sun will soon wither and crumble away...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

To understand the essence of our current world quandary and dilemma, one needs to understand the essence of Yahweh, the God of the Jews and by default, the God of their atheist-materialist and Gentile Zionist accomplices.

Yahweh is a jealous, egomaniacal, primitive, vengeful, wrathful, greedy and particularistic tribal God. He is the God of an ignorant time when the world was declared by his Abrahamite followers to be a mere 3 or 4,000 years old instead of the 4.5 billion years that Western scientists have today determined.

Jesus was a full stop rejection of Yahweh.

Hence those who truly understand the importance of Jesus, whether they worship him as a God or not, comprehend and appreciate his role in manifesting Greco-Christianity and its many Christian-inspired moral advances that formed a pipeline for Greek-inspired scientific advances -- together the very building blocks of Western civilization.

But those who worship Yahweh, either volitionially (e.g. Jews, Islamists and Judeo-Christian Zionists) or by default (Jewry's atheist-materialist underlings and useful idiots) will eventually take on the anti-Christian, egoistic, psychotic, wrathful identity of Yahweh themselves.

This explains, for example, the wrathful essence of Communism and its taste for mass murder, which led to the rise of Hitler.

The stiff-necked Jews refuse to let the man-child Yahweh God die, and hence have hoodwinked and seduced the weaker and more corrupt elements of the world back under his thumb, and back into a tribal, perpetual war state. Only this time, instead of sticks and stones, the tribes are armed with weapons of mass destruction, and the world is slowly poisoning itself to death with primitive Yahweh dominionist greed, avarice, loathing and war.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Veteran insider journalist with highest contacts, decades of I-P experience confirms "Israeli Jewish lobby" stranglehold on Obama and Washington

How Zionism Infiltrated The United States

(ThisIsZionism) -- ?

Mark Bruzonsky, a Jewish, American Scholar and Journalist, has been a key member behind the scenes of the Israeli Palestinian peace initiative in the 1980s, meeting with Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and with Palestinian officials.

In this exclusive interview with Press TV’s Autograph, Mr. Bruzonsky talks about the challenges and missed opportunities he witnessed first-hand, and how Zionist groups infiltrated American politics, US institutions and organizations.

He goes further to explain the specific time and day Obama sold out to the AIPAC lobby, and how President Obama would never dare oppose the stronghold of the Zionist, Israeli Lobby in the US.

Monday, March 19, 2012

As Zionist Jews engage in global warmongering no end, the world is finally seeing through insincere, Jewish Diaspora poses of compassion

Jewish hypocrisy: vociferous on Sudan, but silent on Israel

(Desertpeace) -- by Khalid Amayreh --

Zionist-Jewish leaders everywhere are quite versed in the art of hypocrisy and dishonesty. Their moral inconsistency cries out to the seventh heaven.

This week, Jewish leaders in Washington , D.C. , demonstrated outside the Sudanese embassy, protesting the al-Bashir regime's excesses against rebel areas in southern Kurdufan.

The protestors accused the Sudanese government of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking humanitarian aid from reaching people in need.

One rabbi, wore a T-shirt saying :" Stop genocide in Darfur ."

There is nothing wrong in holding protests against government repression and human rights violation anywhere in the world.

However, when championing the cause of human rights is motivated by short-sighted political expedience, highly-selective, moral confusion and moral impurity blur the picture.

I am not suggesting or demanding that at a single demonstration one would have to protest all human rights violations on earth, although this would be a good thing to do.

However, when human rights breaches and even more scandalous policies in places such as Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories are deliberately ignored, a serious question-mark is drawn over the real motives behind such demonstrations.

I am one of those people who don't trust most of the Zionist rabbis who adopt a blind attitude toward the Apartheid state of Israel.

The hypocrisy of these gurus of racism and mendacity becomes really stark when we see them refrain from voicing even a gesture of dissatisfaction with real atrocities, some of which are quite comparable to Nazi crimes against Jews during WWII, on no ground other than the fact that the villains happen to be Jews and the victims are non-Jews.

I would want to know how many times have these so-called rabbis taken part in protests against Israel's Naz-like policies in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and Israel proper?

How many times have these important figures protested the demolition of Arab homes, the vandalism of Arab orchards, the torching of Arab fields, the open-ended detention of innocent Arabs without charge or trial, the desecration of Muslim and Christian holy places at the hands of government-backed Jewish thugs and terrorists as well as the recurrent murderous air-raids on helpless Gazans which kill, maim and incinerates thousands?

The five-year ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip have caused a virtual starvation throughout the coastal enclave, but most Jewish leaders, rabbis and otherwise, have remained silent, as if this was happening on another plant.

I know the answer too well. These rabbis' consciences are alive only when Jewish lives and Jewish rights and interests are in question.

However, when Gentile lives, rights and interests are the issue, we see these rabbis succumb to apathy and disinterest...

Why do many Jews adopt such distinctively duplicitous, manifestly unethical stances and scandalously inconsistent attitudes when relating to crimes committed by Jews and crimes committed against Jews?

Do these rabbis and self-centered thinkers really believe their ancient myths that non-Jews are beasts of burden created by the Almighty so that they may serve Jews, as the spiritual mentor of Shas, Ovadia Yosef, said last year?

Do they think, as many within the Chabad cult, that the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity and can be expended without the slightest compunction? One rabbi from this particularly evil cult was quoted as saying that a Jew may murder a Gentile in order to extricate the victim's organ if the Jew needed one?

I am not interested in vilifying and demonizing anyone, including Jews. I know well that there are many conscientious and humane Jews out there. But, unfortunately, the damage and ill-will caused by villainous Jews exceed by far any amount of good will generated by good Jews...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The world is finally figuring out what the freedom movement in the U.S. has known for years: Zionist Jews are the Trojan horse for neo-totalitarianism, not only in the Middle East, but in the West, where they exist at the axis of reformed Trotskyite, Fabian socialist neoliberalism and ex-Trotskyite, neo-fascist neoconservatism.

I don't know why these Diaspora Jews and their left-right goyim accomplices thought they could keep this a secret, especially in the age of the Internet, but never underestimate the capacity for delusion, false consciousness and self deceit of nutty "secular" Trotskyite Zionists or "religious" Yahwehites, or for their air-head useful idiots.

Their flaky, delusional fantasy, which could only be sustained for so long, is finally beginning to crash to earth, as it ultimately always does.

Hopefully, the goyim trash they tend to attract -- the money-hungry, crony capitalist and crony socialist gangsters in the inner circle, and the delusional-religious and blinkered-liberal dimwits radiating concentrically out -- can be exposed with them.

Frankly, I think the world is getting fed up with these atheist materialist moral reprobates on the one hand; and these "religious" self-serving narcissists and egoists only interested in moral posturing, pampering themselves and indulging in crass materialism and self-aggrandizement, or just "doing time" and "living well -- the best revenge" on the way to their imagined heaven, on the other.

And additionally fed up with the depressed, "woe is me," weak defeatists who role over for them.

News flash: is there really any kind of moral redemption or heaven for people like that? What use are they to the epochal human plight? What use are they to the cosmos?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jewish media propaganda machine kicks in with accusations of anti-Semitism to ensure Goldman Sachs' Zionist rip-offs can continue unabated

The Limerick “pogrom”: Creating Jewish victimhood

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Andrew Joyce --

A very curious article has appeared in the March 14th edition of the UK Daily Mail (“Goldman Sachs’ touch of darkness“), a comment on Greg Smith’s recent indictment of the Goldman Sachs’ culture of greed and client exploitation. The article in question was written by one Alex Brummer, a journalist who writes for both the Daily Mail and the London-based Jewish Chronicle. Brummer’s specialty, it seems, is economic matters and he has a number of strange points to make in relation to the recent revelations that Goldman Sachs has been referring to its clients as “muppets” for some time. The article begins by stating that the bank has been “sapped of its confidence” following a series of scandals “during and after the great financial panic,” under the chairmanship of Lloyd Blankfein.

If that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, Brummer goes on to state that “the most enduring image of Blankfein era is that of the great, vampire squid drawn in an excoriating article in Rolling Stone magazine in 2010. What Rolling Stone does not seem to have realised is that this was a rerun of a notoriously anti-Semitic campaign by the late 19th-century polemicist ‘Coin’ Harvey against the Rothschild family. Whatever mistakes Blankfein and Goldman may have made, it does not deserve that.” (Matt Taibbi’s actual words, from his article “The Great American Bubble Machine: From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression—and they’re about to do it again“: ”The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

The crimes of Goldman Sachs include promoting mortgage-backed security investments created by people whom Goldman knew were betting against them, “seeking to assist the Greek government in masking its levels of borrowing in an effort to circumvent euroland deficit rules,” and dumping “billions of dollars of toxic sub-prime mortgage debt on the markets when it knew it to be worthless.” But Brummer frames these crimes as “mistakes”—more like adolescent indiscretions than real crimes, and is horrified that someone like Taibbi would link Goldman Sachs’ behavior to classic anti-Jewish imagery. (The JTA reminds us how to think about Jews and financial crimes by citing Michael Kinsley’s exculpatory “How to think about: Jewish Bankers “; Kevin MacDonald replies: ”Does Jewish financial misbehavior have anything to do with being Jewish?“).

The overriding opinion expressed in Brummer’s article is that Goldman Sachs did a few naughty things, but is now “looking in on itself and for a new, more ethical model,” and has since become the victim of anti-Semitic propaganda. The article is a classic example of Jewish strategies which employ the adoption of Jewish victimhood in order to mask Jewish crime or misbehavior. It recalls to my memory an obscure and little known incident – the so-called “Limerick Pogrom.”...MORE...LINK

Judaism is an ideology, not a race, hence it's technically impossible for Jews to be victims of "racism" except in conjunction with other Semites

(By Chris Moore) -- Organized Jewry, its defenders, apologists, allies and enablers often accuse Jewry's critics and antagonists of "racism" and racist "anti-Semitism."

This is entirely impossible because, as this article will show, "the Jews" (organized Jewry) are not a race, but rather an ethnocentric, doctrinaire, ideological unit based on Jewish religious myth, history, doctrine, laws and rulings.

According to Wikipedia, some of the important governing documents of the Jewish ideology are the Hebrew bible (which includes much of what Protestant Christians refer to as the Old Testament), the Talmud, and the Kabbalah. Collectively, these documents should be thought of as the manifestos, constitutions, rule books, and historiography that govern the Jewish nation, comprised not only of Israel, but of the various international Jewish Diaspora nations around the world.

(The fact that Israel does not have geographical continuity with the international Diaspora nations is irrelevant; the Jews regard themselves as a single, interconnected nation that operates by its own canon -- and that is ultimately only accountable to that canon -- regardless of physical or geographical proximity to one another.)

How do we know the Jews are not a race, but rather an ethnicity that operates as a cohesive ideological unit? Their own historiography tells us so.

The Bible says that Noah, his wife, their sons, and their son's wives were the last people left alive on earth following the great flood, which occurred just before 2450 B.C., and killed everyone else in the world.

(According to the Jewish calender, the world itself was created October 7, 3761 B.C., making it 5,772 years years old as of this writing. For a scientific assessment of the 4.5 billion year age of the earth, click here.)

The Bible lists the sons of Noah as Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

The Jewish Virtual Library picks up the story from there.
According to biblical tradition, the Hebrews are peoples descended from Shem, one of Noah's sons, through Eber, the eponymous [Hebrew namesake] ancestor, and Abraham. Gen. 7:22 f., reports that the flood destroyed all life except that in Noah's ark; consequently, the whole human family descended from Noah and his sons: Japheth, Ham and Shem. As yet, not all of the names of eponymous ancestors in the family lines can be identified,1 but some probabilities are listed in Chart 6.

From Shem, through Arpachshad and Shelah came Eber, the eponymous ancestor of the Hebrews, and from his descendants through Peleg, Reu, Sereg and Nahor came Terah, the father of Abram and his brothers Nahor and Haran. It becomes clear that if "Hebrews" are descendants of Eber, then others besides those of Abraham's line would be included (see Gen. 10:25-27)...[italics mine]
What is the significance of the last line with regard to the question of whether the Jews are a race unto themselves? By Judaism's own historiography, the Jews are merely one branch of the Abrahamite line, which itself is merely a branch of the Eber (Hebrew) line.

So what does the term "anti-Semitism" refer to? For an answer, let's return to the Jewish Virtual library.

In the Table of Nations in Genesis 10.1-32, which lists the descendants of Noah and the nations they founded, the Greeks appear under the name "Yavan," who is a son of Yaphet...The sons of Shem, brother to Yaphet, are the Semitic (named after Shem) nations, including the Hebrews. Imagine, if you will, the Hebrew vision of history. At some point, in the dim recesses of time, after the world had been destroyed by flood, the nations of the earth were all contained in the three sons of Noah.

Hence, the phrase "anti-Semitism" refers to racism against the descendants of Shem, which includes not only all of the different Hebrew branches from Eber, including the Jewish (Israelite) branch and Islamic (Ishmaelite) branches from Abraham , but probably nearly all of the other peoples of the contiguous Middle East, too.

Isn't it interesting that so many Middle Easterners are not only technically Semites (through Shem) and Hebrews (through Eber), but Abrahamites, as well?

This is why it's impossible for Arabs, for example, or Persians, to be "anti-Semitic" and/or "racist" against Jews; for them to be racist against Jews would be for them to be racist against their own kin, and even themselves.

But there are other extrapolations that can be drawn from this, as well, having to do with whether non-Semites are "racist" for aggressively opposing or criticising organized Jewry, or whether they're merely engaged in an ideological struggle.

If organized Judaism is an ethnocentric, religo-ideology that has manifested in the larger Jewish supremacist ideology of Zionism (which includes both Jewish and non-Jewish membership) and not a race, (as its own historiography proves), then opposition to organized Jewry is not in any way "racist," but rather purely ideological.

The only way Jewry can prove that it is a victim of racist anti-Semitism is to show that the discrimination it faces (from whatever circles) also extends to Jewry's fellow Semites (descendants of Shem).

If that is NOT the case, then when Jews are specifically discriminated against, it's discrimination against their ethno-religious ideology, i.e. political "discrimination," and has absolutely no racial component.

For a Zionist Jew to cry racism under these circumstances would be as if a Confederate partisan in the American Civil War claimed the Union attacks were motivated by race hatred, or vice-versa -- an absurdity on its face.

Given this reality, it becomes clear that accusations of "racism" and "anti-Semitism" emanating from Zionist Jewry and its political accomplices and collaborators are mere posturing and manipulation of the lowest order -- the low-cunning "victim" card being played at its most ugly, cynical and politically opportunistic level.

The lot should be ashamed of themselves, but somehow aren't.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Recently concluded AIPAC conference: a noxious, naked display of Israel-first, Zionist treason at the highest levels of American power

Israel’s Willing Executioners: AIPAC Invades Washington

(Global Research) -- by James Petras and Robin Eastman Abaya --

Introduction: A Week of National Humiliation:

From March 4th to March 9th, 2012, 13,000 militant Israel Firsters, took over “political Washington”[1] and imposed a foreign regime’s (Israel) political agenda to the rousing applause and appreciation of their captive vassal US legislators and executives who crowded the halls and platforms groveling for the imperious nods of their visiting Israeli overlords[2].

The annual meeting of the American (sic) Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the most outrageous public display of Zionist pro-Israeli power as it shapes US foreign policy. The sole purpose of AIPAC is to ensure Israel ’s unchallenged military and political power over a huge region from North Africa to the Persian Gulf . Over three quarters of the US Congress members paraded themselves before the AIPAC, as well as President Obama and Vice President Biden and any high ranking Cabinet members in any way related to US foreign policy (Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Panetta included). They all loudly parroted the political agenda and military priorities that the AIPAC has imposed on the United States[3].

AIPAC: A launch pad for Israeli Leaders

The AIPAC gathering is clearly not a meeting of “just another lobby”[4]: It is the launch pad used by Israel ’s top political and military leaders to drag the US into another major war in the Middle East – this time against Iran[5]. Shimon Peres, Israel ’s President opened the conference, setting the militarist tone and political framework for US President Obama who followed, slavishly echoing the language and substance of the Israeli leader[6]. The following day the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, spoke, and forcefully laid out the line for a US war against Iran [7]with thousands of prominent and respectable Jewish Americans, Israel Firsters, leaping to their feet dozens of times in fanatic support for a US war – a war, in which few, if any, of them, their children, relatives or friends will suffer loss of life or limb[8]. This was the same Bibi Netanyahu who once opined that the 9-11 attack on the US benefited Israel because it linked the US closer to Israeli interests.

Not since the War of 1812, which saw the British occupation and burning of Washington , has the US capital been so utterly humiliated by a foreign power. Unlike the British crown, which then negotiated a peace settlement, allowing the US to regain its sovereignty and capital, the Israeli leaders and their rabid “fifth column” demand a military agreement, in which Israel dictates the terms under which the US goes to war with Iran .

Israeli leaders have not secured the submission of the US because of Israel ’s military, economic or political superiority: They have a puny economy, a fraction of the US nuclear weapons and have few allies and even less public approval in the international community. But they do have at least a half million fanatical, unconditional Zionist militants in the United States , including thousands of loyal multi-millionaires and billionaires who fund the campaign of both Democrat and Republican parties[9]. AIPAC is the vanguard of Israel ’s shock troops in the US . Highly disciplined and organized, AIPAC lobbyists invade the offices of every Congressperson armed with a legislative script carefully prepared by and for the State of Israel[10]. They have secured the full commitment of most members of Congress for Israel ’s agenda waving both dollar signs and stars (of David). As past history has amply demonstrated, Congressional staff or legislators who dare hesitate or ask for time to reflect, rapidly find themselves on the receiving end of AIPAC’s political bullying and threats which usually secure acquiescence. Refusal to capitulate to AIPAC means the end of a political career in Washington .

The Israeli (and therefore AIPAC’s) agenda is to pursue an unprovoked war, either initiated by the US or as part of a US-backed Israeli sneak attack, against the sovereign Islamic Republic of Iran[11]. Iran is targeted today because the other opponents of Israel’s colonization of Palestine have been destroyed in previous Zionist-backed US wars, namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and the ongoing proxy war against the Assad regime in Syria[12].

Today Israeli leaders insist that Iran should be violently denied what over 120 other nations practice freely: the legal enrichment of uranium for medical, commercial and scientific purposes. Past Israeli propaganda, echoed by the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations, falsely claimed Iran possessed nuclear weapons or … was in the process of manufacturing them and therefore posed an ‘existential’ threat to Israeli. Even the mere ‘capacity’ to enrich uranium for medical purposes (many times below the level needed for a weapon) is presented as a major threat to the Jewish State. Meanwhile, the 27 US intelligence agencies (in their yearly ‘findings’) and even the US-influenced International Atomic Energy Agency have found no such evidence of an ongoing weapons program – thus the need for bizarre terms like ‘existential threat’...

While much has been made of the influence AIPAC exercises over the US Congress and Executive via ‘lobbying’, better termed intimidation and pressure tactics, a great part of its success is based on the larger Zionist matrix of power operating within the government, civil society and the economy. When AIPAC lobbyists approach Congress members with Israeli-dictated foreign policy priorities in hand, they coordinate and are given a major platform by the forty-plus elected Zionist legislators who, just happen, to occupy strategic positions, such as the chairpersons of Congressional committees dealing with foreign policy, especially policy related to the Middle East . In other words, AIPAC’s conquest of Congress is ‘by invitation’. The relation is ‘reciprocal’. AIPAC and the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations and various fundraisers mobilize money and activists to help elect the reliable Zionists to office. Once in place, they openly collaborate in writing pro-Israel legislation and ensuring that ‘majorities’ vote the ‘right way’[17].

Mark Dubowitz, executive director of “Foundation for Defense of Democracies” helped write the latest ( Iran ) sanctions bill … (Financial Times March 6, 2012, pg. 9). The “Foundation” is better known as an unconditional and unquestioning promoter of Israel ’s agenda. Dubowitz is one of many un-elected ‘legislators’ who write and promote laws at Israel ’s behest. The legislation to impose sanctions on Iran , authored by Dubowitz, is designed to brutalize and starve 75 million Iranian citizens into submission to further Israel ’s goal of unquestioned supremacy in the Middle East .

AIPAC’s operations are not confined to Congress or to the electoral process. From the Reagan Administration to the Obama Administration, AIPAC has supplied committed Zionists to key positions in the Treasury, State Department, National Security Council and the President’s inner circle of advisors on the Middle East[18]. AIPAC pressure ensures the appointment of Zionists to the executive branch and has led to the creation of special administrative posts designed specifically to pursue Israel ’s agenda. A good example of AIPAC’s success is the post of Undersecretary of Treasury for Terrorism and Intelligence. The position was first held by Stuart Levey, a Zionist zealot, whose whole purpose was to design and implement US (and later EU) sanctions against Iran . His replacement, David Cohen, a clone also from AIPAC, is the author of legislation pushing for punitive sanctions against Syria[19].

Dennis Ross, widely known as ‘Israel’s lawyer’ and a former AIPAC leader, was appointed senior adviser to Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, was the architect of US support for Israel’s starvation blockade and criminal bombing of Gaza (1999), the murderous invasion of Lebanon (2006). He has provided ‘cover’ for Netanyahu’s massive building of Jews only settlements on occupied Palestinian lands and his cynical ‘peace negotiations’ ploy[20].

Jeffrey Feltman, the current AIPAC front man in the State Department, is the key official in charge of Middle East affairs, especially Lebanon , Syria and Iran[21]. Obama’s own inner circle of advisers is dominated by unconditional Israel supporters, including David Axelrod as chief confidant and the former Presidential Chief of Staff, dual US-Israeli citizen and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel[22]. What is striking is the constant cycle from leadership and activity in Zionist (Israeli-front) organizations, entry into powerful government post, return to one or another pro-Israel think tank, ‘civic organizations’, electoral office or lucrative private practice – all promoting the interests of Tel Aviv.

AIPAC and the 52 Grassroots Organizations

AIPAC’s power in Washington depends on the activism of hundreds of thousands of American Zionists affiliated with organizations under the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations (MAJO). While there is considerable overlap of membership, MAJO leaders openly serve as a transmission belt for Israel: transmitting the political line from Tel Aviv to their membership, including activist doctors, dentists and stock brokers in New York, Miami, Kansas City, Los Angeles and San Francisco and all points north, south, east and west. When AIPAC has ‘trouble’ securing an elected representative’s sign-on to legislation for sanctions against whichever country is currently targeted by Israel, the reluctant legislator becomes a prime target for local Zionist notables and ‘fund raisers’, who pay them a ‘visit’ to persuade, if possible, threaten retaliation, if necessary. If a legislator still refuses to hew to Israel ’s line, or considers service to a foreign power to be harmful to United States , he/she will soon find that AIPAC has raised millions of dollars to fund a campaign of slander and electoral defeat[23].

Along with these upper middle class ‘grass roots’ activists there are the numerous highly politicized Zionist mega-millionaires and billionaires, like Adelson, Saban and scores of others, who make no bones about being fanatical Israel Firsters and donate millions to Congresspeople willing to subordinate US interests to Israel’s quest for Middle East supremacy[24].

Besides this legal corruption of the political process, there is the issue of illegal espionage and thuggery on AIPAC’s part, most recently evidenced by the ongoing law-suit by one of two former top AIPAC officials, Steven Rosen caught spying for Israel (passing classified documents on US military policy towards Iran ). Rosen, who was acquitted in a highly manipulated ‘trial’, maintains that AIPAC routinely encouraged its officials to secure confidential US government documents for Israel[25].

And then there are the prominent free-lance Zionists, who engage in vicious, highly publicized, political thuggery, physical assaults and blackmail against critics of Israel[26]. The most prominent defamers, like Abraham Foxman of the Anti (sic) Defamation League, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz, manipulate legions of respectable and wealthy thugs to pressure schools, universities and other employers to censor and fire critics of Israel. These Zionist organizations far exceed the reach and effective blacklisting of an earlier generation of witch hunters, like Senator Joseph McCarthy, who were rank amateurs in comparison. The recent antics of Israel-Firster Andrew Adler, editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times, whose call for the Israeli Mossad to assassinate President Obama[27] led merely to his resignation as editor after several weeks of nervous outrage (but no federal investigation or charges).

What is striking here is that while most respectable Zionists dissociate themselves from AIPAC spies and verbal assassins, the power of the Israel Firsters ensures that such goons and thugs are rarely charged for their crimes and have never gone to jail[28].

The wider impact of Zionist influence and thuggery is evident in the timorous self-censorship of the majority of Americans who privately express fear and loathing at the confrontational, strident and abusive Zionist-Americans pushing a foreign agenda.[29]

Israel, Zionism and the Mass Media

The mass media is a key political resource, which the pro-Israel power configuration exploits to the full. Not a single major print, television, film or radio outlet is willing to provide a balanced account of the Israel-Palestine conflict[30]. Israel ’s dispossession of thousands of Arab families from their homes and the daily terrorist Zionist settler and military assaults against Palestinians protesting land seizures go unreported[31]. The hundreds of nuclear weapons in Israel ’s arsenal are never mentioned while the Jewish State’s hysterical claims that non-nuclear Iran represents an existential threat are repeated and magnified, ad nauseam. The leaders of the 52 know their Goebbels: A lie repeated often enough becomes an accepted truth...MORE...LINK

Instant karma's gonna' get ya: Zionist and Communist Jews initiated "final solution" to "Germanism" well prior to exploited and exaggerated Holocaust

The Jewish "Final Solution" to Germans and Other Gentiles

( -- DukesDeletedReasearch --


Chris Moore comments:

So Zionist and Communist Jews initiated the "final solution" to "Germanism" well prior to the exploited and exaggerated Holocaust, and essentially projected their own crimes onto the German people.

They should have known: Instant karma's gonna' get ya.

But they still don't know. I guess stiff necked rubes are incabable of reflection. Apparently they're also incapable of humanity.

Craven Warren Buffet was viciously discriminated against by Jews as a young careerist, yet ended up joining the Zionist team instead of fighting it

Wall Street firm slammed the door on young Warren Buffett for religious reasons

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

I'm reading a great book, What Goes Up: The Uncensored History of Modern Wall Street, by Eric J. Weiner, published in 2005. A lot of the uncensored history in Weiner's oral history is his chronicle of the fall of the old patrician order on Wall Street and the rise of Jewish bankers and traders in the '60s and '70s.

A delicious anecdote involves maybe the greatest stockpicker of our time, Warren Buffett, who at 21 wanted nothing more than to work for the Wall Street firm of Graham Newman but was rejected because he was not Jewish...

Warren Buffett transferred from the University of Nebraska to Columbia Business School in order to study under Graham. But when he graduated and tried to work for Graham, the investor repeatedly put him off. For religious reasons. From Weiner's book, of oral histories:

Tom Knapp (former analyst for Graham Newman):
Ben had a great reputation at Columbia for being a smart guy, and so when he decided to go to work on Wall Street he applied to several of the large firms. But they all turned him down. His belief was that it was because he was Jewish.
...Tom Knapp:
Warren did offer to work for Graham for free, that's absolutely true. But everyone at Graham-Newman was Jewish, from the top right down to the bottom. This was because Graham remembered how hard it was for a Jewish guy to get a job when he was trying to come to Wall Street. So Warren came in and offered to work for free. But Ben wasn't about to break his philosophy on hiring. He told Warren no. And Warren went back to Omaha.
Roger Lowenstein (Buffet biographer)
Graham didn't want Buffett to come to Wall Street to work for him because he wanted to save the positions in his firm for Jews, who had a hard time finding work on Wall Street. So Buffett went to work for his father for a little bit, and then he came back East to work for Graham.

Chris Moore comments:

This is so typical of Jewry: scream to the high heavens about "discrimination" when they're not at the top, but once they get to the top, discriminate against non-Jews ruthlessly and unapologetically. They've been doing this for centuries. It's a ploy in their racket.

But I'm also interested in Buffet here. What an absolutely disgusting human being. This is a guy who was viciously discriminated against by Jews, yet when he made billions and could have thrown his weight around, did he do anything to prevent the Zionist Jew takeover of so many American institutions? No, he didn't lift a finger.

I don't know if his cowardice and servility is because he is a Judeo-Christian Zionist, because he is a degenerate money-worshipper who didn't want to affect his bottom line by taking on Jewish fascists, or because the "elites" of his generation are comprised of a bunch of soul-selling, moral and ethical defectives.

Whatever the case, far from being the "pillars" of America, gutless, Jew-deferential financial industry scum like Buffet have played a huge role in its downfall, and deserve to be stripped of every penny of their wealth for their obsequious, boot-licking treachery, collaboration and treason.

Warren Buffet (right), doing the "God's work" of hamming it up about the rip off of average Americans with thieving Goldman Sachs Jew Lloyd Blankfein.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jewish supremacists transitioning Zionism from totalitarian "promised land" to totalitarian "promised planet" rope in even some Palestinian activists

A Response to Ali Abunimah & Co.

( -- by Gilad Atzmon --

Ali Abunimah & Co tend to present themselves as advocates of “One Democratic State in Palestine.” This leaves me puzzled: what kind of democracy do they have in mind, exactly? For by calling for my “disavowal,” they prove beyond a doubt that they cannot tolerate even some elementary cultural criticism—criticism that is endorsed and praised by some of the most respected thinkers within our movement and beyond.

In fact, I am pretty delighted with the outraged reactions to my thoughts. I guess it enables us to map the discourse and its boundaries—and means that those boundaries are now official. Not only has my latest book, The Wandering Who?, rocked the boat, but it also has managed to unite Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman with Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal. That is pretty encouraging: it means that peace may prevail after all.

However, I also have some bad news for my would-be silencers, Palestinian and Jewish alike. I do not have any plans to slow down or drift away. I am a jazz musician and an independent thinker. I am basically a free agent—I say what I think and think what I say. The popularity of my writing among Palestinians, solidarity activists and truth seekers is the direct outcome of my sincere approach to the subject matter.

Whether my detractors accept it or not, the strength of my arguments is grounded on the transparent truthful nature of my premises. Until now, not one of my opponents has been able to point out a single discrepancy within my argument or the facts I cite. For instance, I contend that since Israel defines itself as the Jewish State—its tanks and planes decorated with Jewish symbols—it is our duty to ask: Who are the Jews? What is Judaism? And what is Jewishness all about?

The fact that some activists shy away from asking those questions doesn’t mean that the rest of us also should behave cowardly.

In case my detractors—be they Zionists, Anti-Zionist Zionists or Palestinians—fail to realize it, Palestine is not alone anymore, and is no longer an isolated, remote discourse. Even as I write, AIPAC is publicly and relentlessly pushing America into a new global conflict. In Britain, 80 percent of Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel. What we are witnessing here is a clear Zionist shift from the discourse of a “promised land” to one of a “promised planet.” I’m convinced that calling a spade a spade could actually save the world, including Americans, Brits, Iranians and Palestinians. But it also can save the Jews from the grave potential consequences inflicted on them by the Jewish lobbies...

I am indeed critical of Jewish identity politics, Jewish culture and Jewish ideology. I am also critical of the Jewish cultural attitude toward history. I am critical of Jewishness and any form of Jewish exclusive political activism. And yet, I wonder, why should any person who seeks justice and peace object to my approach? Is Jewish culture or identity politics beyond criticism? Are Jews chosen after all.

I am sorry to disappoint my Palestinian and Jewish opposition league, but it seems as if their terminology is faulty and misleading: Zionism is not colonialism, for colonialism is defined as a material exchange between a Mother State and a Settler State. The fact that there is no Jewish Mother State suggests that Zionism doesn’t fit the colonial model.

Nor is Israel an Apartheid State, for Apartheid is defined by the exploitation of the indigenous residents. Yet the Jewish State prefers that the Palestinians simply and completely disappear. In other words, we are dealing here with a unique racially driven expansionist philosophy not very different from the Nazis’ Lebensraum.

Israel is not Zionism, and vice versa. Israel is the outcome of the Zionist project. If Zionism is a promise to establish a “Jewish National Home in Palestine,” Israel is its post-revolutionary product. Indeed, Israelis are barely familiar with Zionist thought and ideology. From their perspective, anti-Zionist ranting is a remote Diaspora discourse...MORE...LINK

Atzmon: I am indeed critical of Jewish identity politics, Jewish culture and Jewish ideology. I am also critical of the Jewish cultural attitude toward history.

Chris Moore comments:

Atzmon speaks truth to fanciful mythology and superstition, and this is incredibly difficult for delusional Abrahamites, be they Islamists, Zionist Jews, Judeo-Christian Zionists, or even liberals in thrall to the cult of Diaspora Jewry, to face.

The world is 4.5 BILLION years old, not the roughly 6,000 year age of stubborn Jewish lore. In so many ways almost beyond words, this is a terrifying prospect for nearly everyone on the planet to confront, but especially for Abrahamites, who so easily revert to myths and delusional fantasies for comfort and yes, for sustenance, but perhaps foremost out of ethno-religious egomania.

But factions of leftists who are using the Palestinian cause have their own reasons for being sympathetic to Jewish supremacism and its mythos: many of them are Jews, and even many of the liberal non-Jews in this faction view the Jewish Diaspora as the "real chosen people" whom the continuing existence of the militant, "counterfeit Jew" Israelis is discrediting.

The truth is, Zionist Israeli Jews are the essence and natural outcome of the ethnocentric, religo-ideology known as Judaism, and Diaspora Jewry as some sort of holy crucible is self-serving, left-liberal and Holocaustianity myth.

The true essence of the ethnocentrism and supremacism inherent to Judaism has not only been revealed by the neo-fascist, Israeli Zionist Jews, but by the left-wing Jewish Bolsheviks -- who to date are even more murderous than the Israeli Zionist Jews.

I guess even "secularists" and "liberals" and Marxist and Trotskyite "scientific leftists" are too intellectually brainwashed, sheep-like and cowardly to face the terrifying fact that there are no "chosen people," but only collectives of peoples who cultivate their talents for good deeds, and those who cultivate their talents for self-serving, institutionalized supremacism not based on moral and ethical merit, but rather on a supposedly racially "chosen" status.

Abrahamite religion is simply one important components in why most people cultivate their talents one way are the other. Breaking with Abrahamite religion is another important component.

But with the cult of Jewry, left to right, clinging to Abrahamism seems to be the only component that matters.