Sunday, July 31, 2011

Liberal fascist Dem apparatus Daily Kos now censoring discussion of Jewish-owned Democratic Party and its relationship to fascist Mideast U.S. policy

My response to ‘DailyKos’ smear

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

DailyKos has acted to ban commenters from linking to Mondoweiss, charging me with anti-Semitism. It is a disgraceful smear and hides DailyKos's real anxiety: it cannot deal with the issue of Palestinian human rights, any more than the Democratic Party can, and so Israel supporters are striking at me.

Their point of attack is my repeated insistence on talking about the large Jewish presence in the American establishment and the importance of Jewish money in the political process. Such an attack was inevitable, and in that sense I welcome it. For while these are delicate issues, they are important ones. I have often expressed my own discomfort with them, and yet I advance them in the discourse because as a journalist I recognize that they meet an ancient test of what is newsworthy: these issues are new, true, and important. Were they merely new and true, I would ignore these issues. But their importance has put them in my road, and I can't shy away from discussing them, and DK's smear gives me an opportunity to revisit my thinking...

I do not think that any analysis of the American government's "special relationship" with Israel can be very sharp if it fails to deal with the simple fact of Jewish donorship. It is the Jewish press that reported that Obama lost $10 million in donations during his May 19 "1967 lines" speech. It is neocon John Podhoretz who says that a "wildly disproportionate" part of the Democratic donor base is Jewish, and Podhoretz who said that Obama fears that he will lose half the money from Jews he got his first time running for the presidency. These fears drive policy, and they have for decades. Jimmy Carter was a one-term president in some measure because he alienated Jews by opposing settlements. The next one-termer, George H.W. Bush, tried to stop the illegal Israeli settlement project in 1991 and paid "dearly" for it in the 1992 campaign (as Donald Neff writes in Fallen Pillars). Bush himself has said that this stance hurt him in that election. Bill Clinton got 60 percent of his money from Jews, according to the New York Times, a real sign of Jewish arrival into the establishment, and he created what David Frum called the most "philosemitic" presidency in history (words that I think DK throws at me) and he reversed Bush's opposition to the settlement policy. Both Clinton's Supreme Court appointments were Jewish, and his Camp David negotiation team was headed by "Israel's lawyer," as he was called, Dennis Ross, and don't you know it, a lousy offer was made to the Palestinians and the Palestinians were blamed for the collapse of the talks. The lesson of Bush 1's loss was not lost on Bush 2, who installed neocons throughout his administration and did nothing to stop the disastrous colonization project. And then Barack Obama threw his friend Rashid Khalidi under the bus in the 2008 campaign, but Dennis Ross is still with us. Ater a stint as head of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute in Jerusalem, the man whom Abraham Foxman has called an "advocate" for Israel is heading Middle East policy under Obama, and if you think that is not a signal to the Jewish community, you're thick. It is the Wall Street Journal that said that Obama's mild demurrals about the occupation have caused "Jewish donors" to "warn" him. And it is Seymour Hersh who has said that "Jewish money" is behind the campaign to push the United States into a confrontation with Iran over nukes.

We can debate the importance of the Israel lobby and the Jewish presence inside the establishment all day long. And many people who come to this site disagree with me, and they're free to speak out (unlike at DailyKos). But myself I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the Jewish presence in the establishment-- as givers, as political actors, as talking heads-- is a huge factor in America losing its way in the Middle East, and so I feel an obligation as an American journalist to address these questions...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Ah, this all brings back the events of nearly two years ago when Weiss himself banned me from commenting on Mondoweiss (see here and here) under charges of anti-Semitism.

It was a disgraceful smear that hid Weiss' real anxiety -- namely that my theory of Judeofascism was 100% accurate, and just like the indoctrinated Dems over at Daily Kos today, Weiss couldn't face the inherent fascism of the tribe with which he had chosen to associate himself any more than the Kossacks can face the fact that the Judeofascists have transmuted the Democratic Party into a party of liberal fascism.

I wonder how much further the worm will have turned in two more years? By then, Weiss will probably either be a neo-Bolshevik communist (which puts him right back in the Judeofascist-manifestation camp)...or a libertarian.

Or maybe he'll just get it over with and declare himself a Christian. Oh, but than organized Jewry would be able to blame his "anti-Semitism" on Christian doctrine, and totally disregard the fact that it's actually because so many of them are psychopathic Judeofascists who worship a psychopathic God by the name of Yahweh.


Chu said...

Very ironic, good catch to remind us of the hypocrisy.

Thors Provoni is back writing under the name, GalenSword.

Also, I'm not sure if you missed the Atzmon article, but the comments regarding the holocaust and the general hatred of Atzmon were worth reading. Atzmon really drives a wedge between the Jewish left.

Esp. note Maz Ajl, Evildoer and Tom Pessah's commentary.

Anonymous said...

Weiss is whining that he has been censored? Imagine that! Through banning and censoring, Weiss has sent the message that he welcomes only obviously warped Zionists and sycophants at his own site--just look at the comments section section from the links you posted and compare the tone when you were banned to the current comments.

Weiss likes his game rigged, and why wouldn't he when it's all about a fake battle between his brand of phony humanism and the hyper-Zionism of the nutcases that he claims to engage in a family feud.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not when 99.9999% of Americans don't care about the issues or even have a clue who Weiss is.

Chris Moore said...

I’ve noticed that Weiss’ commentariat resents the fact that the Daily Kos commentariat is using phony, politically correct, left-wing propaganda, "racist" smears and self-righteous platitudes to smear Weiss and his stable. Talk about playing with fire and getting burned.

Nonetheless, these left-wing Weiss-niks are learning how Judeo-Bolshevism as symbolized by the Kossacks, is just as cunning, ruthless, evil, self-serving and manipulative as Judeo-Zionism.

Maybe these Weissnik birds will even eventually wake up to the snake head of the serpent, the organized Jewish doctrine of Judeofascism, and how it created their own leftist ideology to subjugate, control, and manipulate organized Jewry's would-be critics and competitors-in-swindle...but I won’t hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

I think Weiss knows what he is doing, and I would guess that most of his fans do, as well. If he's trying to disguise anything, he's not doing a very good job at it.

Chu said...

good catch. Ironic that he did that and now he is complaining. its all in the eye of the beholder.

check out atzmon's piece on mondoweiss. lot of commentary on the holocaust, in case you didn't see it. Atzmon shows up in the comments and is grilled by the bunch. worth reading some of it.

Chris Moore said...

Yeah, it was a deliberate purge.

Weiss published some stuff in the American Conservative which was what originally brought me to his site years ago. Maybe he wanted to attract conservatives in the Pat Buchanan vein because he knew they weren't politically correct enought to be cowed (as are most liberals in his multi-culturalist set), and wanted to stir up some controversy to get his site going before chasing off or banning all of the conservatives.

Regardless, I'm still glad his site is making waves, and has pioneered criticism of Zionist Jewry on the establishment left.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least temporarily. But at a certain ideological point, the Left on the one hand and libertarianism, authentic Western liberalism and Christianity on the other hand simply can't be reconciled.

Weiss is probably a crypto Jewish Bolshevik who would immediately jump into bed with Jewish Zionist refugees from Israel if they were driven from the Levant and willing to take back up the Judeo-Bolshevik program.

All these "chosenites" see themselves as history's most important actors, and see the world's destiny as revolving around Jewry.

And after pursuing this supremacist, ethnocentric conceit murderously and fanatically, they profess to wonder why so many people hate their guts.

They know, Weiss knows, and everyone with an IQ over 80 who's paying attention knows. They just don't give a shit, so long as they can control the outcome.

These people and their whole mentality are the definition of "asshole."