Monday, November 07, 2011

Is the Jewish Zionist nation (Diaspora and Israeli) going to get away with starting yet another world war?

(By Chris Moore) -- With Israel and the Diaspora Zionist nation again warmongering against Iran in a growing conflict that threatens to draw in Russia and China, it's a good time to revisit World War II history, both the real and the dramatized.

In the YouTube video A SKEPTICAL LOOK AT 'SCHINDLER'S LIST' part1, historian Ernst Zundel discusses Steven Spieldberg's award winning movie Schindler's List, with a Jewish buddy of his.

It's an interesting conversation on the German perspective of World War II, one that verifies the old adage: History is written by the victors.

As one of the victors of WWII (recall, the Diaspora Jewish nation initiated war footing against Germany before anybody else with the "Judea"-collective boycott of 1933), the history of World War II written by organized Jewry is just as subjective as any other "victor's history."

And as with other victorious nations of WWII, Judea suffered casualties (which it melodramaitically called a holocaust) exaggerated its sacrafices and heroism, and milked its role in the conflict for all its worth. But unlike the other victors, Jewry has done this in order to advance yet another fascist agenda: its own.

Only once Americans begin analyzing organized Jewry though the lens of this true agenda, Jewish supremacism, does its relentless warmongering and Hollywood and media propaganda come into true focus.

In order to advance Jewish supremacism, Jews first had to establish their noble victim “cred” through reams of Holocaust ™ movies, television, books, articles, etc., and endless other accounts of alleged historical persecution of Jewry for no reason other than Gentile bigotry. Simultaneously with this, they demonized their supposed persecutors, Nazi or otherwise, with reams of propaganda portraying them as savages, barbarians, primitives, philistines, etc.

The end effect of decades of brainwashing is what we see in America today -- a cowed Gentile populace that will cringe anytime someone criticizes organized Jewry, no matter how fascist, greedy, warmongering, and murderous it becomes, and roll over entirely for whatever these Judeofascist gangsters demand, including profitable wars of aggression for Israel and Diaspora Zionism, and its profiteering neo-fascist partners from establishment left to right.

Organized Jewry went through this same program vis-à-vis the Palestinians and Arabs, demonizing them as savages in their conflict with the "innocent Jews." Yet those who know the real history of Palestine know that it is the Zionists who are the game-rigging land thieves, fascist aggressors and ethnic cleansers, and the Palestinians who have always merely been trying to defend themselves, and not very successfully at that.

(I’m not sure why certain people on the left profess to believe that organized Jewry is capable of fascism in the Levant, but prior to that was always innocent as doves, particularly once one accounts for the Jewish Bolsheviks, who along with their Leninist and Stalinist partners, murdered tens of millions in the early Soviet sphere -- years before the supposed “ultimate“ Holocaust ™. Actually, I do know why: certain leftists don’t want to admit their historical and current partnership with Judeofascism.)

It is true that organized Jewry has been hounded for much of its history, but that’s because it has suffered from insatiable greed and fascist leanings for millenia. Indeed, the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) records Jewry’s “persecution” at the hands of its own God for its malevolence and wickedness.

Apparently even Yahweh is an “anti-Semite.”

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