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Jewry’s relentless, self-serving intrigue and foreign loyalties expose the fallacy of tribalistic “multiculturalism”

(By Chris Moore) -- Philip Weiss has an interesting blog post about how Zionist Jewry is so haughty, it maintains non-Jews can't even talk about it without Jewish approval. Yet he's also been noting on his blog lately how even super Zionist American Jews are by appearances starting to back away from Israel. This is seemingly good news for America-firsters, but examined more closely, is more likely merely a strategic retrenchment in pursuit of their ongoing diaspora Jewish nationalist/Israel-first agenda (more on that later).

First, Weiss:
People are talking about Jeffrey Goldberg's very late epiphany that Israel is not much of a democracy for Palestinians and this clashes with American values. He cited both discrimination against Palestinians inside Israel and in the occupation:
[T]here's very little Israel's right-wing government has done in the past year or so to suggest that it is willing to wean itself from its addiction to West Bank settlements, and the expansion of settlements bodes ill for the creation of a Palestinian state -- and the absence of Palestinian statehood means that Israel will one day soon confront this crucial question concerning its democratic nature: Will it grant West Bank Arabs the right to vote, or will it deny them the vote?
But Walt and Mearsheimer said much of this a long time ago. They were on to Israel's intransigent refusal to end the occupation in 2006, and saw the clash with American values:
Some aspects of Israeli democracy are at odds with core American values. Unlike the US, where people are supposed to enjoy equal rights irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity, Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship. Given this, it is not surprising that its 1.3 million Arabs are treated as second-class citizens, or that a recent Israeli government commission found that Israel behaves in a ‘neglectful and discriminatory’ manner towards them. Its democratic status is also undermined by its refusal to grant the Palestinians a viable state of their own or full political rights.
At that time (and even after W&M retracted/regretted the word "blood") Goldberg said they were anti-Semitic, and so did a lot of other Israel lobbyists, in the New York Times, Yivo Institute, the Washington Post, etc. In fact, there's a basic prejudice at work here. It's OK if Jews say it, but not gentiles. That prejudice is based on the belief that Jews are outsiders, a minority, and are vulnerable. Not long after he was scolding Hannah Arendt for having insufficient love for the Jewish people, the great Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem said that only Jews could write Jewish history: "...Jewish historians... learned to insist, and rightly so, that Jewish history is a process that can only be understood when viewed from within..." Goldberg has the same view...
Weiss claims that Jews don't want gentiles talking about them because it makes them feel "vulnerable." This is incorrect, and actually their supposed "vulnerability" is merely a guilt-peddling ploy Jewry uses to leverage itself into a position of advantage and eventual institutional supremacy.

No, Jewry doesn't feel vulnerable when being openly discussed and debated out of fear of persecution, but rather out of fear that its murderous swindles, scams and self-serving hierarchy might be revealed for what they truly are: predatory.

Hence, Jewry creates an insular clique that treats both gentiles and any gentile criticism as anathema -- and then uses that same attitude instilled among its sympathisers, agents, enablers, hasbaraniks and collaborators to see to it that the Judeofascist question simply isn't talked about.

Here's an example of how Jewry organizationally attempts to instill the concept of its own supremacy into those gentiles with whom it comes into even casual contact as outlined by Guy Walters from a report in The Telegraph:
At the end of July, The Independent carried a piece by Christina Patterson in which she observed that many of her fellow inhabitants in Stamford Hill were intolerant of her presence. “I didn’t realise that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Ku Klux Klan convention,” she wrote. “I didn’t realise that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs, and parking restrictions, were for people who hadn’t been chosen by God.”

Thanks to these words, Patterson has earned herself a place in the Top 10 Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010 compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre...

...the Wiesenthal Centre has resorted to that old trick of selective quotation – always a top tactic for someone with an agenda. If you read the rest of her column, it’s clear that Patterson’s beef is not just with the behaviour of Hasidic Jews – she doesn’t like little girls wearing hijabs, or young women wearing niqabs. She also has little time for the revolting practice of clitoridectomy, which is inflicted on some 500 to 2,000 British schoolgirls every year. Taken as a whole, the entire column is about the limits of multiculturalism, and examines how, in her words, “certain practices, in different religious communities [...] conflict with some of the values in British society”. Patterson makes it clear that she can just about tolerate bad manners in the name of multiculturalism, but not much more than that. That seems a reasonable position to take, and is an opinion that should be freely expressed.
By adopting an air of superiority and entitlement when it comes to dealings, or even contact, with gentiles, and then viciously leveling charges of "hate" and "anti-Semitism" when gentiles defend themselves, Jewry seeks to portray itself as invincible, beyond criticism, unaccountable and never to be questioned or confronted. It's all part of its "chosen" pose, wherein it seeks to impress the concept of its own choseness not only upon its fledgling Jewish supremacist cult members, but upon any competing or critical gentiles as well in order to intimidate criticism and create a competitive advantage.

So I have to put a question to Weiss: Why do you relentlessly advance the fallacious concept that Jewry's defensiveness, haughtiness and air of entitlement is a reaction to past gentile persecution born of insecurity when in fact it's merely another cynical ploy in its ongoing arsenal to impose its own supremacist agenda? As you well know, supposedly Jewish "defense" organizations like Wiesenthal are simply elaborate swindles, fronts and shields for diaspora Jewish nationalism, so why do you credit Jewry in general as being motivated by earnest fear as opposed to a self-serving agenda? Given all the evidence, there's no reason to believe organized diaspora Jewry in general is any more earnest than Wiesenthal's diaspora Jewish nationalist troupe.

All of which raises the question of diaspora Jewish nation treachery vs. Israeli Jewish nation treachery. Which is worse? Weiss' grand pose is that if only the U.S. were to cut Israel loose (and it sank into the mire) the entirety of American Jewry would happily assimilate into America and we would all saunter in to a Utopian multicultural future paradise together.

First off, American Jewry has already demonstrated the limits of (tribalistic) multiculturalism through its self-serving underhandedness, economic predations, political intrigue, and downright criminalism (painstakingly documented on this blog and elsewhere). Secondly, given its nature, why does Weiss believe the entirety of American Jewry would ever truly cut Israel loose, and if Israel were to ever go down, would forgive America for abandoning her? No, Zionist Jewry would immediately begin planning a subversive and bloody campaign of treachery and revenge into which it would enlist as many Jews as possible.

The better answer is to repatriate Jewish-Zionist "American" Israel-firsters to the object of their relentless scheming, illegal intrigue, outright treason and obsessive affection: the Jewish nation itself.

C'mon. U.S.-born Jeffrey Goldberg moved from America to Israel so he could serve in the IDF, get comprehensive Zionist training and hasbara instruction, and return to the U.S. as an agent of Israel in the mainstream media. Do you honestly believe people like that are ever going to suddenly become loyal Americans? Only a liberal could be so naive (or pretend to be).

Why, even "progressive" Huffington Post writer Christina Patterson knows better.

Depraved Jewish state never misses opportunity to wage war, sow strife, and incite regime change (then has the chutzpah to whine of "anti-Semitism")

From: JWN revived; Israel's wars described

(Just World News) -- by Helena Cobban --

...This week is the start of the 22-day-long second anniversary of Operation Cast Lead-- a.k.a. # 11 in the long, sad caravan of wars of forced regime change that Israel has launched against its neighbors since 1948. I used to describe Cast Lead as #5 in Israel's wars of forced regime change... Then I realized I should also count a bunch of Israel's earlier wars, nearly all of which had amongst their key geostrategic goals a forced change in the political regime of one or more neighboring countries.

So here's my list:

#1: Israel's instigation and participation in the Tripartite (Israeli-British-French) assault against Egypt and Gaza in 1956, which had the goal of overthrowing Nasser. It failed in that goal.

#2: The "Six-Day" war of 1967, which had the goals of seizing the West Bank from Jordan and hopefully also overthrowing the regimes in either Egypt or Syria. The first goal was achieved, the other two not.

#3: Israel's involvement in backing Jordan's King Hussein in his anti-PLO assault of September 1970, which brought into place a very different kind of regime in Jordan-- though still one headed, as before, by Hussein.

#4: The military aid Israel gave to the campaign that the Lebanese Falangists and their Chamounist allies mounted against the PLO in Lebanon in 1976. This one was, essentially a standoff.

#5: The direct Israeli military assault against Lebanon in 1978. This one aimed at putting pressure on the Lebanese to expel the PLO. It failed at that-- but Israel did establish the Insecurity Zone deep inside south Lebanon in which it was to remain for a further 22 years.

#6: The even bigger Israeli military assault against Lebanon in 1982. This one aimed both at direct elimination of the PLO's self-defense capabilities in Lebanon and at pressuring the Lebanese to expel what remained of the PLO. It also aimed at installing a dependent, pro-Israeli government in Beirut. It achieved the first two of those goals but its attainment of the third of them was much more fragile and short-lived-- lasting only until Pres. Amin Gemayyel made his peace with Syria in February 1984. Meanwhile, of course, Israel's occupation presence in a huge chunk of south Lebanon fomented the birth of Hizbullah....

#7: The large Israeli assault against Lebanon in 1993-- this time, with the aim of pressuring the Lebanese to repudiate Hizbullah. Didn't work.

#8: The large Israeli assault against Lebanon in 1996-- once again, with the aim of pressuring the Lebanese to repudiate Hizbullah. Didn't work.

#9: The large Israeli assault against all PA institutions in the West Bank and Gaza in 2002. This one aimed at directly destroying the PA's ability to deliver any services to Palestinians and resulted in the dismantlement of just about all the infrastrcture the PA had built up since Oslo. It left a state of anarchy and hopelessness from which Hamas was to emerge much stronger than before...

#10: The truly massive Israeli assault against Lebanon in 2006-- once again, with the aim of pressuring the Lebanese to repudiate Hizbullah. Didn't work.

#11: The truly massive Israeli assault against Gaza in late 2008-- with the aim of pressuring the Palestinians to repudiate/overthrow Hamas. Didn't work...MORE...LINK

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Christian Europe awakens to social subversiveness, economic treachery and racist double standards of Judeofascists and their lackeys

Greek Bishops Defy World Jewry

(Real Zionist News) -- by Brother Nathanael Kapner --

Thugs in a pod: Corrupt and murderous Judeophile left-liberals in U.S. stick up for corrupt and murderous Jewish oligarchs in Russia

Commies Are At It Again

(The American Conservative) -- by Philip Giraldi --

The US media is reporting critically on the conviction yesterday in Moscow of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. Khodorovsky had earlier been convicted of fraud and tax evasion in 2005 and has been in jail ever since. The conviction prompted commentary from no less than Hillary Clinton who said it “raises serious questions about selective prosecution” while the White House saw “…due process violations and what appears to be an abusive use of the legal system for improper ends.”

First off, where does the Bush/Obama US get the right to criticize a trial in any country? Guantanamo, Patriot Act, Military Commissions, and state secrets privilege come to mind immediately. Obama and Clinton should be apologizing for what we do…

What this is really all about is the hidden message, conveyed by Clinton’s reference to selective. Khodorovsky is Jewish, as are most of the oligarchs who stripped Russia of its wealth in the 1990s, and he has his own claque of supporters who regard his conviction as anti-Semitism.

The fact is that anyone who has looked into the looting of Russia knows very well that Khodorovsky is guilty as hell on all charges. That he was accused of stealing and exporting $27 billion from Yukos, the company he controlled, is no doubt an exaggeration but he clearly did make off with at least $15 billion. The oligarchs also engaged in assassination and other niceties that their friends tend to overlook. Nearly all of the first generation oligarchs have fled Russia in the past few years as Putin has cracked down on them with widespread popular approval. Most live in Western Europe, where they seem to have a thing for buying soccer teams, and also in Israel...LINK
In Christian Russia, the government puts murderous, thieving Judeofascists thugs like Khodorovsky (left) and his gangster ilk in prison where they belong; In Zionist-occupied Washington, Judeofascists get promoted to the highest levels of society and government. No wonder America is in the toilet.--C.M.

Don't believe multicultural Judeophile-liberal or Judeo-Christian Zionist lies: the racist, self-serving face of Jewry is on open display in Israel


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

A recent poll in Israel showed a majority of Israelis (51%) support the racism of 50 top rabbis. Agreeing that "racism originates in the Torah," the rabbis signed a declaration banning Arabs from renting or buying real estate from Jews in Israel. A staggering 41% of secular Israelis, 64% of Orthodox, and 88% of Ultra-Orthodox agree with these rabbis (See, "Poll: 55% back rabbis' anti-Arab ruling" and NPN's 50 Top Israeli Rabbis: Proud to be Racists).

Most "Israel-first" evangelicals have argued that the people of Israel are remarkably peace-loving and generous constituents of the Mideast's only democracy, even if their former leaders may have done violence to the Palestinians. But past and current events contradict this.

In the spring of 1948, Menachem Begin’s terrorists massacred more than a hundred Arab inhabitants of the sleeping town of Deir Yassin. Afterward, they stripped the surviving women and girls naked and paraded them in open trucks in triumphal procession through the Jewish section of Jerusalem, "where they were subject to the mockery and insults of the onlookers." (1) In the weeks following, such violent animosity toward Arabs increased.

The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem extensively quotes the acknowledged Israeli expert on this period, historian Benny Morris. In 1948, according to Morris, hundreds of Arab towns and cities were attacked by the Zionists, their occupants forcefully evicted. The expulsion often began with artillery shelling and even aerial attack. Many Arabs were tortured or massacred by the Israelis in order to further terrorize. Those who fled were not allowed to take any possessions with them. The Zionists bulldozed their homes to prevent return. Arabs were attacked and robbed by Jewish soldiers en route to concentration camps. Even future Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, who authorized the expulsion, was concerned about incidents of rape of Arab women (2). Forbidden to ever return, and receiving no compensation, they and their posterity have little hope of ever regaining their lost dignity, property, and autonomy.

And then there is the ultimate insult: Israel, the nation founded on terror, has convinced the world that the Palestinian dream of returning to their homes is now the very definition of "terrorism" in the Mid-East!

Was an evil government alone to blame for such injustice? Immediately after the Arabs fled their businesses, orchards, factories, towns, and villages (even luxurious villas), Zionist troops and the people of Israel flooded in to seize the spoils. In fact, the sale of Palestinian property flourished as a small industry in Israel for several years...

In a remarkable book, The Jewish Utopia, published in 1932 by Talmudic scholar Dr. Michael Higger and endorsed by the founder of Conservative Judaism, Solomon Schechter, Dr. Higger says of the Messianic (anti-Christ) age to come:
In general, the peoples of the world will be divided into two main groups, the Israelitic and the non-Israelitic. The former will be righteous; they will live in accordance with the wishes of one universal God; they will be thirsty for knowledge, and willing, even to the point of martyrdom, to spread ethical truths to the world. All the other peoples, on the other hand, will be known for their detestable practices, idolatry, and similar acts of wickedness. They will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era. (5)
In short, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, under tacit approval by the government, are preparing the next generation of religious Israelis to become exterminators of Arabs - and after that, homicidal persecutors of Christians. Dozens of Israeli rabbis now agree that Israel must end "the Arab problem" immediately, by violence if necessary.

Meanwhile, evangelical Christians contribute tens of millions of dollars annually to the very Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox groups who alarm more moderate Jews worldwide. They morally and financially "bless" those who literally believe that someday they will do God a service by not just biting the hand that has fed them (evangelicals) but by actually killing Christians...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I'm not convinced there's any such animal as a "moderate" advocate of Jewry; it seems nearly the entirety of even diaspora Jewry is comprised of fanatical pushers of Big Government (because they are too racist to proselytize), greedy, self-serving, and power mad tribalists.

Presumably American Jews are more moderate? Why, just look at the Big Government insanity the 111th Congress, the "most Jewish Congress ever," has jammed down the throats of the American people over the last two years -- all because, like their Talmudic, pharisaic brethren in Israel, they want to find a way to control the "animal" gentiles in order to rob, exploit, manipulate, plunder, and enslave them for all they're worth -- and Big Government is that means, just as it was for the "secular" Jewish Bolsheviks.

It seems to me, the only nominally sane Jews either identify themselves as "former" or "assimilating," or are described by other Jews and Judeophile gentiles as "anti-Semitic."

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Good riddance to the 111th Congress, the "most Jewish" (and worst rated) ever

(Compiled by Chris Moore)

From Shmuel Rosner in Haaratz following the election of the 111th Congress at the end of 2008, the "most Jewish Congress ever":
First thought: Wow, so many Jews in Congress. A record number: 43. That's huge. No wonder people are so excited about it.

Second thought: Isn't it too much? Just 2 percent of the population and 13 senators out of 100? Two percent of the population and 30 congressmen?
From Wikipedia on the Senate religious affiliation of the 111th Congress:
Jews are represented by 13% of the Senate [vs. comprising] 1.4% of the population. [a statistical over-representation of] (9.29×)
From Nathanael Kapner in July, 2010:
Beginning in January 2009, 45 Jews took the oath of office: 13 Jews in the Senate and 32 Jews in the House...

Thus, with the increasing number of Jews in office and the Lobby’s influence on the Hill, Jews are emerging as the “New Wasps,” replacing the representation of the 60% Protestant majority with a disproportionate representation of the 2% Jewish minority — indeed — an inordinate number of Jews on Capitol Hill:

Sampling of Jews Ruling The Senate: 1. Joseph Lieberman (I CT) 2. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) 3. Charles Schumer (D-NY) 4. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) 5. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) 6. Eric Cantor (R-VA). View Entire List Here.

Sampling of Jews Ruling The House: 1. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) 2. Robert Wexler (D-FL) 3. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) 4. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) 5. Henry Waxman (D-CA) 6. Stephen Cohen (D-TN).

Every Jew in the 111th Congress supports the gangster state of Israel, whose billion dollar funding by Congress is taking money from the American jobless...

Indeed, Jewry has taken control of the most strategic and most important of the House and Senate Committees:

A Sampling Of Committee Chairmen: 1. Armed Services - Carl Levin 2. Environment And Public Works - Barbara Boxer 3. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Members - Russ Feingold, Benjamin Cardin, Barbara Boxer 4. House Committee On Foreign Affairs - Howard Berman 5. Energy And Commerce - Henry Waxman 6. Banking And Finance - Barney Frank 7. Joint Committee On Taxation - Sander Levin 8. Senate Committee On Homeland Security - Joseph Lieberman 9. House Judiciary Committee - Jerrold Nadler 10. House Intelligence Committee Members - Jan Schakowsky, Adam Schiff...
From a Gallup Poll issued Dec 15, 2010:
Americans' assessment of Congress has hit a new low, with 13% saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job. The 83% disapproval rating is also the worst Gallup has measured in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance.
From Pat Buchanan on December 20th, 2010:
A Democratic Congress, discharged by the voters on Nov. 2, has as one of its last official acts, imposed its San Francisco values on the armed forces of the United States.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” is to be repealed. Open homosexuals are to be welcomed with open arms in all branches of the armed services.

Let us hope this works out better for the Marine Corps than it did for the Catholic Church.

Remarkable. The least respected of American institutions, Congress, with an approval rating of 13 percent, is imposing its cultural and moral values on the most respected of American institutions, the U.S. military.
From Kevin MacDonald on December 20, 2010:
Joe Lieberman’s Jewish reasons for opposing “Don’t ask, don’t tell”: The Daily Beast reports that Joe Lieberman “worked tirelessly in rounding up enough votes for the Senate to repeal the don’t ask don’t tell policy.” What’s interesting is his motivation: ““I’m a Jewish-American, a member of a minority group raised from the earliest part of my life to be deeply grateful for all the rights and opportunities and freedom afforded Americans.”...

In other words, it’s all about fear and loathing of a homogeneous White, Christian culture that prizes heterosexuality. Jewish voting behavior has nothing to do with economics (83% voted for Obama despite their high socioeconomic class profile) but everything to do with creating a powerful coalition against the traditional people and culture of America.
From a Washington Examiner editorial of December 25, 2010:
Americans can give thanks in this Christmas season for an end to the reckless and destructive 111th Congress. This is the Congress that passed Obamacare, against the wishes of a substantial majority of the public, on Christmas Eve of last year.In the dead of night, Democratic lawmakers stuffed the monstrous 2,700-page bill with special-interest goodies and political payoffs like the "Cornhusker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase." As we have learned since, most members were still ignorant of the bill's contents three months later, when it gained final passage in the House. No surprise that its immediate results -- both intended and unintended -- have been almost uniformly bad.

Similarly, odds are that not one member of the 111th Congress actually read the so-called "cap-and-trade" bill before it passed the House in June 2009. Even a speed-reader could not have digested House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman's last-second, 309-page amendment, which read as clear as mud...

And Democrats wonder why Gallup found this Congress to be the least popular in the history of its polls?...
Sadly, the more things change, the more they stay the same. From Jewish Virtual Library on the number of Jews in the incoming 112th Congress:
(13— [Jews:] 11 Democrats, 2 Independents)...

(27— [Jews:] 1 Republican, 26 Democrats)
(Updated 12/28)

Unmasked in America as just another two-faced, Jewish supremacist, statist-authoritarian liberal, Judeofascist Marty Peretz licks his wounds in Israel

Peretz in Exile

For decades, Martin Peretz taught at Harvard and presided over The New Republic—a fierce, if controversial, lion among American intellectuals and Zionists. Now, having been labeled a bigot, taunted at his alma mater, and stripped of his magazine, he has found peace in a place where there is little: Israel.
(New York Magazine) -- by Benjamin Wallace-Wells --

The part of Israel that remains perfect to Martin Peretz is vanishingly small. But it does still exist, tangibly enough that you could trace its perimeter on a map of Tel Aviv: the ethnically mixed neighborhoods of Jaffa, the impeccably preserved Bauhaus downtown, the symphony halls and dance theaters, the intersections that still hold traffic, tense and honking, at 2:30 in the morning, the cosmopolitan sidewalk cafés that make real the old liberal dream. Peretz, the longtime owner and editor-in-chief of The New Republic, has been living here since October, and he reported recently that he has seen performances by the progressive dance company Pilobolus, the Cape Town Opera, and a Malian jazz group, which drew “a very hip crowd.” The sections of Tel Aviv he inhabits are so secular, Peretz says with relish, that in his first six weeks he saw exactly “eleven guys with Orthodox clothes. That’s it.”

Peretz is a fervent believer in Israel, but he always found the country a little small and so has often kept his trips short. Now he is here for seven months, teaching English writing to a class of eight 15-year-olds—immigrants, many of them, and poor...

Throughout, Peretz has seemed to grow only more resolute, his constitutional truculence more evident. In September, writing on his New Republic blog The Spine, Peretz homed in on a familiar villain: Islamic terrorists who target other Muslims. “Frankly,” he wrote, “Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims.” He got himself wound up: “I wonder whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse.” Nicholas Kristof began his Sunday New York Times column by denouncing the post; Peretz’s sentiments, he wrote, showed how “venomous and debased the discourse about Islam has become.” The Atlantic’s James Fallows, arguably the most reasonable man in liberal American letters, reviewed the evidence and concluded that Peretz is “broadly considered … a bigot.” Peretz had published many similar slanders in the past, but suddenly there were protests bent on a reckoning: a loud demonstration at Harvard, public letters demanding his condemnation, profound indignation across the left. The day after Kristof’s column, Peretz apologized for suggesting First Amendment privileges be revoked for Muslims. It was “a stupid sentence,” he now says. The rest he defended; it was what he believed...MORE...LINK

Video: Founder of modern Zionism was a politically schizophrenic, self-hating diaspora Jew -- and realized his people were, too

Zionism and Herzl: The Antisemitic Side of Zionism


Click HERE for video

Chris Moore comments:

No surprise that those who cling to the schizophrenic God of the Old Testament are going to produce self-contradicting ideologies and political outcomes like Zionism (and other politically Jewish offshoots like post-Christian, neocon Judeo-Christianity and Communism/Leftism, invented by the Jews Hess and Marx and the Judeo-Christian Engels, and implemented by partially Jewish Lenin, Jewish Trotksy and Judeo-Christian, former seminary student Stalin).

The Old Testament God, simultaneously punisher and rewarder, is going to produce some very disturbed people with some very disturbed political ideologies -- particularly when forcefully mashed together with Christianity into Judeo-Christian political amalgamations.

Herzl was right to try to end this forced, arranged marriage; it isn't his fault the Christian West has been compromised and betrayed by the Israel-first treachery of Judeo-Christianity and its warped, Left-Right political offshoots.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's greatest instigators and beneficiaries, Judeofascists spearhead Zionist "multicultural" overthrow of West by labeling opposition "anti-Semitic"

It's not anti-Semitic to say that Hasidic Jews are intolerant of goyim

(The Telegraph) -- by Guy Walters --

At the end of July, The Independent carried a piece by Christina Patterson in which she observed that many of her fellow inhabitants in Stamford Hill were intolerant of her presence. “I didn’t realise that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Ku Klux Klan convention,” she wrote. “I didn’t realise that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs, and parking restrictions, were for people who hadn’t been chosen by God.”

Thanks to these words, Patterson has earned herself a place in the Top 10 Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010 compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. Patterson’s words are apparently so offensive, that she is placed above these entries, taken from Yahoo Finance’s Goldman Sachs Message Boards and Facebook: “Stinking Jews finally getting what they deserve Burn all the jews up [sic]“, “Kill a Jew Year” and “Kill a Jew Day”. As one might expect, Patterson is far from delighted at being labelled one of the world’s top anti-Semites.

What, precisely, is so wrong with what Patterson is saying? First, it is clear from her biography that she is hardly likely to be chummy with Nick Griffin and David Irving. According to The Independent’s website, she is a “former director of the Poetry Society, and literary programmer at the Southbank Centre”. With these credentials, I hope it is not bigoted of me to assume that Patterson is perhaps not a member of the BNP. For heaven’s sake, she writes a column for The Independent.

Secondly, the Wiesenthal Centre has resorted to that old trick of selective quotation – always a top tactic for someone with an agenda. If you read the rest of her column, it’s clear that Patterson’s beef is not just with the behaviour of Hasidic Jews – she doesn’t like little girls wearing hijabs, or young women wearing niqabs. She also has little time for the revolting practice of clitoridectomy, which is inflicted on some 500 to 2,000 British schoolgirls every year. Taken as a whole, the entire column is about the limits of multiculturalism, and examines how, in her words, “certain practices, in different religious communities [...] conflict with some of the values in British society”. Patterson makes it clear that she can just about tolerate bad manners in the name of multiculturalism, but not much more than that. That seems a reasonable position to take, and is an opinion that should be freely expressed.

Thirdly, is there any reason to suppose that Patterson is lying? In her column, she cites the example of a black friend being made to feel unwelcome in a local fishmonger’s shop. Does that sound an unlikely scenario? I think not. Hasidic Jews have a reputation for being intolerant of those outside their world. It’s clear, that by moving to Stamford Hill, Patterson witnesses this intolerance every day. Let’s get this straight: Patterson is telling the truth.

Besides, she’s hardly the first person to say it. Look at the question posed on this website: “Why are hasidic jews so mean and rude? I’m from NYC and they are the rudest group of people I have ever come across. They never say “excuse me”, “please”, “thank you”. They have no social graces at all…” Should the poster of this be put on the Wiesenthal’s Centre’s pop chart of anti-Semitic nasties? Is the question completely without foundation?..MORE...LINK

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jewish bankers suppress the price of gold to protect the Keynesian Fed's money printing scam which also underwrites the ideological Zionist racket

The Boys Behind Gold & Silver

(RealZionistNews) -- by Nathanael Kapner --

George W. Bush, easily played for a fool by the Jewish neocons

George Bush: The First Jewish President

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Michael Kinsley’s review of Bush’s memoir has this tidbit:
When Bush called for a new Palestinian leadership, Barbara Bush the elder (“Mother,” he invariably calls her) rang up to say, “How’s the first Jewish president doing?” Maybe I’m deficient in humor, but I don’t see why this is funny, as her son clearly believes it to be. I might even find it alarming if Bush didn’t crowd this book with ?maybe-you-had-to-be-there witticisms.
Philip Weiss writes that the comment is
a little window into the important mystery of how the realist [G. H. W] Bush absorbed the shocking reality of his neoconnized son — after all, a question of huge historical import. I.e by gentle ribbing, in the hope that it might eventually make a difference. Perhaps it even did; Bush didn’t attack Iran. Jeffrey Goldberg reported that he began to call Kristol and Krauthammer “the bomber boys” in the last years of his presidency. I’m a little surprised that Kinsley would have thought it alarming.
Actually, it’s easy to see why Kinsley would find it alarming: He finds any suggestion of Jewish influence anathema. (See below.)

Bush may have wised up, but the sad thing is that he was so gullible early in his presidency. Kinsley reports that after being elected governor of Texas,
God told him to run for president. “I felt a calling to run,” Bush writes. “I was concerned about the future of the country, and I had a clear vision of where to lead it. I wanted to cut taxes, raise standards in public schools, reform Social Security.” Bush never indicates where this laundry list of views came from. He had no political views he deems worthy of mention before the age of 40, but a few years later he has a complete set. You do have to wonder how deep they run.
Well, not exactly a complete set. None of the policies that Bush says he wanted to implement had anything to do with foreign policy (much less help out the really crucial issue of the future of White America). He was a babe in the woods and the neocons loved it so much that they made him into the first Jewish president. Jacob Heilbrunn has a nice account of Bush’s naivete:
The first time [Richard Perle] met Bush, he immediately sensed that he was different from his father. Two things were clear to Perle: one was that Bush didn’t know much about foreign policy and another was that he wasn’t too embarrassed to confess it. Like Wolfowitz, Perle admired Bush’s ability, as he saw it, to cut to the heart of the matter rather than become mesmerized by Washington policy talk. (p. 230)
The fact that Bush was a babe in the woods on foreign policy was seen as a plus by the neocons. “In August 1999 an excited Wolfowitz told me over lunch . . . that Bush had the ability to penetrate the dense fog of foreign policy expertise to ask a simple question. ‘Tell me what I need to know? [sic]’” (Heilbrunn, p. 230).

Although Heilbrunn states that we can never know for certain what was going on in Bush’s brain in the days and months after 9/11, his comment that Bush “moved further and further into the web that the neoconservatives had woven around him” (p. 235) seems reasonable. It’s pathetic to realize that someone can become president with such lack of experience or concern about foreign policy. I suspect that even the inexperienced Obama had more understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian situation if only because of his contacts among political radicals.

Bush may have wised up, as Weiss suggests. But by then it was too late. Kinsley quotes Bush:
“The reality was that I had sent American troops into combat based in large part on intelligence that proved false.” A handsome admission, but it raises the question: So why were they still there, dying and killing, when he left office years later?
An even better question is why the intelligence was false. Neither Kinsley nor Bush would want to consider the evidence that neocons (Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, Abraham Shulsky, Elliott Abrams, Michael Ledeen, Michael Rubin, David Schenker; see here, p. 48) at the Office of Special Plans in the Department of Defense cooked the intelligence on Iraq.

Best to keep that one under wraps.

Re Kinsley’s aversion to the idea of Jewish influence: Here he is on Jewish involvement in the financial crisis; he makes similar dumb arguments on the neocons and the Iraq war. Quick rejoinders: people are often unaware of how they are biased by their ethnocentrism, so it’s no surprise that Jewish neocons firmly believe that Israel and the U.S. have the same interests. Secondly, no one is saying that all Jews are neocons, but people are saying that Jews with a strong Jewish identity and commitment to Israel were extraordinarily influential in the Bush administration...LINK

"Learning" on the job: Paul Wolfowitz tutors President Bush

Chris Moore comments:

The comments that MacDonald attributes to Weiss above were actually by Scott McConnell of The American Conservative magazine on Weiss’ blog.

I think the neocons’ eyes got big when they realized what an empty vessel Bush was; I know they’re thinking the same thing about Sarah Palin. These people are wolves who devour the empty-headed goy that the rubes of both Left and Right cast before them, which makes any politician who isn’t Jew-wise a threat to the country.

MacDonald: “no one is saying that all Jews are neocons, but people are saying that Jews with a strong Jewish identity and commitment to Israel were extraordinarily influential in the Bush administration.”

I think nearly all Jews are Jewish supremacists, which is their right. Most Whites probably secretly harbor White supremacist attitudes, although I’m starting to wonder if they’ve finally been bashed (mostly by Jews in media, academics, government, etc.) for so long that this might no longer be the case. Another difference is that Jews inevitably seek to institutionalize their Jewish supremacist beliefs via their Jewish networks, and by establishing Jewish supremacist policy like Zionism. America has unquestionably become a Jewish supremacist nation both in terms of policy and in terms of the hugely disproportionate number of Jews at the highest levels of nearly any hierarchy.

If a group of Whites were to pursue institutional supremacy at anything approaching a level of that of the Jews, they would be quickly targeted as a “hate group” and the full force of government would be turned upon them. But it’s okay for the Jews to pursue the most vicious and ruthless institutional racism de facto in America and de jure in Israel, and still declare themselves a vulnerable minority that deserves huge amounts of our money, praise, compassion, sympathy and promotion.


Anyone who has viewed the collapse of WTC 7 has to be an idiot to conclude it's anything but a controlled demolition. If you follow the logic of who had to be in on it as I’ve done here...

...then it’s clear that a group of ideological Zionists (most of them Jewish) had their hands in the operation, and even in stages of the attacks themselves. I suspect they facilitated and enabled the attacks in much the same way that the neocons did the brainwork behind the false evidence that framed Iraq. They put the pieces in place, wound up the operation, and sat back and watched it all come together.

These are very sick people with very sick minds. They are programmed to believe anything and everything is justified so long as it is done “on behalf of the Jewish people.” They’ve been getting their chains jerked by this pharisaic matrix which itself is a wind-up operation for 2,000 years. One doesn’t have to be a Christian to recognize that 2,000 years of obsessive, relentless, neurotic, self-propagating, cult indoctrination is going to create some very disturbed minds.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Orwellian, upside down, Judeofascist-dominated neo-America, gays rule the military, and free speech and peace activism are criminal


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike and Harmony Daws --

Fourteen anti-war activists in Chicago recently felt the cold fingers of government control on Sept. 24 when they were subpoenaed and their homes invaded and property seized by the FBI. These “peace and justice activists, mothers and grandmothers” are under grand jury investigation for allegedly giving “material support” to a foreign terrorist organization.

What does that mean? Daniel Kaplan, an intern in the American Friends Service Committee Middle East Program in Chicago, says,
Over the course of this fall, being on the side of peace and justice has gradually meant living in a state of fear. Since September, the FBI has subpoenaed and raided the homes of 19 activists seeking and end to violence in Palestine and Columbia. The rash of raids stems from a [US Supreme] court ruling this summer that redefines the charge of "material support to terrorism." Before, material support meant supplying support in the form of finances, weaponry, intelligence, or combat training to political bodies defined by the state department as "terrorist organizations."

Now "material support to terrorism" includes vocal support for such organizations or even advocating open communication with them. For activists in my community, this means that anyone who advocates negotiations with the government in Gaza could be charged with "material support to terrorism," because Gaza is currently governed by Hamas.

Essentially, it is now a crime to promote direct reconciliation between Palestinian/Gaza organizations and Israel/the United States. The government has criminalized opinions that are not in line with our government's foreign policy…
According to the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, the 14 activists’ personal belongings—including cell phones, papers and computers—are still under FBI confiscation. The federal law that criminalizes aid and comfort to a terrorist organization was upheld by the Supreme Court in June. “The court ruled 6-3… that the government may prohibit all forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the support consists of training and advice about entirely peaceful and legal activities.” (Emphasis ours)

This means that no longer can Charlie Rose interview on PBS a member of Hamas (as he did this year). No longer can American peace activists, such as former President Jimmy Carter, send messages to Hamas urging compromise and reconciliation. Nor can an American Christian in the Mideast attempt to evangelize or even talk to a member of Hamas. It is now criminal to reason with a large number of the earth’s inhabitants who desperately need Christian faith and reason.

After the Supreme Court ruling, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League heralded the decision as a victory against terrorism. Actually, ADL was elated because it opened bolder possibilities for itself, as Israel’s PR representative, to broaden the definition of terrorism to include those who ideologically oppose America’s “ally in the war on terror.” Because moral and verbal opposition to Israel can be more damaging than financial or military contributions, ADL wants to make criticism of the Jewish state an act of sedition, punishable as a speech crime.

ADL, as well as its sister Jewish attack group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, offers multiple “anti-hate” programs to police and FBI. It schools them in ADL’s definitions and ideological responses to “hate criminals” and “domestic terrorists.” ADL has already described millions of anti-Obama critics as paranoid “conspirators.” (See, ADL Blasts 'Paranoid' Right: Are Millions of Anti-Obama Protestors 'Conspirators?') In its MIAC directive to Missouri State Police, ADL and SPLC described millions more as “potential domestic terrorists.” (See, Alex Jones’ “Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists”) Just this month, SPLC smeared 18 Christian/conservative leadership organizations as hard-core “hate groups.” (See, SPLC Attacks 18 "Hateful" Christian Groups) How long will it be before the FBI considers “home-grown” terrorists as including Christian conservative “haters” – even criminalizing those who communicate with them?

ADL has enormous power within government agencies such as the US Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI. During the Clinton administration, Att. Gen. Janet Reno instructed FBI head Bill Sessions to forge an unbreakable bond of cooperation and information sharing with ADL. According to ADL, their “Hate Crime Working Group Model” has been installed in every state attorney general’s office. Hate crime working groups collect “statistics” and educate law enforcers and society. An example of this is the Judao-protective Knoxville “trunk” which contains a noose, a Star of David and symbols of the Holocaust as part of its show-and-tell tool kit. Fifty-six European nations have modeled their response to hate crimes on ADL’s working groups, definitions and curricula for legal response.

ADL’s site quotes FBI director Louis J. Freeh in 2000,
Let me again thank the Leadership ("ADL") . . . for giving the FBI the kind support and insight and direction in some cases that have enabled us not only to do our job with respect to counter-terrorism, but to really bring home to the United States the dedication to the principles of the ADL, which resonate not just in civil rights cases, but also in human rights cases, and how important that guidance and inspiration have been to use now for many, many years.
Even if Obama is lukewarm toward support of Israel, ADL is so entrenched within the FBI, Justice Department and police that arrests of peace activists who criticize Israel, or communicate with its enemies, are unsurprising. Stated simply, as it now subpoenas critics of Israel, the FBI is actually facilitating ADL’s pro-Israel directives. Aggressively mixing synagogue with state, ADL makes use of federal and state agencies to pursue its anti-free-speech agenda. We can be sure that, as more proscribed “terrorist” groups are added to the State Department list, ADL’s Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department will continue to play a pivotal role in deciding who is on that list. (See, The Real Motive Behind the "Department of Global Anti-Semitism")...MORE...LINK

"No Labels" easily labeled as just another Jewish Zionist and neocon-neolib front/power grab

No Labels = the Ignorant Middle

( --

The American electorate seldom demonstrates an ability to resist the appeals of slick marketing and charlatan candidates. The "so called" swing vote is the battleground where every election is fought. View the vast middle as the ill-equipped idiots that continually waste their vote on establishment surrogates who always protest the corporate/state as their primary campaign pledge. They spin it with charming platitudes, but in the end, they shield their corporate masters.

In spite of this perennial passion play a recent Gallup Poll Puts Congressional Approval at Lowest in History. "83 percent polled over the weekend said they disapprove of Congress' performance. The 13 percent who do approve makes for the lowest approval rating ever". A twist on buyer’s remorse, provided from the Republican/Democratic one party dynasty. So what is the alternative? Get ready for the seal of approval and focus group tested "No Labels" campaign.

The New York Observer sums up New York Times columnist David Brooks this way: "He suggested that a bipartisan group like No Labels is necessary to aid those politicians who step out of party lines for the greater good". Wonder just who some of these bipartisan politicians might be?

The Christian Science Monitor shares some light on this search.
"Monday’s launch of a new movement called – an effort to get beyond the hyperpartisanship that infuses Washington – can’t help but keep the "will Bloomberg run" question alive. The daylong rollout was held in New York City, and Mayor Bloomberg, a political independent, was a marquee participant. And Nolabels’ centrist approach to policy fits his own message, laid out just last week in a campaign-style speech on the economy. The billionaire Bloomberg’s willingness to self-fund as a politician has been amply demonstrated in his three successful runs for New York mayor, and he reportedly considered running for president in 2008".
Such a shining example of populism and ordinary people like Bloomberg must be different from the standard party hack, do you agree? Gee, what party tag is he using this time . . .?

The Politico views this non-party label a little different.

"The group "No Labels" kicked off its first conference Monday at New York's Columbia University with just one label largely absent: "Republican."
The non-partisan initiative with the slogan, "Not Left. Not Right. Forward", is seeking to fill what the American people regularly tell pollsters is the vital center: a non-ideological space where the commitment is to getting things done. And its speakers—who ranged from Republican moderates like ex-Virginia Rep. Tom Davis to liberal Democrats like New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand—sang the praises of cooperation and compromise.

But the only Republicans present at Columbia University's modern, square Alfred Lerner Hall seemed to be those who had recently lost primary races, such as South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis and Delaware Rep. Mike Castle, or former Republicans like Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg".
Wow, could this be a clan of mostly losers or wannabees just masquerading as moderates?

Emily Esfahani Smith, managing editor of the Hoover Institution journal, name names:

"No Labels' purpose is to fight hyper-partisanship in politics, to be the "centrist equivalent to the tea-party movement on the right and MoveOn on the left." Does it surprise you that David Frum is one of the organization's founding leaders? So are Republican strategist Mark McKinnon and Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson"...MORE...LINK

Elder Bush's subtly needled thick-headed G.W. as dupe of the Jews, but to little avail

Realist GHW Bush dealt with the shock of his son’s neoconservatism by joking

(Mondoweiss) -- by Scott McConnell --

Did you read Michael Kinsley's review of Bush's memoir in the Sunday Times yesterday? I thought this part--
Speaking of a sense of humor and the Middle East, when Bush called for a new Palestinian leadership, Barbara Bush the elder (“Mother,” he invariably calls her) rang up to say, “How’s the first Jewish president doing?” Maybe I’m deficient in humor, but I don’t see why this is funny, as her son clearly believes it to be. I might even find it alarming if Bush didn’t crowd this book with maybe-you-had-to-be-there witticisms. After his first meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair, “a British reporter asked what we had in common. I quipped, ‘We both use Colgate toothpaste.’” Huh?
--was telling. I can see why Bush thought it was funny, and it's a little window into the important mystery of how the realist Bush absorbed the shocking reality of his neoconnized son -- after all, a question of huge historical import. I.e by gentle ribbing, in the hope that it might eventually make a difference. Perhaps it even did; Bush didn't attack Iran. Jeffrey Goldberg reported that he began to call Kristol and Krauthammer "the bomber boys" in the last years of his presidency. I'm a little surprised that Kinsley would have thought it alarming...LINK
Never too bright to begin with, "Jr." and his cult followers were easily played by the Jews -- despite subtle warnings from Ma Bush

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jewish enemies of Christianity and Western civilization like Joe Lieberman see to it that the minority tail wags the American dog--whatever the cost

Joe Lieberman’s Jewish reasons for opposing “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
(Occcidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

The Daily Beast reports that Joe Lieberman “worked tirelessly in rounding up enough votes for the Senate to repeal the don’t ask don’t tell policy.” What’s interesting is his motivation: ““I’m a Jewish-American, a member of a minority group raised from the earliest part of my life to be deeply grateful for all the rights and opportunities and freedom afforded Americans.”

That reminds of a quote from Charles Silberman’s A Certain People in the chapter on immigration in The Culture of Critique:
American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief—one firmly rooted in history—that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of U.S. Jews to endorse “gay rights” and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called “social” issues.
A footnote continues:
Moreover, a deep concern that an ethnically and culturally homogeneous America would compromise Jewish interests can be seen in Silberman’s (1985, 347–348) comments on the attraction of Jews to “the Democratic party . . . with its traditional hospitality to non-WASP ethnic groups. . . . A distinguished economist who strongly disagreed with Mondale’s economic policies voted for him nonetheless. ‘I watched the conventions on television,’ he explained, ‘and the Republicans did not look like my kind of people.’ That same reaction led many Jews to vote for Carter in 1980 despite their dislike of him; ‘I’d rather live in a country governed by the faces I saw at the Democratic convention than by those I saw at the Republican convention’ a well-known author told me.”
In other words, it’s all about fear and loathing of a homogeneous White, Christian culture that prizes heterosexuality. Jewish voting behavior has nothing to do with economics (83% voted for Obama despite their high socioeconomic class profile) but everything to do with creating a powerful coalition against the traditional people and culture of America...

Despite the fact that traditional Jewish culture strongly opposes homosexuality (Christians are now being persecuted in Canada for citing the ban on homosexuality in Leviticus), Orthodox Jews like Lieberman instinctively understand that support of public homosexuality is a blow to the traditional people and culture of America despite the fact that it strongly conflicts with their own religion. They therefore celebrate their victory over “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”...MORE...LINK
Jewish Zionist Joe Lieberman, biting the hand that feeds: Defeat of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- yet another Jewish victory over Christianity and Western civilization

Chris Moore comments:

The homosexual fifth column will eventually destroy the U.S. military the same way it's destroyed the Catholic Church.

America and Western civilization in its entirety are slowly being picked apart and eviscerated by self-serving tribal cliques (in addition to the Jewish spearhead, there’s the gay agenda, other social and ethnic special interests, corporatists, lawyers, government unions, etc. and yes, the military industrial complex, which has totally lost sight of its original "defense" mission) who have absolutely no concept or care of what it takes to hold countries and civilizations together. All they can see or care about are their own narrow interests and agenda. They’re killing the goose that laid the golden egg, both socially and economically, but are in such a regressive and narcissistic state, they refuse to see the forest for the trees.

I think the entire liberal capitalists system has put us in a state of arrested development and on a trajectory of demise. All the central planning and technology in the world won’t be able to save a disintegrated socio-political system that has perverted, plundered and buggered itself into oblivion.

Is it going to take patriots in the U.S. military to scour Zionist-occupied government, restore democracy and the dollar?

Could The Military Save The Dollar?

(RealZionistNews) -- by Nathaneal Kapner --

Diaspora Zionist "Super-Jews": the bane of America, the bane of Israel

America's self-loving Jews aren't helping Israel

A Jew who truly loves himself does everything possible in order to save Israel from itself.
(Haaretz) -- by Akiva Eldar --

Attaining a permanent settlement with the Palestinians appears to be about as likely as the opening of an Iranian embassy in "united" Jerusalem. Almost no day goes by without some other country recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. According to the WikiLeaks documents, even the Germans, Israel's steadfast supporters in Europe, have lost their faith in the peaceful intentions of Benjamin Netanyahu's government. Even loyal partner Ehud Barak and Nobel Peace laureate Shimon Peres have ceased to praise the "new Bibi."

There is even the hope that the Labor ministers - who constitute the shriveled fig leaf of the prime minister - have discovered the emotion called shame and the option called opposition.

And then, just when it seemed that the deterioration in Israel's international standing and the cracks at home would open the eyes of the Israeli public, the Jewish-American Superman soars in the skies over the Capital Hill.

He shows the Jewish-Israelis that there is no need to be frightened by the U.S. president, that there is no need to be unnerved by the Europeans and that the United Nations remains insignificant.

The Superman (or woman) strikes a winning blow against the claim of the "defeatists" that it is impossible to conduct negotiations over a piece of land while building on it at the same time. This figure proves that Israel can block U.S. efforts to advance negotiations toward the establishment of a Palestinian state, and then block the efforts of the international community to recognize such state. Our current Superman sells the illusion that the Jewish and Democratic state can exists indefinitely in the Middle East without bringing the violent conflict to an end.

This Superman is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Howard Berman. This Jewish Democrat from California - with the help of Jewish Representatives Garry Ackerman, Eliot Engel and Shelley Berkley - got a resolution passed late last week, which demands that the administration veto any proposal at the UN Security Council to recognize a Palestinian state that is not the result of an agreement with Israel.

The resolution, cobbled together at the offices of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), reproaches the Palestinians for their refusal to return to negotiations and demands that they cease efforts to gain recognition from other countries. There is not a single word about Israel's refusal to freeze the settlements during the negotiations. And nothing about Netanyahu's evasiveness in putting forward his position on the issue of permanent borders.

The initiative in the House does not stem from ideological motives or a political worldview. These are not members of the messianic right wing, who believe that the entire Land of Israel belongs only to the nation of Israel, and who support the expansion of settlements.

Last January, Berman accepted an invitation to speak before the forum of Friends of Peace Now in the United States, and praised the reliable information on the settlements that the organization has provided him. The veteran Congressman warned at the time that if Israel continues to usurp territory, it will lose its Jewish image or cease being a democracy.

The dominant view among the centrist group of the Jewish community - that "we support every Israeli government, right or wrong" - reminds one of a situation in which a parent finds out that his child is addicted to drugs and hands him his credit card...MORE...LINK
Howard Berman (Democrat -- CA) sees himself as Israel's Super-Jew in Congress, but even Israelis recognize him and his ilk (like Garry Ackerman, Eliot Engel and Shelley Berkley) as just more diaspora Jewish-American Elmer Fudds compensating for lacking the courage of their Zionist convictions and emigrating to Israel

Western civilization always despised racist, scheming, tribal Judeofascists who rejected Christian enlightenment; the founder of Zionism agreed

Herzl was an Anti-Semite in Disguise.

(Veterans Today) -- Dr. Ashraf Ezzat --

How do we explain Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews? One reason why that was so, is the important but seldom stressed fact that there was nothing at all odd or unusual about a dislike of Jews almost anywhere in the world of the 1930s or even of long centuries before that time.

Throughout the history of Europe, there has always been a deeply rooted dislike and intolerance toward Jews.

Antipathy toward Jews and Judaism during ancient times go back to the Roman period. The intolerance escalated during the middle Ages with blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions and various pogroms.

History of anti-Semitism
Jews intolerance reached its peak with the eleventh century crusades which witnessed horrible massacres of the Jews only to be followed by expulsions waves including, in 1290, the banishing of all English Jews; in 1396, the expulsion of 100,000 Jews in France; and in 1421, the expulsion of thousands from Austria where Many of the expelled Jews fled to Poland. In 1478 the Spanish Inquisition took place, the expulsion from Spain in 1492 and the expulsion from Portugal in 1497…it seems like medieval Europe was throwing the Jews out of the continent.

The Black Death epidemic which swept throughout Europe in the 17th century and annihilated almost half of its population was blamed on the Jews.

In 1782, Emperor Joseph II ordered that Yiddish and Hebrew to be eliminated from public records.

The 19th century saturated with anti-Jewish sentiments culminated in the famous Dreyfus Affair, an event of the late 19th century and early 20th century which in a way foreshadowed the then impending atrocious Holocaust.

… Hitler was to a considerable degree simply voicing the conventional wisdom of his times and he was far from alone in doing so. The plain fact is that it was not just the Nazis who brought about the Holocaust. To its shame, the whole of the western world did.

We only began to hear of anti-Semitism in modern times but the hatred and contempt for the Jews goes back in time to the Crucifixion of Jesus .

Herzl and anti- Semitism
… The word “Anti-Semitism” – though historically and etymologically inaccurate terminology – still, it undoubtedly managed to describe how most of the peoples – especially in the Christian Europe – felt towards Jews throughout history.

You can call it anti- Semitism, intolerance of Jews or the longest hatred ever in history but we have to admit that there is something inherently irreconcilable- to the gentile way of life- in the genuine attributes of the Jews and their culture that peoples throughout different places and times disliked.

Even Theodor Herzl – the creator of political Zionism and the author of the book Der Judenstaat (the Jewish state ) felt the same way toward Jews and Judaism. He often –according to his diary- showed contempt and dislike of his fellow Jews who abided by the Torah and Jewish traditions.

… Yes, Herzl was an anti-Semite in disguise.

He tried his best, not to oppose and fight anti-Semitism- which he finally came to the conclusion that it was inescapable, but to break loose of his Jewishness.

A recent and compelling – must watch- Israeli documentary released by the Israeli television “ Zionism and Herzl: The Anti-Semitic Side of Zionism” showed that, at first, Herzl thought that assimilation into the enlightened European society and culture would make an equal German citizen-despite his Jewish ethnicity- out of him but that failed to work as expected.

Later on he tried to get rid of his Jewishness by inviting the Jews living in Vienna to convert en masse to Christianity which he considered a more purified religion and far superior to Judaism.

Herzl’s anti-Semitic ideas were well articulated in an article he wrote in the “deutsche Zeitung”… in which he depicted Jews as villains and was quoted saying;

“The wealthy Jews control the world, in their hands lies the fate of governments and nations. They set governments one against the other. When the wealthy jews play, the nations and the rulers dance. One way or the other, they get rich”

..That article showed that Herzl – who couldn’t get rid of his stigmatic jewishness- was profoundly aware of the negative attributes of the Jewish character that could very well be the reason behind the enduring anti-Semitism.

Herzl was indeed a visionary, not for advocating the establishment of a Jewish state but for he seemed one of the few who thought that if Anti-Semitism proved so hard to overcome or abolish, one might as well make use of it.

Herzl,s ingenious idea was so simple and yet so dangerous. He came up with an idea that would Utilize anti-Semitism as a tool capable of changing the future of the Jews in Europe and which could alter the conspicuous and resistant anti-Semitism.

Herzl wrote in his diary;” an excellent idea enters my mind. To attract outright anti- Semites and to make them the destroyers of Jewish wealth”

Herzl believed that if a great power in Europe could be provoked against the Jews to a level that would critically jeopardize and even destroy a majority of Jews and their properties, then the tables could be turned, only then anti- Semitism would turn into a hideous crime the world has to pay for and repent, for the rest of time, an idea that later came to be realized by Hitler and the Nazis.

Herzl was never appalled by the hardships and persecutions of Jews – pogroms and massacres- for he believed it was a way of building the Jewish character through the suffering and degradation of the masses and he was certain the Jews would adapt.

Herzl proved to be a genius and a visionary when it came to how to deal with the European anti –Semitism. Herzl was always surrounded by anti-Semitism and by his fellow common Jews who wouldn’t assimilate into the enlightenment of modern Europe. He extremely disliked both. He finally concluded that he cannot get rid of one and keep the other as is...MORE...LINK
Theodore Herzl, the Jewish founder of Zionism, understood why his Judeofascist people needed to be isolated in Israel for their -- and the world's -- own good: “The wealthy Jews control the world, in their hands lies the fate of governments and nations. They set governments one against the other. When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance. One way or the other, they get rich.”

Sunday, December 19, 2010

With mainstream media's help, criminal Jewish "victims" of Madoff's swindle recast themselves as saints

The Picower Madoff settlement: A $7.2 Billion Whitewash

(Occidental Observer) -- by John Graham --

On Friday the astonishing news broke that the estate of Jeffrey M. Picower had agreed to cough up $7.2 billion to the liquidator of the Bernard Madoff fraud and the Federal Government. (See Zachary A. Goldfarb, “Madoff investor’s widow to return money,” The Washington Post, Dec. 18, 2010.)

This news was astonishing because the amount – said to be “the largest single forfeiture in American judicial history” – represents a considerable 35% of the amount thought to have been paid into the Madoff Ponzi scheme, raising the prospect of material compensation to some of the victims. And also because the Picower lawyer had been freely telling the press earlier this year he expected to settle for only $2 billion. All apparently was not well on the Picower legal front in 2010.

What was not astonishing was the rush to present what was in fact proof that Picower was a huge looter of the Madoff victims as evidence of noblesse oblige on the part of his widow, and to cover up what actually happened. CNN reports that
Picower withdrew $7.8 billion from Madoff’s investment firm since the 1970s, even though he only deposited $619 million, according to the trustee.
In our essay “Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic?,” Kevin MacDonald and I asserted

The Madoff affair was an immense transfer of wealth to Jews from non-Jews (often European).

The SEC was amply informed of the fraudulent nature of the operation, but was afraid to act for fear of the Jewish Establishment.

Several Jewish families besides the Madoffs were tremendous winners from the fraud, but that their complicity would never be appropriately exposed.

This last point is now proving true. The Washington Post reports fulsome praise:
“Barbara Picower has done the right thing,” said Preet Bharara, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, who is investigating Madoff accomplices.
and allows Picower’s widow (Jeffrey Picower himself had the good taste to die in October 2009) to strike a saintly pose:
“We will return every penny received from almost 35 years of investing with Bernard Madoff,” Picower said in a statement.
“I am deeply saddened by the tragic impact it continues to have on the lives of its victims. It is my hope that this settlement will ease that suffering.”
(Why did it take Barbara Picower two years to reach this conclusion?)...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Given the outrageous returns, the overwhelming majority of Jews caught up with Madoff had to know full well their investments weren't on the up and up, and were probably proud of that fact ("Gee, aren't us Jewish networks so clever, coining money for one another at the expense of the integrity of the goyim's system, and laughing all the way to the bank.")

But the Madoff ponzi scheme was simply a petite version of the Fed's ponzi scheme, which is also overwhelmingly run by Jews for the benefit of Jewry and its self-serving agenda, and their scumball Left-Right partners.

No wonder so many Jews live with one foot in Israel and one in America -- they realize they'll need some place to go when it all finally unravels as it always has before. Hopefully a lot of their goy partners in crime will convert and go with them; the moral and ethical IQ of the U.S. would double overnight.


Israel identifies itself as “the collective Jew,” and would be identified as such whether it stipulated this or not. Israel can’t hide what it is (for example, a group of state-backed Israeli rabbis recently came out advocating institutional racism against Arabs, and one said “racism originated in the Torah.”) Therefore, the Jewish “nation” will eventually be identified by the world as the self-serving Jewish supremacists that they are and always have been, whether residing in Israel or the diaspora.

This means they will eventually be held accountable for their crimes against humanity instead of being able to disappear into the woodwork as they have heretofore (e.g. the Jewish Bolsheviks and Trotskyites who became the Jewish neolibs and neocons, but now correctly being identified as “Israel firsters,” with an increasing pariah status to match that of their state.)

Just as Islamism, Jewishness is a self-serving, anti-democratic, chauvinistic ethno-ideology

Jews, Judaism & Jewishness

( -- by Gilad Atzmon --

Since Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish state’ we are entitled to consider what the word ‘Jewish’ stands for.

I tend to differentiate between three distinct (yet occasionally confusing) categories.

1. Jews - the people

2. Judaism - the religion

3. Jewishness - the ideology...

'Jewish ideology' is basically an amalgam of racially orientated exclusive arguments. It is fuelled by assumptions about 'ethno'-centric supremacy, and ideas such as ‘choseness’. Being a tribal setting then, Jewish ideology defies equality. It also opposes universalism. The followers of that ideology tend to believe that they are somewhat different and even better (chosen) than non Jews. And much Jewish political activity is a formulation, and expression of a tribal exclusive club that demands a ‘Jews only’ entry card.

It is important to note that Jewish ideology and Zionism are not entirely the same -- In fact, Zionism should be seen as just one manifestation of Jewish ideology. Though Israel is the fruit of the Zionist project -- it is vital to realise that Zionism does not drive Israeli politics or ideology. In fact, Zionism is largely a Diaspora Jewish discourse...

Israelis do, however, follow what I define as Jewish ideology -- They practise and perform a number of different measures that are there to maintain Jewish exclusivity on the land. When 94% of Israeli Jews supported IDF's murderous tactics against Gazans at the time of Operation Cast Lead, it wasn’t Zionism that motivated them. It was the total lack of empathy with other human beings. It was blindness towards others. It was supremacy and chauvinism; or, in other words, it was the ugliest homicidal manifestation of their choseness...

I believe that for any possible and intelligible discussion to take place --we surely must be able to freely explore the true nature of the ideology that drives the Jewish state, and Jewish politics around the world.

We must find a way to admit to ourselves that the Jewish ideological, political and cultural discourse is a tribal discourse: it is foreign to universalism and ideas of true equality...MORE...LINK

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Either complicit or criminally negligent, Joe Lieberman feigns ignorance of collapse of WTC 7, rejects reopening investigation

9/11 Joe Lieberman - WTC 7 Did Not Occur .... I Do Not Support A New Investigation

( -- by IranContraScumDid911 --

Despite best efforts at sabotage, 9/11 Truth movement slowly closing in on organized Jewry's starring role in attacks on America -- and humanity in general

The synagogue ceiling darkens the 9/11 skeptics movement

(The Ugly Truth) -- by John Kaminski --

The word is getting around. People are wising up. That thing we’re not supposed to talk about? People are talking about it.

This great, all-encompassing embargo on that certain subject that underlies and complicates seemingly every facet of our lives, has been identified, but people are terrified to hear the findings. In fact, they are willing to ignore and avoid the subject altogether, even as their lives slide toward oblivion and their children are poisoned by parents and teachers who are too deluded by their false perceptions of well-being to challenge the obvious lies they are told.

The whine you hear when you ask that certain question goes something like this. “I feel uncomfortable talking about Israel.” Or, “You’re just one of those people who blame Jews for everything.” Or, “It’s not all Jews — just those bad Zionist rascals in Israel.”

For nine years, the chaotic crowd that tried to understand what really happened on September 11, 2001 was hit with the same message petromole Mike Ruppert uttered on Dec. 27, 2001. Right after he gave us seemingly solid leads on put options and Delmart Vreeland, he remarked: “Israel had nothing to do with it.” The sad conclusion to his participation in the 9/11 skeptics movement occurred a few years later when, as the big hitter at the first two major 9/11 skeptics conferences — in Toronto and San Francisco — he totally derailed the whole focus of the movement into the bogus peak oil issue. He was abetted by the sinister secret Jew producer of those conferences and inventor of those cute Deception Dollars that never mentioned Israel, Carol Brouillet.

After the first wave of outrage over the 9/11 lies had been destabilized, the prepackaged national groups — 911truth and the others — took over, with the initial caveat to all participants that we must not single out any particular ethnic group in our investigations. They play this song so many different ways, many of which have now metastasized into Hate Crimes laws behind which Jews do the Kafka number on Holocaust Revisionists who tell the truth and go to jail for it.

Despite the presence of hundreds of new websites over the years that connect the Jews to 9/11, that Jewish mindlock on most of the population of the world about mentioning any negative aspect of their incredibly bizarre behavior has kept the lid on talk about the obvious connections of Jews to 9/11 in these groups ever since — which takes us down to the present day and the two big 9/11 truth groups — 9/11truth and wearechange...

It strikes me as odd that a person could have sufficient curiosity to attend any 9/11 skeptics meeting, but NOT have any inclination to investigate what clearly is the most dominant aspect of the crime scene — the Jewish fingerprints in the city with the largest Jewish population in the world, in a country controlled by dual citizen Israelis in both finance and government, whose media is 100 percent Jewish (the other argument is it’s 99), and whose kosher bankers control the lives of absolutely every person inside our borders. Not to mention elsewhere...

But the big question remains, as it always has, the comatose populace.

Can people stop watching Dancing with the Stars long enough to hear the screams of people’s organs being removed in Gaza?

It hasn’t happened yet, in human history. And yet we keep our hopes high under whatever banner that has not yet been infiltrated and sabotaged.

Because the bubble WILL burst. In fact, most of us can hear the seams splitting as we speak.

The equation to be solved is a simple one.

When the bubble finally bursts — as it will soon — will we finally be free of this Jewish compound interest formula that revels in blood and drags the human species toward its final resting place, or will we be finally and irrevocably lost in a stimulus controlled parking lot that will become the laboratory of our eternal slavery and the tomb of our highest hopes?

This is not a multiple choice quiz. You get to answer now. Before the bubble bursts, please...MORE...LINK

As world moves toward recognition of Palestinian statehood, Zionist-occupied U.S. Congress digs in its heels

Big fight over non-binding resolution on Palestinian unilateralism

(The Jewish Week) -- by James Besser --

This week the House of Representatives passed a resolution opposing any unilateral Palestinian move toward statehood after a few days of fierce lobbying by both opponents and supporters.

I bet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is really worried and will change his plans immediately.

The measure, initiated by Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), argues that “a true and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties,” criticizes a “coordinated strategy of seeking recognition of a Palestinian state within the United Nations, in other international forums, and from a number of foreign governments” by the Palestinian Authority and calls on the Obama administration to “lead a diplomatic effort” to thwart the effort...

The resolution was pushed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which sees a big battle over a unilateral declaration as increasingly likely in the wake of recognition by several South American countries...

From what I'm hearing there was a lot of pushing and shoving on Capitol Hill over a non-binding resolution demanding that the administration do pretty much what it's already doing.

But the outcome was never in doubt; it's hard for lawmakers not to sign on to such broad-brush, non-binding resolutions endorsed by the pro-Israel lobby. This one, like so many AIPAC-backed resolutions, was artfully constructed to avoid criticism of the administration (to keep Democrats on board) while listing a long list of Palestinian sins.

And, as AIPAC undoubtedly planned, the measure was probably welcomed by some center-left lawmakers who are always looking for ways to boost their pro-Israel credentials without actually saying anything controversial...MORE...LINK

Jewish Zionist propagandists Ethan Bronner and New York Times lie about Palestinian violence against Israel on a "daily" basis

Bronner exaggerates Palestinian violence

(Mondoweiss) -- by Anonymous --

Ethan Bronner of the NYT writes from Gaza: "And rockets and mortar shells fly daily from here into Israel, as Israeli troops carry out brief raids."

But it doesn't add up as later he writes: "Since September, when Israel and the Palestinian Authority started peace talks, there have been 20 to 30 rockets and mortar shells shot monthly into Israel, double the rate for the first part of the year."

CAMERA has gone after this "daily" language and prompted corrections. See here (notwithstanding Siegman's "virtually"):

Or here:

Will The New York Times correct Bronner? It didn't correct Isabel Kershner when she recently put the Golan Heights in Israel...MORE...LINK

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jewish Zionist propagandist Jeffrey Golberg says Europe fracturing from (Zionist occupied) U.S. over boycott of Israel

The New Israel Fund Leaves the BDS Swamp

(The Atlantic) -- by Jeffrey Goldberg --

The New Israel Fund, the group that funds civil liberties organizations and other progressive causes in Israel, is taking a clearer stand against the so-called Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. Daniel Sokatch, who runs the Fund, e-mailed Goldblog the new policy:
The NIF opposes the global BDS movement, views the use of these tactics as ineffective and counterproductive and is concerned that segments of this movement seek to undermine the existence of the state of Israel.

NIF will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs.
I'm sure alert readers will find holes in this statement -- I've find a little tear, which I will mention below -- but this does seem like an improvement over the group's previous policy, which had elements of squish in it. Because I'm running a campaign on this blog against the cheap deployment of Nazi imagery in argument-making, I am going to resist the urge to point out that the European-centered campaign to launch an economic boycott of the world's only majority-Jewish country smacks of something historically unpleasant, except now I didn't resist the urge. But I do actually think it's a fair analogy, and the BDS movement, like no other anti-Israel propaganda campaign, has sent chills down the collective Jewish spine precisely because economic boycotts have been, throughout history, used to hurt Jews. This is why I was slightly taken aback by Sokatch's statemen that, "segments of this movement seek to undermine the existence of the state of Israel." I would say that undermining the existence of the state of Israel is this movement's raison d'etre...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Jeffrey Goldberg is an American born Jewish Zionist who moved to Israel and worked as an IDF prison guard for the Israeli army before moving back to America in order to propagandize for the Jewish state.

The Atlantic magazine is a long term Zionist front.

No surprise that the Zionists, who despise Western civilization and its European Christian cradle, are attempting to orchestrate a schism between the U.S. and Europe, which is increasingly refusing to follow America over the cliff in pursuit of a Jewish supremacist agenda, including wars fought for Israel in the Mideast. Because of Europe's Christian foundation, it has proven less vulnerable to Zionist takeover than modern, government-enforced "secular" (read Jewish supremacist) liberal-capitalist America, which the Jewish network has easily managed to infiltrate and dominate.

Authentically Christian Americans like Pat Buchanan, of course, have been attempting to fend off this Zionist takeover for decades, but to no avail, as there were simply to many greedy, Judeo-Christian Zionist neocons and depraved left-liberal neolibs to contend with; plus, Jewish Zionists were able to infiltrate and co-opt American power and propaganda centers like Congress, Wall Street, Hollywood, and mainstream media.

To this day, many Americans don't even realize their country is being held hostage by an increasingly irrational, violent, authoritarian and sociopathic ideology, but for even the die hard right-wing greedsters and liberal narcissists, Zionist occupation and all of its works (like economic bubbles, endless wars, massive unemployment, Big Government authoritarianism and relentless plunder of the people), are becoming increasingly difficult to deny. Hence, Jewish Zionists want to isolate America from its historical European-Christian roots in order to bleed the country dry for as long as possible. They are being greatly helped in this effort by Gentile, ideologically Zionist allies, who themselves are guilty of the worst kind of Judas treason imaginable.