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Organized Jewry too smug, elitist and hateful to ever join Western civilization (just like certain greedy and pretentious self-serving Whites)

Charles Bloch: Is Being Anti-White Good for the Jews?

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

It’s refreshing to see Charles Bloch discuss “anti-white Jews in his recent article (“Race Realism: Good for the Jews, Good for America“). He also acknowledges that
it is undeniable that Jews are vastly overrepresented in a number of anti-Western political and intellectual movements, such as liberalizing our immigration policy, suppressing legitimate scientific study of racial differences, and promoting anti-white discrimination. [links in original]
And that’s important because, given their wealth and influence in the media, politics, and the academic world, at the very least Jews are an imposing component of the anti-White status quo in all of these areas. These anti-White attitudes are entirely mainstream among Jews; they pervade the organized Jewish community. What’s difficult is finding Jews like Bloch who honestly acknowledge what is a taboo subject for Jews. For his trouble he will doubtless be labeled a “self-hating Jew’ or worse by the organized Jewish community. It’s the sort of thing that has resulted in the SPLC labeling me a “virulent anti-Semite.”

Bloch’s point is that this anti-White stance is not good for the Jews. He is certainly correct that multiculturalism by itself is no panacea for anti-Jewish attitudes—Peter Brimelow’s example of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is quite appropriate. Right now there is an increasing international (hence multicultural) consensus on Israel as a rogue state characterized by ethnic cleansing, apartheid and aggression.

And I think Bloch is right that the costs of massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism are sure to increase dramatically in the future, with negative effects on all but the wealthiest Americans. That includes a lot of Jews.

But rational appraisal of anti-Jewish attitudes has never been a strong suit among Jews, with rationalization and self-deception the norm. The clear Jewish strategy has been to move ahead with these aggressive tactics both in Israel and the Diaspora. In the case of Israel, at least, this may be rational, although there certainly are eminently reasonable doubters (see discussion here, p. 49ff). Gilad Atzmon’s recent interview of Philip Weiss turns on Jewish self-interest: Weiss sees the current state of Zionism as bad for Jews, but just another chapter in the story of an elite (and hence psychologically attractive) group:
I see Jewish as this great civilization that I am part of. That transcends borders, and it’s not Zionist. Zionism is like Shabbetai Tzvi, It’s a big chapter in a long story. Jews will survive this one too. Jews is: a sense of difference, yes, inevitably of elite identity, that’s part of Jewish history and one I struggle with. Jewish is a Story, a myth…’
In the case of multiculturalism and the White minority future, Jews are actively making alliances with non-Whites. That strategy, maintained by media control and a huge ethnic infrastructure of activist organizations like the ADL and the SPLC that function to police and pathologize White advocacy, is working very well. It’s not obviously irrational, although Jews like Steven Steinlight have doubted the wisdom of admitting Muslim immigrants (see previous link).

In any case, whether supporting Israel and supporting massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism are rational strategies is fairly irrelevant given the intense emotions involved. The Israeli government is in the hands of the extremists for whom turning back on the territorial gains of the 1967 war is unthinkable. And American Jews, with their lachrymose view of Jewish history, simply can’t get over their fear and loathing for the West...MORE...LINK

Bloch: “But I think [Sailer] is wrong both to suggest that opposition of Jews makes white identity politics impossible, and that it is not in the interests of Jews to align ourselves with America’s historic European majority.”

Chris Moore comments:

Jews, in many ways, have always aligned themselves with the unpatriotic, White elites who have been systematically selling out the country consistently on the Left at least since FDR, and on-again, off-again on the Right for decades now, too.

Here's an example of right-wing Whites selling out other Whites for money:

Wikileaks uncovers ongoing plot hatched in Bush II era to "integrate" U.S., Mexico, Canada, overthrow respective Constitutions

This is why White nationalism will never work in the U.S. — because there are so many “Jewy,” snake-like Whites willing to sell out other Whites for money, power and success that could never be trusted.

Possibly one reason for all these “Jewy” Whites is there are so many Americans of Anglo background who never dropped their own Royalist desires or pretensions, and like English royalty, would happily claw their way to the top over millions of dead Whites for money and power, just as do the Jews.

And adding more Jews to the White “side” (as some Whites want to do) would only make that predisposition worse.

What we need in the U.S. (and probably the rest of the West) is a strong libertarian nationalist identity that will suppress all self-serving “Jewy” tribalists (including, for example, La Raza) and/or self-serving royalist-mode Whites as a threat to national peace, prosperity, harmony, and cultural health.

Yes, this means subordinating capitalism to nationalism. Those greedy internationalist corporatists, for example, so eager to sell out the country yet maintain access to its markets that were built upon libertarian-nationalist free-enterprise, need to be suppressed, as well.

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Tribal Judeofascist "liberals" who have Democratic Party in their pocket demand Obama give them all or nothing on Judeofascist state

‘Politico’ says Jewish Democratic donors may abandon Obama, though they like Dennis Ross

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Lest you doubt the strength of the Israel lobby, here's a long report at Politico by Ben Smith undermining Obama on Israel inside the Democratic Party-- despite efforts by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ed Rendell to save the day. Obama is "losing the faith" of Jewish Democratic donors, Smith ventures, and then strings together the usual ultra-Zionist statements of fidelity to Israel from party activists.

The piece demonstrates the conservatism of Jewish Democrats on this issue-- these are people opposed to dividing Jerusalem, though they'd never want to live there-- the importance of Jewish money to the Democratic Party, and also the reason there's been no Palestinian state for 64 years since it was promised, because American Jews with access are against it, and now have a fresh set of fears (Hamas) with which to attack the idea. Not a word here about the fearful Christian Zionists. No, on the Democratic side, the lobby is Jewish and wealthy. Also, notice how important the presence in the White House of Dennis Ross is to these Israel-backers, a policymaker who cares about Israel...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Yet more hypocrisy and double standards from the sick liberal fascists that comprise the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Israel is a tribal, fascist state. The American Jews who so tenaciously support it are themselves viciously tribal and quasi-fascist in the U.S. itself when it comes to helping themselves to taxpayer money (the Israel lobby, the Jewish banksters connected to the Fed, Homeland Security funds going to "Jewish security," etc.) and are additionally quasi-fascist in using their tribal networks to scratch their way to the top.

Although not as effective as organized Jewry, certain groups of Hispanics (e.g. La Raza) and Blacks (e.g. the Black Caucus) are themselves viciously tribal and quasi fascist in terms of hating other races, only helping their own, and helping themselves to taxpayer funds.

It seems that only Whites and Asians aren't allowed to play by fascist rules, because the neocon-neolib Parasite Class knows that if they did, the entire country would become Balkanized, would go to pieces in the form of racial tribal warfare, and their meal ticket would end. You see, the liberal fascist Parasite Class doesn't really care about the country or it's future, they're merely concerned with keeping their own nests feathered by enslaving hard working Whites and Asians, and doling out ever larger chunks of the money extracted from them by the federal government to themselves, the Judeofascists, and the tribal Black and tribal Hispanic gangsters (perhaps comprising 30% of the U.S. citizenship of each of those populations, at most, but nearly all voting for the liberal fascists because they are encouraged to vote themselves taxpayer largesse and spoils).

The only way to ever put an end to this insanity is to get rid of the treasonous Judeofascists who have been pulling the strings and greasing the skids on this entire racket and Ponzi scheme for decades, and who exist with one foot in America and one foot in Israel, anyway. Let's just give them a little shove, so that both feet are in Israel.

I can almost guarantee that without the scheming, Machiavellian Judeofascist ring leaders, the other tribal fascists and the liberal fascists would fall like a house of cards.

Those unwilling to commit to that shove are clearly not Christian, patriotic, or humane enough to do what needs to be done to save the country (which would additionally almost summarily end the U.S. wars being fought in the Middle East for the Judeofascist Israelis), and would rather opportunistically cling to their greedy, pathetic, grasping little status-quo existence than do what so clearly needs to be done.

Unless a critical mass of Americans can be convinced to repatriate the Judeofascists to their primary loyalty, probably sooner rather than later, this country is finished -- and will most certainly have earned its own demise due to utter lack of patriotism, rank greed and craven cowardice.

"Liberal" Jew Jon Stewart can racially mock Black politicians no end, but if White conservatives simply criticize Black politicians, they're "racist"

Is Jon Stewart Racist?

( -- by Bernard Goldberg --

Let's say a white guy goes on television, puts on an exaggerated "Amos 'n Andy" "black voice" and proceeds to make fun of a black man whose politics the white guy doesn't like. Actually, let's say he goes beyond merely making fun of the black man. Let's say he tries to make the black man sound downright stupid. Does that make the white guy a racist?

The correct answer is ... it depends.

If the white guy is Rush Limbaugh and the black man is Barack Obama, then of course the white guy is a racist - according to liberals.

But if the white guy is Jon Stewart and the black man is Herman Cain, the conservative businessman seeking the Republican nomination for president, well, then, that's another story.

The other night Jon Stewart went on his show, and while he didn't put on blackface makeup and start tap dancing he did put on a "black voice" and proceeded to mock Mr. Cain in a way that would never be tolerated if a conservative had done it.

Yet liberals didn't scream "racist" the way they do when they see a tea party rally or when a conservative so much as looks askance at Barack Obama. Instead, they laughed. They thought it was a regular riot that a genius like Jon Stewart made that conservative black guy sound like a dumb character in a minstrel show.

But why isn't Jon Stewart a bigot, when Limbaugh and Hannity and O'Reilly would be tagged as racists if they had done the very same thing?...MORE...LINK
Sadistic left-liberal Judeofascist Jon Stewart viciously mocks and ridicules presidential candidate Herman Cain with all kinds of racial innuendo to the delight of his wild-eyed liberal audience

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Judeofascist-left used universalism, psychoanalysis to shatter European identity of U.S. Whites, pathologize Christianity, populism

Jewish Intellectual Movements in the 20th Century, by Professor Kevin MacDonald (part 4/6)

( -- by TheDSFHR --

Zionist Obama admin issues blatantly extortionist threats to ostensibly "judicial" body UN: Vote against Palestinian statehood, or lose funding

US 'could withdraw funding from UN if Palestine state is recognised'

(Telegraph) -- by Jon Swaine, New York and Adrian Blomfield --

Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN, said there was "no greater threat" to US support and funding of the UN than the prospect of Palestinian statehood being endorsed by member states.

Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian authority, plans to ask the UN general assembly, which comprises all 192 members, to vote on recognition at its annual meeting in New York in September.

The US and Israel are pressing Mr Abbas to drop his plans. Mr Obama has strongly opposed the move, raising the prospect of a veto in the UN Security Council, which is expected to vote on a Palestinian statehood proposal in July.

But Palestinian officials have spoken of their determination to a circumvent a US veto by deploying a rarely used Cold War mechanism known as "Uniting for Peace" under which a two-thirds majority in the General Assembly can override the Security Council.

Although Palestinians believe they are close to securing such a majority, the General Assembly does not have the power to confer UN membership on a new Palestinian state, meaning that a successful vote would represent little more than a symbolic triumph.

Even so, Republicans in the US Congress are promising to react aggressively to any approval of statehood. Two congressmen have already vowed to initiate bills to withdraw UN funding in the House of Representatives.

Such a development could be devastating to the UN. The US provides almost a quarter of its $2.5 billion (£1.6 billion) annual budget, making a yearly contribution of almost $600 million (£375 million).

Speaking at an event in Washington, Miss Rice said the Obama administration was devoting "extraordinary efforts and energy" to restarting middle-eastern peace talks so that a vote in September could be avoided.

On the prospect of it being approved, she said: "This would be exceedingly politically damaging in our domestic context, as you can well imagine.

"And I cannot frankly think of a greater threat to our ability to maintain financial and political support for the United Nations in Congress than such an outcome".

A video of Miss Rice making the comments has been removed from the internet.

Attempting to play down their significance, a spokesman for the ambassador said: "These were informal remarks in a domestic setting."

The US is desperate to avoid being put into a position of having to wield its veto. With growing international support for Palestinian statehood, even in Europe, the US is looking increasingly isolated in its support for Israel and a veto would badly damage Mr Obama's credentials in a rapidly changing Middle East.

But the president faces a politically damaging backlash from the pro-Israeli lobby and its many supporters in Congress if he does not block a resolution, a move that could also cost all-important Jewish votes in key swing states like Florida during next year's presidential election...MORE...LINK
Surrounded by Jewish Zionist handlers, liberal fascist Obama admin and Israel-first neocon elements of GOP spearhead blatantly thuggish neolib-neocon extortion of UN vote on Palestinian statehood with threats to defund

Many influential liberal “secular” intellectual movements originated with core of Jews seeking to end anti-Semitism, make world safe for…Judeofascism

Jewish Intellectual Movements in the 20th Century, by Professor Kevin MacDonald (part 1/6)

( -- by TheDSFHR --


Chris Moore comments:

With the Judeofascists at the core of so many of these pseudo-"liberal" (statist-liberal) and pseudo-"secular" (crypto-Jewish supremacist) intellectual movements, no wonder there's no such thing as libertarian secularism or libertarian liberalism in these lefty or pseudo-conservative neocon camps, but rather, where the rubber meets the road, they all can be described as "liberal fascist" as a consequence of their Judeofascist founders, whose influence was decisive, and fascist agenda and ethic is ongoing.

That's why I much prefer the libertarian-nationalist American Founders, who were mostly authentic Christians in rebellion against both the Anglo-fascist Royalists and their Judeofascist money men.

America again needs to clear a safe-haven against these predatory fascists of both Left and Right by any and all means necessary, or it can kiss the concept of freedom, justice, liberty and rule of law free of hierarchical Judeofascist sociopaths and their collaborators and useful idiots goodbye forever.

Feel no pity and give no quarter to any of these fascist liberals of Left or neocon Right and their Globalist agenda; they're with the enemies of freedom, sovereignty, self-determination and Christianity, and on the side of the totalitarian devil and his war against liberty, God and humankind.

If organized Jewry really wanted to get to the bottom of anti-Semitism, it would look into its own supremacist doctrine, dogma, ideology, and ethos

Gilad Atzmon: And What About Jewish Anti Gentile Studies?

( -- by Gilad Atzmon --

American Jewry won a victory last week: Yale University bowed to pressure - it is now starting yet another initiative to study anti-Semitism, after a decision to cancel an earlier programme had sparked criticism.

The earlier programme created in 2006 was cancelled because it had produced "little scholarly work,” and the institute's courses had not attracted large numbers of students, according to Donald Green, the director of Yale's Institution for Social and Policy Studies.

Abe Foxman of The Anti-Defamation League criticised Yale for cancelling the programme and welcomed the new initiative, saying "We are satisfied that Yale University understood the critical importance of continuing an institute for the study and research of anti-Semitism".

The new programme will be led by Yale professor Maurice Samuels, who states that Yale has some of the leading scholars in the world working on anti-Semitism and interfaith relations. He intends to focus on contemporary and historical anti-Semitism.

However, for all Yale’s efforts, I remain convinced that Samuels will not be able to produce any valuable scholarly work either - the reason is simple: almost the entire body of research on ‘anti Semitism ’ conducted in recent decades is solely concerned and obsessed with recording the historical points at which hatred of the Jews manifests itself. And yet, for some bizarre reason, such scholarly work on anti Semitism never seeks to understand, and is totally impervious to the socio-economic, the ideological, theological and historical contexts, motivations, causes and reasoning that have existed behind such outbursts of hatred against the Jews.

These countless studies on anti Semitism rarely look into the causes, and rarely try to understand why anti Semitism arose in so many places throughout history.

Instead of elaborating on the causes that may lead to anti Semitism, the discourse on anti Semitism is a unique chronological account that only ‘starts to tick’ as soon as an ‘anti Semitic’ event is detected. Everything prior to that is a blank slate - and so we are left, once more, none the wiser as to why people ‘turned against the Jews’ yet again.

I’d like to suggest here, that for an academic study of anti Semitism to be scholarly and comprehensive, and if we are to even begin to understand the roots of anti Semitism, then primary attention must surely also be dedicated to the considerable body of anti-gentile views expressed within the Torah, Talmud, and within contemporary Jewish ideology and politics (Zionist and Jewish anti-Zionist alike).

The institute’s scholars would also be well advised to elaborate on Jewish cultural supremacy, and Jewish political lobbying, from Purim to AIPAC.

For a study of anti Semitism to become scholarly and valuable, instead of merely a form of hyper-emotional hysterical ranting, the researcher would also be advised to first assume that, perhaps, anti Jewish feelings might well have root causes which could be rational, and could be explained and understood -- yet not justified -- in terms of causality and reason.

Instead of assuming that the Goyim are just a bunch of crazy blood thirsty lunatics that periodically just went mad again and again throughout history in their dislike for Jews, the scholars would rather be advised to look for the root causes that may well have lead to an anti Semitic event, ideology or text.

Such a study then, would surely be academically and socially valuable, and I believe it would also be crucial for Jews and Israelis, so they may be enabled to understand the world they live in, and to grasp their role in it.

Some commendable studies by Jewish academics have already been done in that area : The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine, The Pity Of It All by Amos Elon and Jewish History, Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak and even early Zionist texts by Max Nordau, Ber Borochov and others all provide some adequate answers to questions regarding the origins of anti Semitism. Interestingly enough, none of the above studies were produced or sponsored by ‘anti-Semitism research institutions’ . The above scholars attempted to grasp the origins of animosity towards the Jews, instead of looking for a symposium in which they could moan about being hated. The three former at least, were driven by genuine intellectual curiosity rather than by a need for collective therapy...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I fear that because the Judeofascists who control, dominate and administer the overwhelming bulk of organized Jewry are collectively psychopathic, they are unable to examine themselves objectively, nor ever take responsibility for their own horrendous actions and deeds, instead always blaming their victims in order to keep their antagonists on the defensive, and themselves from accountability.

As Jeff Gates has observed of Zionist psychopaths in particular:
In the clinical psychiatric literature, this “state” features interpersonal traits such as superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, lack of remorse, and callousness that are regarded as characteristic of psychopaths. In order to betray, psychopaths first befriend. In order to defraud, they first establish a relationship of trust. Sound familiar? Those who share such a mental state will happily incite hatred to catalyze a reaction and then claim they are the victims of hate. For those inhabiting this mental state, it appears rational and even desirable to provoke a response and then claim to be a target of anti-Semites. Inside this internal state, self-absorption is all-encompassing with arrogance its most visible trait.
Until organized Jewry first admits to itself that Judeofascism is a real phenomenon and not the invention of bigots, and secondly admits that it is under the control and domination of Judeofascist psychopaths, it will never be able to crawl out from under their thumb and live any kind of a sane existence.

It's quite possible that organized Jewry may well find that without Judeofascist psychopaths controlling and leading its ethno-religious-ideology, organized Jewry itself might eventually cease to lose its cohesiveness, and slowly fade into history.

On the other hand, out from under the oppressive shadow of such monsters, it might bloom into something respectable and worthwhile.

But ceding control of organized Jewry to lunatic Judeofascist psychopaths be they of Left or Right is wrong on its face and nothing but a recipe for tragedy. It's the equivalent of keeping stroke-fallen, comatose, 83-year-old Ariel Sharon alive in a vegetative state on breathing tubes for the last five years. I can only imagine what kind of nightmares this soul is having 24 hours a day, seven days a week, particularly with all of the blood he has on his hands. His sub-conscious must be absolutely wreaking havoc.

Why put him through that? Doesn't even Sharon deserve some peace at this point?

Keeping organized Jewry alive under the domination of Judeofascist psychopaths is the moral equivalent, which isn't to say Israel need be dismantled, but rather to say that insisting upon its existence as a Jewish supremacist state will continue to be nothing but torture for the entirety of organized Jewry until the end, likely when someone finally comes along and nukes it into oblivion as a consequence of Judeofascist aggression, at which point the Judeofascist psychopaths in the diaspora will start the process all over again, dragging humanity ever further down into the mire with each succeeding wave.

It's well past time for organized Jewry to pull the plug on the Judeofascist psychopaths and let the chips fall where they may.

Judeofascists and their Obama admin dupes presented with PR nightmare by senior citizens manning Gaza flotilla they intend to assault

Israel to stop Flotilla "without physical contact"

(The Real News) --

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The Scofield Bible a Zionist forgery with Oxford origins that has created millions of warlike, Judeo-Christian Zionist useful idiots

The Source of the Problem in the Mid East — Part II
Why Judeo-Christians Support War

( -- by C. E. Carlson --

The French author, Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote Democracy in America when he traveled here in the first third of the 19th Century. In ringing tones he sang the praises of America's invulnerable strength and spirit. He attributed its greatness to its citizens' sense of morality... even with the abundant church attendances he observed in America. De Tocqueville wrote in French and is credited with this familiar quote: AMERICA IS GREAT BECAUSE SHE IS GOOD, AND IF AMERICA EVER CEASES TO BE GOOD, SHE WILL CEASE TO BE GREAT.

De Tocqueville could see the power of America, but he could not have known in 1830 that she was soon to be under an attack aimed at its churches and the very sense of morality that he extolled.

First, there was a War Between the States, which scarred the powerful young nation in its strapping youth. A worse attack on America was to commence near the turn of the 20th century. This was the onset of an attack on American Christianity that continues unabated against the traditional, Christ-following church. This attack, which author Gordon Ginn calls "The final Apostasy," began with a small very wealthy and determined European political movement. It had a dream, and the American churches stood in its way.

The World Zionist movement, as its Jewish founders called themselves, had plans to acquire a homeland for all Jews worldwide, even though most were far from homeless, and many did not want another home. Not any land would do. World Zionists wanted a specific property that American Christians called "the Holy Land." But if these Zionists read Democracy in America or any of the journals of any of America's churches, which no doubt they did, they could not help but know that Jerusalem was not theirs to have. As self-proclaimed Jews, they were, according to the Christian New Testament, the persecutors of Christ and most of his early followers, and the engineers of his crucifixion. America's traditional churches in the 19th Century would never stand for a Jewish occupation of Jesus' homeland.

World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Scofield. A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher — The Oxford University Press.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.

Scofield's support came from a movement that took root around the turn of the century, supposedly motivated by disillusionment over what it considered the stagnation of the mainline American churches. Some of these "reformers" were later to serve on Scofield's Editorial Committee.

Scofield imitated a chain of past heretics and rapturists, most of whose credibility fizzled over their faulty end times prophesies. His mentor was one John Nelson Darby from Scotland, who was associated with the Plymouth Brethren and who made no less than six evangelical trips to the US selling what is today called "Darbyism." It is from Darby that Scofield is thought to have learned his Christian Zionist theology, which he later planted in the footnotes of the Scofield Reference Bible. It is possible that Scofield's interest in Darbyism was shared by Oxford University Press, for Darby was known to Oxford University. (The History of Darbyism)

The Oxford University Press owned "The Scofield Reference Bible" from the beginning, as indicated by its copyright, and Scofield stated he received handsome royalties from Oxford. Oxford's advertisers and promoters succeeded in making Scofield's bible, with its Christian Zionist footnotes, a standard for interpreting scripture in Judeo-Christian churches, seminaries, and Bible study groups. It has been published in at least four editions since its introduction in 1908 and remains one of the largest selling Bibles ever.

The Scofield Reference Bible and its several clones is all but worshiped in the ranks of celebrity Christians, beginning with the first media icon, evangelist Billy Graham. Of particular importance to the Zionist penetration of American Christian churches has been the fast growth of national bible study organizations, such as Bible Study Fellowship and Precept Ministries. These draw millions of students from not only evangelical fundamentalist churches, but also from Catholic and mainline Protestant churches and non-church contacts. These invariably teach forms of "dispensationalism," which draw their theory, to various degrees, from the notes in the Oxford Bible.

Among more traditional churches that encourage, and in some cases recommend, the use of the Scofield Reference Bible is the huge Southern Baptist Convention of America, whose capture is World Zionism's crowning achievement. (See our report on Southern Baptist Zionism, entitled "The Cause of the Conflict: Fixing Blame".)

Scofield, whose work is largely believed to be the product of Darby and others, wisely chose not to change the text of the King James Edition. Instead, he added hundreds of easy-to-read footnotes at the bottom of about half of the pages, and as the Old English grammar of the KJE becomes increasingly difficult for progressive generations of readers, students become increasingly dependent on the modern language footnotes.

Scofield's notes weave parts of the Old and New Testaments together as though all were written at the same time by the same people. This is a favorite device of modern dispensationalists who essentially weigh all scripture against the unspoken and preposterous theory that the older it is, the more authoritative. In many cases the Oxford references prove to be puzzling rabbit trails leading nowhere, simply diversions. Scofield's borrowed ideas were later popularized under the labels and definitions that have evolved into common usage today — "pre-millennialism," "dispensationalism," "Judeo-Christianity," and most recently the highly political movement openly called "Christian Zionism."...MORE...LINK
Cyrus I. Scofield, a shameless fraud and charlatan, and his English money men at Oxford University Press, made a mint and defrauded a nation of Christians by peddling Zionist propaganda organ, The Scofield Bible

Why organized Jewry belongs in Islamic civilization and not Western: Zionists and Muslim nationalists are like-minded and religiously compatible

Islam and Judiasm

Influences Contrasts and Parallels
( -- by David Steinberg --

1. Israelite-Jewish Relations with the Arabs

2. Judaism and Islam – Influences and parallels

3. Theological Idiom – Toward the Future

1. Israelite-Jewish Relations with the Arabs

From the earliest times, Israelite relations with the Arabs have been extensive but mainly limited to commerce and not generally acrimonious. Typical is the first recorded interaction when Ishmaelites traders purchased Joseph from his brothers (Gen. 37:25-28). These Ishmaelites were playing an unwitting part in God’s grand design to send the Israelites to Egypt. Of course, from their point of view they were just making a quick buck slave trading.

Nehemiah, the 5th century BCE rebuilder of Jerusalem was opposed by Geshem the Arab[1] who probably controlled the southern Negev. By the fourth century BCE, the Nabatean Arabs had established a strong state south and east of Judea in former Edomite territory.

Most of the boundaries of the Maccabean state were with the Iturean and Nabatean Arab kingdoms. Points of Physical contiguity:

a) The Nabatean Arab kingdom formed the southern and eastern borders of Perea (i.e. Jewish areas east of the Jordan formerly called Gilead)[2]. After the Judean conquest and conversion of Idumea the Nabatean kingdom also formed the southern boundary of Judea. Both wars, and peaceful contact, between the Maccabees, and their successors, were frequent; and,

b) The Iturean Arab kingdom, based on the Beqa’ Valley (south-east Lebanon) and Mt. Hermon, had taken over Upper Galilee. Aristobulus conquered Upper Galilee (104-103 BCE)[3] and force converted the Itureans there.

It is possible that Jewish trading colonies existed in Sheba (Yemen) and the Hejaz (western Saudi Arabia) as early as the time of king Solomon. In the period before Muhammad a famous Jewish king ruled in Yemen before being conquered by the Christians.

2. Judaism and Islam – Influences and parallels

In the Hejaz, Muhammad’s homeland, there were Jewish tribes with which he was intimately involved as he was, to a lesser extent, with Christian Arabs. Muhammad learned much from the Jews and using Judaism as a base, developed his new faith Islam. There was no Arabic translation of the Hebrew Bible at the time, but Arabian Jews were deeply immersed in the mainstream of the Jewish midrashic tradition. Thus, in the Koran, many of the stories of the Hebrew Bible are retold in the form known from midrashim which diverges widely from the simple meaning of the biblical text (see Geiger). Many Jewish teachings, sayings, normative and ethical precepts are also found in the sacred oral tradition of Islam[4].

As Islam developed it became, by far, the major religion closest to Judaism[5]. The most obvious common feature is the statement of the absolute unity of God which Muslims repeat five times each day, and Jews at least twice. Judaism and Islam are unique in having systems of religious law based on oral tradition which can over-ride the written laws and which does not distinguish between holy and secular spheres. In each, similar logical systems are used for deriving religious law[6], and in both cases a similar responsa literature developed in Iraq during the same period. Both Judaism and Islam consider the study the study of religious law to be a form of worship and an end in itself, and both picture God as studying in heaven. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica

The fundamental similarity of Judaism and Islam, both based on religious laws in principles, methods, and legislation, caused parallel developments in later centuries.

Probably the only major Islamic belief that Judaism would find unpalatable would be the recognition of Muhammad as the last and greatest of the prophets...MORE...LINK

As Islam developed it became, by far, the major religion closest to Judaism[5]. The most obvious common feature is the statement of the absolute unity of God which Muslims repeat five times each day, and Jews at least twice. Judaism and Islam are unique in having systems of religious law based on oral tradition which can over-ride the written laws and which does not distinguish between holy and secular spheres.

Chris Moore comments:

Jewry has always conflated politics and religion, and indeed may be collectively unable to distinguish between the two. Even the "secular" Jewish Bolsheviks organized into Jewish networks, sometimes open, sometimes subterranean, similarly to how the vast majority of even "anti-Zionist" Jews organize into Jewish groups, ie Jews Against Zionism, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Neturei Karta, Jews Not Zionists, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Independent Jewish Voices...etc...etc.

Is it a coincident that so many members of the Federal Reserve or so many members of the U.S. Supreme Court or so many members of the Democratic Party at the national level or so many widely acknowledged neocons are Jewish? Absolutely not, because these Jewish syndicates conflate their religion with their political activity, and network one another to the top of whatever institution they are able to penetrate by leveraging what start out as small cells into dominant positions of "leadership" and control.

While this wouldn't be tolerated of Islamists (at least not yet) it has been tolerated by organized Jewry because anyone who objects is derided as an anti-Semite and/or a neo Nazi, and/or has the Holocaust (TM) thrown in their face.

This is what makes tolerance for Zionism, and Zionism's "Gentile" collaborators and enablers (including crypto-Jews, Judeophile liberals, Judeo-Christian Zionists, multicultural ideologues) such a threat to not only the concept of separation of religion and state, but to Western civilization itself: they seek to overthrow it inch by inch, in fits and starts, from within, using organized Jewry and its Zionist and supremacist network as their spearhead.

Authentic (ecumenical) Christians, liberals, conservatives, secularists and even Muslims must gain an awareness of the unquestionable similarities and parallels between Zionist networks (and their collaborators) and Islamist networks in order to combat the totalitarian Zionist designs on Western civilization AND Islamic civilization

So long as greedy, ambitious and venal Judeofascists and the kind of low-cunning snakes (who reside on both the Left and Right) willing to collaborate with them believe they have a plausible shot at overthrowing one, the other, or both, they will continue their wars, aggression, and Globalist agenda. But once the Judeofascists are isolated and contained in Israel, the wind will come out of the sails of the others, as well. And that, consequently, will take the wind out of the sails of Islamist terrorist fanatics.

Judeofascist "law center" in Israel filed false complaint with Greek authorities to sabotage Greece-originating Gaza aid flotilla

Group says its responsible for flotilla complaint

(Jerusalem Post) -- by JPOST.COM --

Sources in the Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) on Sunday took responsibility for lodging an anonymous civil complaint against the American-flagged ship, The Audacity of Hope, which is a part of the flotilla expected to sail towards Gaza later this week, Army Radio reported.

The complaint, filed to Greek harbormasters, alleged that the boat was not seaworthy and accused the organizers sailing the ship of aiding terror, according to the report. Additionally, the organization reportedly sent letters to 36 American citizens planning on sailing in the flotilla, warning them that their participation may constitute a violation of American criminal law...LINK
Then and now: lying, self-serving, pharisaic "law" formulation, Judeofascist style

Zionists temporarily kiss up to Turkish government in hopes of manipulating it into betrayal of Turks on 2010 flotilla murdered by Jewry

Turkey and Israel in secret talks to try to soften UN report on 2010 Gaza flotilla raid

(The National) -- by Vita Bekker --

TEL AVIV // Turkey has conducted secret talks with Israel to jointly persuade the United Nations to soften a report that criticises both countries for last year's Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla, Israeli media reported yesterday.

The UN document, expected to be released in the next few weeks, will focus on Israel's attack on a Turkish ship in May 2010 that was leading a six-vessel flotilla hoping to break Israel's blockade of Gaza. Nine Turkish citizens died in the raid, deepening diplomatic rifts between Israel and Turkey.

The talks are the latest sign of a possible warming of relations between Israel and what was once its closest Muslim ally.

Last week the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent a letter to his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, congratulating him on winning re-election earlier this month.

Israeli and Turkish media reported that the Israeli vice prime minister, Moshe Yaalon, last week secretly met Feridun Sinirlioglu, the undersecretary of the Turkish foreign ministry, in Geneva to improve the ties. Representatives from the two countries on the UN's committee of inquiry into the raid have also been conveying messages from their respective governments.

Even so, the renewed contacts may be jeopardised by another aid convoy that plans to make its way to Gaza as soon as this week. The new flotilla is meant to challenge Israel's tight restrictions on the coastal territory...MORE...LINK

Friday, June 24, 2011

Liberal fascist Hillary just gave her Judeofascist partners in crime permission to liquidate a boat load of Americans preparing a flotilla to Gaza

Hillary gives Israel green light to ‘defend’ itself from flotilla

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

"And we think that it’s not helpful for there to be flotillas that try to provoke actions by entering into Israeli waters and creating a situation in which the Israelis have the right to defend themselves," Clinton said.

And just now on MSNBC. Allyson Schwartz, congressperson from suburban Philadelphia, repeatedly justified the Libya intervention by saying that Ghadfi had killed Americans. Well Israel has killed Americans. Repeatedly. Furkan Dogan, Rachel Corrie. The USS Liberty...LINK
‘Audacity of Hope’ Unlikely to Protect Gaza Flotilla Boat

( -- by Common Ground News Service --

The United States flotilla group, US to Gaza, reacting to Israeli threats of violence, sent a letter to President Barack Obama informing him that:

As U.S. citizens we expect our country and its leaders to help ensure the Flotilla’s safe passage to Gaza – as our country should support our humanitarian demand that the Gaza blockade be lifted. This should begin by notifying the Israeli government in clear and certain terms that it may not physically interfere with the upcoming Flotilla of which the U.S. boat—The Audacity of Hope — is part.

The group asks that people call the White House (202-456-1111) in order to express their support for the international nonviolent protest and to tell the President that they “expect [him] to take action to uphold the rights of peaceful citizens to safe passage on the seas.”

I have little hope that Mr. Obama would respond to a call to protect Americans from an Israeli assault. He has failed to do this in the past. But isn’t it a wonderful irony that the name of the U.S. boat is a phrase closely associated with the President? Although Obama is not on board, maybe there are groups and individuals who have not publicly supported the flotilla movement in the past that would, at least, demand strongly that the IDF refrain from using violence against citizens who are obviously peaceful demonstrators.

Isn’t nonviolent protest one of the tenets of activism for American liberals and progressives?...LINK
Will Obama allow Israel to exterminate a boat load of Americans in the Mediterranean just as LBJ did to the Liberty crew? More than likely...

Crypto-Jewish supremacists in charge of the left-totalitarian "anti-Zionist" movement?

(Occidental Observer Comments) -- by John Cameron --

...Worse [than right-wing Judaics] are the rightists’ left wing Jewish enablers who dominate the pro Palestinian/peace movements. These people profess western values while still continuing to insist on retaining their tribal identities. This identity includes a marked aversion to the idea of unfettered free speech by Gentiles of any stripe.

But a change is coming. The single best debunker of these people is Gilad Atzmon. Atzmon simply uses pure logic to make these people look both profoundly provincial and downright silly. I have personally seen him completely silence groups of normally very noisy and aggressive left wing Berkeley Jewish activists, something that is usually almost impossible to do. He simply laughs at their tribal sensitivities. They can’t rationally debate him and so they end up sitting quietly fuming in their seats, while planning to make sure that Atzmon has no speaking venue the for the next time he is in town.

Atzmon , almost alone, has become the most effective supporter of Israel Shamir. Shamir is absolutely number one on the hate lists of both Israel and all stripes of American Jews, both right and left wing. Shamir is so hated in in the US that when a small monthly left wing newspaper California’s “The Coastal Post” simply printed an article by Shamir, organized Jewry (OJ) simply put the newspaper out of business by threatening its advertisers.

Atzmon is now in the process of disassembling Phil Weiss of the supposedly “progressive” Mondoweiss website . Weiss still seems to think that he can retain his “chosen-ness” while at the same time preaching western values of universalism. He now seems to be getting increasingly and effectively challenged courtesy of Atzmon. Atzmon’s questioning of Weiss (printed on Atzmon’s website) seems to have had an effect. Weiss now seems increasingly befuddled and defensive...

Similarly, that old hypocrite Michael Lerner of Tikkun fame seems to have been taken down a notch or two courtesy of a recent two hour private encounter with Atzmon that occurred when Atzmon was recently in the San Francisco area on a speaking tour. This meeting was off the record so no one other than the participants knows exactly what was said. Maybe during it Atzmon asked Lerner how exactly “left wing activist” Lerner’s son ended up recently serving in the Israeli Defense Force.

Naomi Wolf, the icon of young left wing Judaism, also seems to be breaking with the tribe. I have recently heard her say some things so over the top that were positively “Mel Gibson-ish.”

The Tribe is always on the lookout for such transgressions however. No more big book contracts for Naomi!!! No more appearances on faux “Democracy Now” either...MORE...LINK
Too cool to play the fool: rogue Jew Gilad Atzmon gives the left-wing of organized Jewry fits

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jewish Zionist-owned Democratic Party: Obama admin says it may be forced to bankrupt UN if it recognizes Palestinian statehood

Susan Rice Feels the Heat of the Israel Lobby

(The Progressive Realist) -- by The Editors --

UN Ambassador Susan Rice is feeling the weight of the Israel lobby. She virtually said as much in a little-noticed talk she gave last week to the United Nations Association. Discussing the possibility that a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state could pass the General Assembly in September, she said, “And this would be exceedingly politically damaging in our domestic context, as you can well imagine. And I cannot frankly think of a greater threat to our ability to maintain financial and political support for the United Nations in congress than such an outcome.” (See video below, around the 6:30 mark.)

This threat helps explain why, as Rice says, the administration is putting “extraordinary efforts and energy” into bringing Israelis and Palestinians into negotiation in hopes of derailing the September initiative—even though everyone knows the talks won’t go anywhere so long as the current Israeli government is in power. And this threat—along with other tools wielded by the Israel lobby—also helps explain why the Obama administration has signaled to Israel that, if the initiative isn’t derailed, the US will vote against it.

What a sad testament to the damage being done to America’s national security by Benjamin Netanyahu. In an age when terrorism is said to be the gravest threat to Americans at home and abroad, we’re going to do jihadist recruiters the favor of amping up Arab antipathy toward the US by opposing this Palestinian quest for statehood? In an age when collective international action is increasingly vital to world order, congress may slash funding to the United Nations?...MORE...LINK

File on Jewish control of Democratic Party

Is country finally fed up with self-serving Jews? Massive over-representation in Congress shrinks, but Zionists hope to solidify control at top

Decline of Jews On Capitol Hill Could Mean a Loss of Power

(Forward) -- by Nathan Guttman --

Washington — One of the possible consequences of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter-gate affair is another decline in the number of Jewish representatives in Congress.

The massive overrepresentation of Jews on Capitol Hill, long a source of pride for the community, has been shrinking in recent years and could drop in the coming election cycle from 41 to the mid 30s, a level last seen 15 years ago.

Analysts differ over whether this reduction heralds a significant decline in Jewish power or, instead, simply reflects short-term individual circumstances...

But even if the decline in representation continues, experts believe its impact on the Jewish community would be marginal. “At the end of the day, it won’t matter much in terms of the Jewish agenda,” said Kurt Stone, political science professor at Florida Atlantic University and author of two books on Jews in Congress. On the issue of Israel, Stone explained, there is almost a wall-to-wall consensus in Congress. On social issues that are dear to the community, much depends on the broader makeup of Congress, since Jewish priorities on domestic issues are largely aligned with those of the Democratic Party. Still, Berlinerblau believes that it is important to have “at least some Jews on the Hill” in order to make sure the community’s voice is heard. He points to the case of atheists, who make up the same portion of American society as do Jews, but have no representation in Congress. Their interests, he argued, are barely heard.

The 112th Congress, which began in January, started off with 13 Jews in the Senate and 28 in the House of Representatives. This number has already dropped by two, with Weiner’s resignation following a lewd photos affair and with the retirement of California Democrat Jane Harman, a veteran pro-Israel representative who left for a post as head of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

But even before Harman and Weiner’s departure, the current Congress had seen the number of Jewish lawmakers shrink. In the 2010 election cycle, seven Jewish lawmakers lost their seats (Senators Russ Feingold and Arlen Specter of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, respectively, and Democratic House members John Adler of New Jersey, Alan Grayson of Florida, Paul Hodes of New Hampshire, Steve Kagen of Wisconsin and Ron Klein of Florida). Meanwhile, only two seats were gained: Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal in the Senate, and Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline in the House. The total number of Jewish representatives dropped to 40 from 45.

The hit taken in 2010 is largely viewed as part of the broader anti-Democratic atmosphere that caused massive losses for the party and led to a Republican takeover of the House...

Democratic activists who have been doing the math point to a potential loss of another four to six Jewish seats: Apart from Weiner and Harman, both already departed, Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman and Wisconsin Democrat Herb Kohl have announced that they will not seek re-election to the Senate. Another possible loss comes from California, where Jewish House members Howard Berman and Brad Sherman, both Democrats, could be forced to fight each other because of the redrawing of congressional districts following the 2010 census...

But the Jewish community could be making up for the seats lost by seeing more of its members reach top political leadership positions.

On the Republican side, majority leader Eric Cantor holds the highest position ever held by a Jewish member of Congress. The Democrats, meanwhile, boast a number of high-level Jewish politicians: Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York, who ranks third in the Senate leadership; Florida Democratic House member Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was recently elected chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Steve Israel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the upcoming elections...MORE...LINK

Even Dylan has lost that loving feeling: Judeofascists feel increasingly angry, isolated in their self-constructed Jewish ghetto

Fighting Off Israeli Isolation With a Dose of Bob Dylan and Shakira

(Forward) -- by J.J. Goldberg --

If you’re one of those people who tries to follow the news out of Israel, late June probably found you feeling anxious about the impending launch of the next Gaza protest flotilla. You’re worried about a repeat of the May 2010 fiasco, when the Israeli navy boarded a Turkish protest ship to enforce Israel’s Gaza blockade and ended up killing nine Turkish citizens. You’re saddened and angry about Israel’s growing isolation, and hoping its navy gets it right this time.

If you actually live in Israel, on the other hand, there’s a pretty good chance your thoughts were focused on Bob Dylan. You might be one of the 25,000 people who paid to hear him June 20 at Ramat Gan stadium outside Tel Aviv and left feeling confused, annoyed, cheated and perhaps wondering why, after the fiasco of his last appearance in 1993, he couldn’t get it right this time. And, yes, saddened and angry about Israel’s isolation. Fans expected Dylan, the maverick moral voice, spiritual seeker and sometime Chabadnik, to show some sign of love. What he gave was a flat, mechanical performance, 15 songs and then back to the airport without so much as a hello or goodbye, leaving Israelis as alone as before.

Mind you, there’s a part of Israel that revels in isolation, believing it is meant to be, in the Torah’s words, “a nation that dwelleth apart.” For most Israelis, though, it’s a source of mounting dismay. Most Israelis believe their country is unfairly blamed for a conflict that isn’t their fault. They pack their sons off in uniform, worry about rockets and bus bombs and then read that their leaders have been indicted for war crimes and international rock stars are canceling local appearances in protest. Sometimes it feels as though the very walls are closing in.

When celebrities do show up to perform, therefore, it’s more than just a night out. It’s an affirmation that Israel is still part of the world...

But Israel’s isolation is getting worse, and the parade of celebrity visitors, meant to counter it, has begun to suffer from it. In the past 12 months Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana, Gil Scott-Heron and the Pixies have all canceled scheduled concerts in deference to Palestinian boycott pressures. In April, Justin Bieber’s visit turned into an embarrassment when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a scheduled meet-and-greet with the singer, reportedly because Bieber refused to meet with a group of children who narrowly escaped a Negev rocket attack. For Bieber’s millions of teenage Twitter fans, unfortunately, it was Israel that came off looking bad.

Bob Dylan was supposed to lift the mood. Lionized around the world for a full half-century as the voice of his generation, he represents that and more to plugged-in Israelis: He’s a modern-day Jewish prophet, which makes him a sort of hometown boy made good. Anticipation of his June 20 gig ran high. This made the morning-after disappointment that much deeper.

“How many years does it take until a singer learns he shouldn’t get up on the stage anymore?” wrote Yediot Ahronot columnist Eran Tifenbron in a scathing review. Others were hardly any kinder. He never made eye contact with the audience. Fans complained that he didn’t sing his great anthems (he did, but they were unrecognizable in his homogenized new arrangements and his broken voice, which seemed to catch most Israelis unawares — he sounds lately like a cross between Louis Armstrong, Donald Duck and a Cuisinart filled with rocks). Nobody clapped or sang along, except for a brief moment during his classic “Like a Rolling Stone.” Worst of all, fans and reviewers alike complained, he never spoke a word. No “Shalom Israel,” no “Glad to be here,” not even “Hello.”

“It was impossible not to feel that for Dylan, we were just another push-pin on the map of his tour,” wrote blogger Sa’ar Gamzu at the pop Tel Aviv webzine Achbar Ha’ir. “Didn’t the location of this stage in the world mean anything at all to him?”...MORE...LINK
Bob Dylan: Not much love left for the Zionists

Harbored in the Democratic Party and on the neocon Right, the Judeofascist plague is slowly sucking the life from America

The Great American Disconnect

(Real Zionist News) -- by Nathanael Kapner --

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grasping White Judeofascist collaborators: far worse than non-Whites who refuse to collaborate, and perhaps worse than pompous Talmudic Jewry itself

(by Chris Moore) -- I think the vast majority of traditional, properly Christianized Whites have tremendous common sense, and would have been perfectly capable of preventing the insanity that has afflicted and overtaken this country and its policies but for two factors: Zionist Jewry and its White collaborators.

Of the two, it’s hard to know which to blame most, because the Jews are merely being Jews, as they always have been, but the White collaborators broke every taboo of traditional Christianity and Western civilization by first acquiescing to, and then joining, the Jewish agenda, which history instructed us is the most poisonous, toxic and fatal of them all.

The failure, as I see it, is of a very narrow subset of Whites, particularly certain elite Anglo Whites who themselves harbored Royalist, Jew-like pretensions, and were thus eager to prove how superior they were to their fellow Whites by scratching their way to the top, which was achieved by doing deals with the devil.

Hence, I don’t think average Whites are so much victims of their compassion as they are victims of the superior pretensions and greed a very narrow subset of their fellow Whites who are willing to collaborate with organized Jewry, and who can be found on both the left and the right.

I think the ass-kickings the Founders delivered to the Royalists should have been delivered to all Whites who got too uppity, money-hungry, and “Jewy” through the course of American history, but they weren’t. That’s one place where we went wrong, not so much in our Christian compassion to outsiders, which has always been reasonable, but in our failure to hold greedy, easily corrupted segments of “Jewy” Whites to accounts, and hence allowed them to pamper, cultivate, and enable a poisonous enemy within in order to enrich themselves.

These money-hungry Whites, some of whom still attempt to pass themselves off as Christians, are the strain that is responsible for the systematic displacement of Christian moral authority with that of the Jewish, and with the systematic destruction of the country and its people.

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere that you can’t trust those of your fellow race simply because of the color of their skin, and that many people of darker hues unwilling to collaborate with organized Jewry and its agenda are more trustworthy than certain Whites who are; indeed some individual Jews unwilling to collaborate with the organized Jewish agenda (under whatever left-right guise) may be more trustworthy than this brand of low-cunning Whites who are.

Nearly all of America's problems today flow from that "original sin" not merely of Talmudic Jews being Talmudic Jews, but of their Gentile collaborators making a free will decision to sell out their fellow ethno-cultural kin, and in the process, sell out Christianity, and consequently humanity itself -- all because they wanted to "prove" their elite pretensions and pamper and luxuriate themselves.

White Judeofascist collaborators deserve no Christian mercy; indeed, they're the enemy of Christian mercy, so should have the same ruthless Jewish ethics that they so lovingly cultivated applied to them.

Judeofascist-collaborating American Whites who fancy themselves as of royalist caste: deserving of the kind of ass-kicking the Founders delivered to the cheeky Royalist Brits

Who's REALLY to blame for the decline and fall of Western civilization? The Judeofascists and their collaborators

(By Chris Moore) -- Steve McCann over at the neocon American Thinker attempts to blame Barack Obama for the decline and fall of Western civilization.

The truth is, Europeans, White Americans, and traditional Christians have been systematically socially engineered into their decline by Judeofascists and their mostly White collaborators, including Judeo-Christian Zionists, neocons and leftists, (with Obama as a mere figurehead of the last).

It has been a deliberate, Soviet-like process of engineered demoralization and alienation (primarily by using Big Government and its many mechanism, but also mass media, Hollywood, porn, open borders, degenerate Mammonite capitalism and its Globalist agenda, etc.) designed to break “anti-Semitic” Western civilization (or, as Donald Rumsfeld would have it, "old Europe") and replace it with Zionist command and control.

The Judeofascists and their collaborators are today attempting to do the same to Islamic civilization.

But now, the coalition has taken on too many enemies, and is going to end up paying a heavy, heavy price for its Judas treachery. And as large as the coalition superficially seems, the truth is that although highly toxic, its vanguard and hierarchy (which can be loosely defined as hard Zionist and neocon-neolib, but with the ability to pull the strings of both American statist-liberalism and factions of the Right) comprise a very small number of Americans, perhaps under 5%, whose authority, although widely spread by fiat of government control, is not at all deep.

The fall of Judeofascism and its collaborators can’t come soon enough, and is actually crucial to the task of restoring, re-invigorating, and saving America and Western civilization, as the Judeofascist parasite is fast consuming the host.

Can the West be saved? Only if the ear-whispering, two-faced, double-dealing, back-stabbing, well-poisoning, subversive Judeofascist-coalition is quickly removed does it even stand a chance.

Until it is removed, its chances are zero.

Some of the racist, anti-Gentile Jewish rhetoric and historiography that forms the doctrinal underpinnings of Judeofascist ideology

Occidental Observer Comments, compiled by observerx

“…It is permissible to kill gentile babies “because their presence assists murder, and there is reason to harm children if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us … it is permissible to harm the children of a leader in order to stop him from acting evilly … we have seen in the Halakha that even babies of gentiles who do not violate the seven Noahide laws, there is cause to kill them because of the future threat that will be caused if they are raised to be wicked people like their parents.” (Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira)…tzhak-shapira/

“Respectable Americans contribute to a yeshiva whose rabbi said it’s okay to kill gentile babies. It is no surprise that the American administration tacitly, if unenthusiastically, accepted the excuse that the map of national priority zones the cabinet approved on Sunday does not violate the decision to freeze construction in the settlements. How can President Barack Obama object to furthering education in a settlement like Yitzhar, located in the heart of the West Bank? After all, his own tax revenues contribute to the flourishing of the Od Yosef Chai Shechem yeshiva, the settlement’s crowning glory. This is the same yeshiva whose rabbi said it is permissible to kill gentile babies because of “the future danger that will arise if they are allowed to grow into evil people like their parents.” In his latest book, the head of the yeshiva, Yitzhak Shapira, who bears the honorable title of rabbi, even permits killing anyone “who, through his remarks and so forth, weakens our kingdom” (Obama, beware!)”.

“Like the best Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, Manis Friedman has won the hearts of many unaffiliated Jews with his charismatic talks about love and God; it was Friedman who helped lead Bob Dylan into a relationship with Chabad. But Friedman, who today travels the country as a Chabad speaker, showed a less warm and cuddly side when he was asked how he thinks Jews should treat their Arab neighbors. “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle),” Friedman wrote in response to the question posed by Moment Magazine for its “Ask the Rabbis” feature”.

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of HaShem thy G-d, to observe to do all His commandments which I command thee this day, that HaShem thy G-d will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth”.
Deuteronomy 28,1

“1 When HaShem thy G-d shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and shall cast out many nations before thee, the Hittite, and the Girgashite, and the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; 2 and when HaShem thy G-d shall deliver them up before thee, and thou shalt smite them; then thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them; 3 neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. 4 For he will turn away thy son from following Me, that they may serve other gods; so will the anger of HaShem be kindled against you, and He will destroy thee quickly. 5 But thus shall ye deal with them: ye shall break down their altars, and dash in pieces their pilla rs, and hew down their Asherim, and burn their graven images with fire. 6 F or thou art a holy people unto HaShem thy G-d: HaShem thy G-d hath chosen thee to be His own treasure, out of all peoples that are upon the face of the earth.”
Deuteronomy 7

“10 And aliens shall build up thy walls, And their kings shall minister unto thee; for in My wrath I smote thee, but in My favour have I had compassion on thee. 11 Thy gates also shall be open continually, day and night, they shall not be shut; that men may bring unto thee the wealth of the nations, and their kings in procession. 12 For that nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. 13 The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the cypress, the plane-tree and the larch together; to beautify the place of My sanctuary, and I will make the place of My feet glorious”.
Isaiah 60 (10-13)

“5 And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, and aliens shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers. 6 But ye shall be named the priests of HaShem, men shall call you the ministers of our G-d; ye shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their splendour shall ye revel”
Isaiah 61

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (Chief Rabbi!):
““Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat. According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews. “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said. “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” he added”.

“The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of (members) of all nations of the world. A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. The entire creation (of a non-Jew) exists only for the sake of the Jews”


***How Judeofascism keeps most of its adherents from scattering, and grows its increasingly racist core***
Occidental Observer Comments, by meh

"...What does the ethnic core of Jewry fear most? Assimilation. They therefore provoke antisemitism deliberately through their own extreme ethnocentrism, to drive Jews back “into the fold” where elite Jews can control them. Those Jews who assimilate and fall away through lack of sufficient anti-gentile feeling cease being Jews (or anyway their descendants do), but the core of Jewry survives, stronger and more extreme than ever in its anti-gentile feelings...

"...Jewish racism keeps potential Jewish dissenters on the straight and narrow. Jewish elites enforce this: anti-racism in public, for the goyim. Racism in private, for the Jews, and if you as a Jew publicly disagree, you will lose your job in such an organization. Most Jews toe the line – most quite happily. Quoting a few dissenters doesn’t change these facts.

Really, it is quite simple to understand if you made the effort. The fact that some Jews are against some incidents of anti-gentile bigotry doesn’t disprove MacDonald’s theory; it confirms it..."

Judeofascists issue murderous threat to upcoming peaceful American Gaza-aid flotilla via Zionist blog

Senior Israeli security official on the flotilla of fools

(Israel Matzav) -- by Carl in Jerusalem --

I received the following from a senior Israeli security official:
Israel can't afford to risk the lives of our civilians or the possibility that arms will get into Gaza, and we will not let in a flotilla to Gaza purely because of PR.

A blockade is legal only if effective and absolute. You can't have a selective blockade, you can't decide who goes in and who doesn’t. I don’t believe this flotilla is smuggling weapons, but if we do let them in, we won't have any legal basis to maintain the blockade, and it will set a precedent and I'm sure you all know what might get in during the second, third, or fourth flotilla.

No nation outsources its security. As I said before, onboard there can be a lot of places to hide things – compartments, hidden spaces, anything. We don’t intend to give any private company or country the responsibility of our security. If someone wants to oversee the security check with us in Ashdod, we have no problem.

The principle is to try to avoid engagement between the military forces and the activists. We want to avoid putting our soldiers in danger and having to react. However, it is not always preventable. If someone is intent on behaving violently, we will of course respond.

Will Obama allow Israel to exterminate a boat load of Americans in the Mediterranean just as LBJ did to the Liberty crew? More than likely...

Obama appoints yet another Israel-first Jew to top national security post on Mideast desk

New US Mideast director takes the helm at White House

(Jerusalem Post) -- by HILARY LEILA KRIEGER --

WASHINGTON – When Steven Simon, the new US National Security Council senior director for the Middle East and North Africa, kicked off his introductory phone call with leaders of the Jewish community recently, he touched on a lengthy résumé including stints at the NSC in the Clinton White House and as a Middle East expert at the RAND Corporation and the Council on Foreign Relations.

But Simon also mentioned having traveled to Israel several times, not only professionally but personally as well.

“Clearly he did that to establish some kind of Jewish rapport,” said one Washington Jewish official on the off-record call, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “People didn’t really know” about his experience with Israel.

The official said making such a connection was important because as opposed to the figures who preceded him in the role – Dan Shapiro, who was recently appointed US ambassador to Israel, and Elliott Abrams, who served in the Bush White House – who were familiar to the Jewish community, Simon is a relative unknown.

“Their being Jewish and Jewishly active and known commodities within the Jewish community played a role in their selection,” he said of Shapiro and Abrams. “Steven Simon is Jewish and has some Jewish contacts, but it’s on a very different level.”...MORE...LINK

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Obama allow Israel to exterminate a boat load of Americans in the Mediterranean just as LBJ did to the Liberty crew? More than likely...

Will Israel Kill Americans Again?

( -- by Ray McGovern --

Stuffing my backpack before setting out to board The Audacity of Hope, the U.S. boat to Gaza, I got a familiar-sounding call from yet another puzzled friend, who said as gently as the words allow, “You know you can get killed, don’t you?”

I recognize this caution as an expression of genuine concern from friends. From some others—who don’t much care about Gaza’s plight and/or who do not wish us well—the words are phrased somewhat differently: “Aren’t you just asking for it?”

That was the obligatory question/accusation at the end of a recent interview of me that was taped for a BBC-TV special scheduled to air this coming week as we try to break—or at least draw attention to—Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza and the suffering it inflicts on the people there.

I also have been cautioned by a source with access to very senior staffers at the National Security Council that not only does the White House plan to do absolutely nothing to protect our boat from Israeli attack or illegal boarding, but that White House officials “would be happy if something happened to us.” They are, I am reliably told, “perfectly willing to have the cold corpses of activists shown on American TV.”

I mention this informal warning for the benefit of anyone who may have harbored hope that the U.S. government would do something to protect us American citizens from the kind of violence used by the Israelis against last year’s flotilla. It seems best to be up-front and realistic about what to expect.

Two millennia ago, “Civus Romanus Sum” automatically won lawful treatment and free passage for Roman citizens in trouble. It was a matter of pride and a benefit of being part of a powerful empire. Today, the contrast could hardly be starker. It is sad fact that “Civus Americanus Sum” would engender ridicule, rather than respect, if invoked in an attempt to secure basic rights for those of us working for justice for the Palestinians.

Americans also face the reality that they are put in harm’s way by the view held by millions around the world—and especially in the Middle East—that the United States is partly responsible for the injustices and the humiliations that Palestinians face daily.

So I want to turn around the question/warning to me about safety and direct it to fellow citizens who will not be aboard The Audacity of Hope:

“You know you can get killed, don’t you?”—if the U.S. government continues to enable Israel in keeping a million and a half Gazans in a densely populated open-air prison with few prospects for a normal life. It is a no-brainer. The longer that goes on the more likely it becomes that many more Americans will become the target of terrorists seeking to inflict some pain on the great power that stands behind Israel whatever it does...MORE...LINK
Related: LBJ wanted to make blood sacrafice of USS Liberty and its crew to Jewish state
USS Liberty Vet Awarded the Silver Star
Navy Vet Honored, Foiled Israeli Attack


What's the difference between murder and massacre?

The answer is Terry Halbardier, whose bravery and ingenuity as a 23-year-old Navy seaman spelled the difference between the murder of 34 of the USS Liberty crew and the intended massacre of all 294.

The date was June 8, 1967; and for the families of the 34 murdered and for the Liberty's survivors and their families, it is a "date which will live in infamy" -- like the date of an earlier surprise attack on the U.S. Navy.

The infamy is two-fold: (1) the Liberty, a virtually defenseless intelligence collection platform prominently flying an American flag in international waters, came under deliberate attack by Israeli aircraft and three 60-ton Israeli torpedo boats off the coast of the Sinai on a cloudless June afternoon during the six-day Israeli-Arab war; and (2) President Lyndon Johnson called back carrier aircraft dispatched to defend the Liberty lest Israel be embarrassed -- the start of an unconscionable cover-up, including top Navy brass, that persists to this day...MORE...LINK
Above: Depiction of Israel's deliberate attack on USS Liberty
Below: Democratic President Lyndon Baines Johnson called back aircraft dispatched to defend the Liberty
Below: The Liberty limps back to port, the conspiracy to sink it having failed; 34 crew members killed, 170 wounded

Liberal fascism: The "progressive" statist-left loves and pampers its wealthy Judeofascist wing as yet another "vulnerable" minority

‘House divided cannot stand’ (Netroots tried to embrace Zionists and non-Zionists in vague, squishy hug)

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

...Netroots is closely aligned with the Democratic Party but it is capable of taking grass roots stands on important freedom issues, and this is why I must repeat the lesson of day 2 of the conference, It made no room on the main stage for an antiwar position or a criticism-of-Israel position. In listing the components of Netroots, Van Jones said, Labor unions, LGBT, racial justice, enviros, immigrants rights....

Were I ever in Dan Choi’s position I would issue my own litmus test, supporting Palestinian freedom and statehood. But of course I’m not in his position--he was sitting next to Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, who also finesses the issue, and so I had to have my conversations about Israel and Palestine out in the hall or in side rooms. I had some great conversations, and I will soon relate one with a brave young Palestinian, but I noted in my movements in the hall that there were several strong supporters of Zionism there, including J Street. And the official Netroots policy seems to be a belief that a two-state solution is right around the corner if we can only whistle and hop up and down on one foot for a minute; and by maintaining some vagueness about this issue, it is trying to keep everyone happy.

I don’t think it will keep everyone happy. As somebody once said on a related moral issue, a House divided against itself cannot stand. But if that house is ever going to fall, if vaguely blind support for Israel is going to be challenged at Netroots, it is going to take a lot of folks who are as brave and out as Lieutenant Choi. And that hasn't come to pass. The Zionists and the non-Zionists look at one another warily, and the Satan at every microphone at Netroots was the Koch Brothers. I didn’t hear one person denounce Netanyahu. Netanyahu, a rightwing religious leader who has got my president in a half-nelson-- Netroots has nothing to say on the question. It’s a complete abdication. The top line of the Nation’s cover the same week was “Can Obama Beat the Israel Lobby?” by Henry Siegman; I didn’t hear one reference to the Israel lobby in Minneapolis...MORE...LINK
Zionism is racism, yes. But some kinds of racism (Jewish) are more acceptable than others, says the squirmy-brained left (per its Jewish-instigated, Orwellian, bi-polar, Marxist doctrine)

"Democracy" Zionist style: Extra-judicial state assassinations perfectly acceptable if target is a "wanted" goy (non-Jew) under Jewish occupation

Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV

(By Maan News Agencey)

JERUSALEM -- Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel's Channel 10.

Oren Beaton presented a photo album of Palestinians he killed during his time as a commander of an undercover Israeli unit operating in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Beaton explained that he kept photos of his victims.

"This is a photo of a Palestinian young man called Basim Subeih who I killed. This is another young man. I shredded his body, and the photo shows the remnants of his body," he said.

The TV program also featured an undercover agent referred to as "D", who openly admitted killing "wanted Palestinians."

He complained of suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and said that the state had rejected his demands for compensation.

The Channel 10 presenter appealed to the Israeli government to meet the agent's demands...

The program provided previously unconfirmed details about the operational methods of undercover agents.

The report explained that officers conducted surveillance before an assassination, investigating the target's friends and classmates.

Agents would even ask about the target's favorite meals and habits at home, the report said.

In this way, agents would put together an image of the target's behavior and routine.

Agent "D" said officers would then "seize the target and wait until the commander arrives to confirm his identity. Then we shoot him."

This confirms previous accounts from Palestinians who have said they witnessed Israeli agents shooting Palestinians at point-blank range...MORE...LINK

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad business: The Wall Street Journal's quasi-fascist, ideologically Zionist war against Islamic civilization

Yellow Journalism at Its Nastiest

( -- by John Taylor --

Can anyone doubt that The Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages show rabid anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bias? Consider early June: Fouad Ajami kicked off the month with a piece critical of Palestinian plans to obtain UN recognition for their state. Ajami asserts that when the Israelis took this route in 1948, “Labor Zionism” had already done the “hard work” of nation-building, and UN recognition was merely a seal on its efforts. According to Ajami, however, for the Palestinians to seek recognition through the UN is illegitimate; the only appropriate path for them is bilateral negotiations with Israel.

Ajami’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. To write, as he does, that a Palestinian state “requires convincing a decisive Israeli majority that statehood is a herald for normalcy” is beyond absurd and flies in the face of a century of Zionist theory and practice. Zionism has consistently sought to marginalize or expel the Palestinians, initially by denying Arabs employment in Zionist colonies, later by ethnic cleansing, and today by continuing to colonize the West Bank while making the lives of the Palestinians as difficult as possible.

Ajami well knows, but omits, that Zionism throughtout its history has made extensive use of international institutions and has also frequently sought and received help from the rich and powerful. When the Zionist experiment was on the brink of bankruptcy around the beginning of the 20th century, the House of Rothschild bailed out the early colonists. And when the Arabs were advancing in the desert, fighting the Turks as allies of the British for a country of their own, the Zionists were also advancing. But they were advancing in salons and government offices in London and Washington, the result being the Balfour Declaration, promising a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine...

Two days after Ajami’s piece appeared, the Journal printed another op-ed about Palestinian statehood, this time by former UN ambassador John Bolton. Without a word about why the U.S. ought to oppose statehood for Palestine, Bolton, probably figuring his long service as an apologist for the Zionist enterprise would be explanation enough, suggested that the U.S. should stop paying its UN dues if the General Assembly approved a resolution recognizing Palestinian statehood...

Appearing the same day as Bolton’s piece was an opinion piece by a Dutch politician, Frits Bolkestein, regretting Europe’s multiculturalism and loss of confidence in European culture and values in the face of non-European, especially Muslim, immigration. Even in Bolkestein’s Journal article the Palestinians get slapped around. Bolkestein disingenuously compares the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation with that of Christians in predominantly Muslim societies, forgetting that Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians and others is enabled by a loud and self-righteous chorus of supporters in Europe and North America, the best example perhaps being the U.S. Congress.

One can only hope that Bolkestein read the Journal two days before his article appeared. There he would have found, perhaps to his delight, an opinion piece by ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden extolling the virtues of torture, a practice that has been an important part of European culture from Torquemada to Hitler. Even better, the folks Hayden was torturing were all Muslims, just the people whose presence in Europe Frits finds so troubling...MORE...LINK